15+ People Who Found The Odd In The Everyday

It's safe to say that most of us enjoy the natural order of things. We like knowing what to expect, and not being surprised by too much. A mix up here and there just to keep things fresh? Sure, but for the most part we want things to be how they're supposed to be.

Which is where this list comes in.

Below you'll find examples of things that defy the ordinary, and leave us thinking that they have no business being like that.

This very large, almost too large grape.

Reddit | SixSickSocks

You know when you want more than one grape but a whole bunch is too many, so you settle for one gigantic grape instead? Me neither.

On this leaf is a species of worm that's eating it, but leaving the veins behind.

Reddit | lostpatroness

It's starting to look a bit like a coloring book.

Some packaging designers really hate us.

Reddit | RuusiBone

No, it's not honey. It's soap. But it only takes one moment of lapse to not realize that and accidentally put body wash in your tea.

This truck with a picture of itself on it.

Reddit | iamsumo

Instead of VANity it's nevermind it's really not.

A noodle that came twisted.

Reddit | homicidal_turtle

I'm just hoping it coming pre-curled means it'll cook faster.

I don't think this is a cow's natural habitat.

Reddit | CruzanDelusions

I probably shouldn't bother him though, it looks like he's having a moment.

A tiny can of whiskey.

Reddit | DaliaMontana

Some things are just not meant for cans and every day we stray further from that.

So it's a mouse that's also a calculator that's made by Canon.

Reddit | Tylenol_Dolla_Sign

I guess things don't need to make sense and I'm the one who has to live with it.

This weirdly shape

This could be a fruit, could also be an alien. I'll take that chance.

A collection of tumbleweeds built up in front of someone's house.

Reddit | kevincennis

This is either the work of strong winds, or the owner of this house has been in the climax of every western film ever made.

A donation bag of chips from Lay's.

Reddit | joshyp0shy

There's something incredibly unsettling about this. I almost miss their obnoxious yellow branding.

A tulip petal that fused with a leaf.

Reddit | SirKoogles

It bloomed into its true self.

"I can make eggs stand up."

Reddit | Egyptian_Beauty

That's all this user said alongside this picture displaying their terrifying, unnatural talent.

A hardhat that's also a cowboy hat.

Reddit | Bannybear1

Fashion and function in its greatest form.

This incredibly large icicle.

Reddit | thespotted

You could break that off and have your own javelin for your everyday javelin needs.

No cloves in this garlic, just a full bulb.

Reddit | [deleted]

I always overuse garlic when I cook anyway so this is perfect.

The world's ittiest, bittiest radiator.

Reddit | Arre90000

For when you need just the faintest bit of heat.

This piece of hardware a man discovered in his yogurt.

Reddit | gabriel-mtl

On the plus side, if you get in contact with the company about this, you're gonna be set with yogurt for life.

Just a standard duck lamp.

Reddit | mALLIC2k6

I can appreciate the execution on this one, it actually looks really cute, but I do still wonder why it was ever thought of in the first place.

This user saw a plant starting to grow from their counter.

Reddit | minefreak24

I'm into houseplants but not like this.

Uh oh!

Reddit | TheSplashFamily

No offense, zoo, but this still doesn't make me feel safe. Like, at all.

Something seems a little off about this desk chair.

Reddit | goldenknight036

Is that a full car seat? Did they buy it like this? Was it made? Is it even comfortable? I hate this.

For when you really, really need some wine.

Reddit | ScooterAnkle420

Some days leave you begging for a bottle like this.

"My friend has amassed a collection of over 100 copies of Shrek on VHS."

Reddit | nesfor

I wonder if he's holding out for a day where these are worth a lot of money. He'll be waiting for a while.

A 3D printed replacement lightswitch.

Reddit | VinCatus

For if you ever want to feel like you're giving a monster life every time you turn the lights on.

How about a manhole in the middle of the floor?

Reddit | yellowsalami

It begs the question, which came first? The sewer or the store?

Behold, king of all flakes.

Reddit | CrappyWaffleGun

Who needs cartoon animals as a mascot when you can use a massive version of your product.

Picture perfect pet.

Reddit | [deleted]

I really do consider this one of the world's best pictures at the moment. Beautiful setting, gorgeous colours, and a perfect little surprise friend to make it even better!

In case you every wondered what a fidget spinner would look like if it was photocopied mid-spin.

Reddit | AlbinoBizarre

Because everyone has, I'm sure. To answer your question, though, it looks like alien technology.

This company packages their shipments with bone bubble wrap!

Reddit | ArcherWolf09

You're telling me bubble wrap can get even better? Say no more.

You're just trying to get some butter but you come back with shrimp.

Reddit | Ardcas

You know garlic butter? Well this photo brought on the idea of shrimp butter and I don't know if it'd be disgusting or heavenly.

Someone found these two Lego people built into the sidewalk.

Reddit | delarge3

Looks like the guy on the right might have helped pave that sidewalk! Not sure about the one on the left, seems like an unfortunate pedestrian.

One user saw this costumed couple on stilts just...walking around.

Reddit | ExtrapolatedData

I guess we all have our hobbies, and at least this one brings a smile to whoever gets to see it.

This blown out, curved window.

Reddit | gregsadingous

This is...unsettling. I feel like it'll jiggle if I touch it and that's not a vibe I want from a window.

A whole bundle of huge, mutant strawberries.

Reddit | Hurambuk

If you eat them, will it give you fruit-related superpowers?

With their new keyboard, this user got a mini sample size.

Reddit | KingSewage

Perfect for writing short, one letter notes.

This old tape measure.

Reddit | OmeWappie

I not only like the look of this, but it also gets rid of the giant, potential blade being whipped back into your hand at lightning speeds!

Someone took the time to make this cube out of staples.

Reddit | Peter_Rodruigues

It sure does look cool. But now you're out a good amount of staples, what else will you hold those stacks together with!

This gorgeous flower looks like a galaxy!

Reddit | shady_robot

Bringing a little bit of the sky to the ground, just for you!

Pictured is a calendar that will work for the next 40 years, and it fits on a keychain!

Reddit | Snorechestra

Sad to think this is kind of obsolete because of cellphones, but it's a cool trinket regardless.

Anyone else think these tomatoes look, like, way too shiny?

Reddit | stopcounting

Did they take a polish to these things? A varnish? Either way, I'm a little too confused to consider eating one.

Snow first + rain after = this neat effect on the pavement!

Reddit | TheKingOfDub

Oh yeah it looks amazing, then you take one step on it, then slip and fall right onto your back. Stay vigilant.

How about this house with absolutely massive hedges?

Reddit | decayingbutterfly

If you want privacy that bad you could have just built a wall, it would do the exact same without all the upkeep.

In trying to disinfect some birdseed by putting it in the microwave, the accidentally discovered tiny popcorn!


I imagine it tastes pretty similar, a perfect bite sized snack.

This deck of cards are not only square, but have an extra suit.

Reddit | JorWat

Looking at this makes me so uncomfortable in a way I can't find words for. None of this is needed.