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Colorful Mandarin Ducks Are The Most Extra Of Water Fowl

Ducks aren't animals known for flashy colors. They tend to be brown, maybe with some rich greens displayed by the males.

But not the Mandarin duck. These Asian water fowl looked at their fellow ducks and thought, "we can do better."

These ducks are famous for their bright orange bodies and "sail fins."

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That wasn't enough for them, though. No, Mandarin ducks are so extra that they wanted it all: white stripes, purple, green, and red patches, and a head frill that makes peacocks look twice.

Oh, and they have claws.

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While native to China, Japan, Korea, and even some parts of Russia, Mandarin ducks have become a common sight in the UK.

That's because at some point captive ducks either escaped or were deliberately released into UK waterways.

Unlike most duck species, Mandarin ducks nest in trees and have long-term monogamous relationships.

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Mating pairs are often together for several years, though it's not unheard of for polyamorous groups to form.

Recently, these bright birds have been spotted in California and appear to be growing in population.

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They also make popular pets, for obvious reasons, though you need to ensure you live in a place that allows ducks as family pets.

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