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Dog Who Fostered Nine Orphaned Ducklings ‘Adopts’ Six More

Fred is an 11-year-old Labrador whose heart knows no limits.

Like most dogs, he is simply full of love and wants to give that love to the rest of the world. If not the entire world, then at least to his personal flock of foster ducklings.

Fred lives at Mountfitchet Castle near Standsted, Essex.

According to LADBible, this good boy is particularly known among staff for his unbelievable kindness towards birds. Specifically, towards ducklings.

Fred isn't just a happy face wandering around the grounds - he's also a seasoned foster dad who previously opened his heart to nine baby ducklings after their mother vanished last year.

Jeremy Goldsmith, director of the castle, said Fred took to his new fatherly duties "like a duck to water."

Labrador dogs are historically friendly and good-natured dogs, and they're also known for their affection, kindness, and ability to get along with other dog breeds.

As it turns out, some are also exceptionally good at bonding with other animal species entirely. Like birds.

Fred's small brood have all since flown the coop, but don't worry, Fred has a new batch of ducklings to love.

After six ducklings were tragically left behind by their mom, a Muscovy duck, Fred stepped in and offered these babies some much needed love.

He started by lying down with the ducklings to help keep them warm, and eventually they began to climb onto his back.

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"Fred has got an absolutely wonderful nature," Goldsmith said. "They absolutely love him."

"Fred indicated straight away that there would be no duckling out of his duties as he settled in around them."

Facebook | Mountfitchet Castle

The golden pooch was keen on ensuring every member of his foster family felt love and affection. And it wasn't long before the ducklings accepted Fred as their new, albeit bigger and furrier, mamma.

Hopefully, the mother duck will soon return to retrieve the ducklings she forgot.

But until then, she can rest assured that they're being well taken care of, thanks to the best doggy foster dad the world has ever known.

h/t: LADBible