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32 Strangely Fascinating Things People Just Kinda Found

Sunsets and surf and people-watching are great reasons to love long walks on the beach, but they're not the only ones. There's also the possibility of a random encounter that brings a bit of adventure into your day.

There's a ton of stuff out there worth taking notice of and sharing with the world. Just check out the weird, fascinating things people randomly found and decided to share.

I know, this looks like a tiny apple, but it's not.

Reddit | SixSickSocks

It's a giant grape. Never thought I'd see a grape you can eat like an apple, but here we are.

There's something familiar about this joker.


Makes you wonder if he's going to ask why you're so serious, doesn't it? I wonder if maybe this card served as a bit of inspiration.

Who would have guessed a kettle would contain a game?

Reddit | melisage

But this one does, and it's called "Wormy!" I have no idea how you're supposed to play a game on a kettle, but it must be possible.

Someone came across what is presumably a homemade, but totally not haunted ouija board.

Reddit | Hi_x_ImDad

Do you stop looking for things after finding this, or do you check nearby bushes for some Blair Witch-style found footage?


Reddit | cmk100

Gray-scale camo shorts and a red t-shirt are apparently the look to go for in this neighborhood - or the one to avoid if you want to be original, I suppose.

That's no rug.

Reddit | t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

Someone went though a ridiculous amount of work to make their outdoor rug more permanent by arranging stones in a rug pattern.

Is it a shovel? A fan? A rake?

Reddit | Hocki

This contraption was found outside a cabin in Norway, and it's sort of a fan and a rake in one, but it's intended to be used to put out grass fires.

It's so odd to get a horizon line halfway up a forest.

Reddit | medkitjohnson

But that's one of the results of a flood in the area creating a high water line. Almost feels like your eyes are being messed with, doesn't it?

This tulip was discovered with a hybrid half-petal, half-leaf.

Reddit | SirKoogles

And a seam running right down between the two, distinct halves. Who knew they could even grow like that?

Well, that's cozy.

Reddit | matterhayes

Lemons typically dangle from tree branches before they're picked, right? Hard to blame this one for finding a nice little nook to grow in, though.

I never would have even looked.

Reddit | tycr0

But apparently, if you open up a box of Coors Banquet, you might just find a map of the rivers of the West inside. No word if it leads to buried treasure, however.

Cool, but gross.

Reddit | PathDreamer

This is a former spider someone chanced upon. It doesn't quite look like a spider anymore, however, because it chanced upon a parasitic fungus that basically turned it into a zombie.

You've got to have heart.

Reddit | MuddyWalruss

And this cow clearly does, with a nice, white heart marked in the middle of its forehead. That'll stick out in a herd.

I guess the forest wanted it more.

Reddit | Waning_Crescent

Because it sure is winning against this old car. Pretty sure it's a goner now; it's going to take more than some buffing out to get it back on the road.

The clouds were looking extra swirly that day.

Reddit | saxman_nh

They're Kelvin Helmholtz clouds, which just means that there are two different densities colliding and mixing, and you can see that action in the vortexes the clouds have created.

Someone working on a house in London dug up a 387-year-old shopping list.

Reddit | jab116

Dated October 1633, the list reads:

Mr. Bilby,

I pray pvide to be sent too morrow in ye Cart some Greenfish, The Lights from my Lady Cranfeild Cham 2 dozen of Pewter Spoon: one greate fireshovell for ye nursery; and ye ohers which were sent to be exchanged for some of better fashion, a new frying pan together with a note of ye prises of such Commoditie for ye rest.

Your loving friend, Robert Draper

It's obviously not quite as old, but someone found this calendar/ad for an auto service station from 1918 while working on their porch.

Reddit | tbare

The three brands listed on the card are no longer in existence: Overland, Studebaker, and Monroe are all long gone.

"I thought someone had actually bitten wet cement before I realized it was a clear retainer."

Reddit | iheartbadart

That would be a neat trick though, wouldn't it? And what an unfortunate thing for someone to lose - those things aren't fun to replace.

The ultimate opener?

Reddit | imrduckington

I guess if the key doesn't work, you could always try the knife. But it's really just a novelty key chain that has a little extra functionality with a knife on it. I'm sure it has come in handy for its owner.

Wish leaf.

Reddit | Presentminnow

Amid the infinite permutations that nature is capable of, apparently, is this. Two leaves wanted to grow, but they only had one stem between them.

The rarest rainbow.

Reddit | iamgulshansingh

Everyone's seen rainbows before, even double rainbows, but I've never seen anything like this. It's so massive that it fills the entire sky.


Reddit | AngeWasHere

I'm not sure how a can gets canned like this. The inner can must be somewhat smaller, otherwise it wouldn't fit.

Simple blueprint.

Reddit | trundyl

This is a chimney that was recently torn out of a house under renovation. Surprisingly, it has a sketch dating back to 1897 from the original masons who built it.

Old time medicine.

Reddit | babybrb

This antique glass medicine bottle has been buried for a few decades, but now it's seeing the light of day. What old-fashioned remedy does it contain? Uhh....radium.

Avoid that number.

Reddit | juaninazio

Certain numbers have certain connotations. That's why you'll see 68.99-mile and 419.99-mile signs on highways. These military crypts clearly want to avoid the number 666.

One in a million.

Reddit | homicidal_turtle

I've been enjoying cheap, non-artisanal spaghetti for my entire adult life and I have yet to open a package that contains tangled spaghetti.

Don't tip it!

Reddit | eggmaker

This ginormous stone is balanced, seemingly precariously, on a small point. But it's so entrenched there so firmly that it's impossible for a person to budge it.

Weird weather.

Reddit | TheKingOfDub

This speckly pattern is the result of falling snow turning to falling rain on an asphalt driveway. I've never seen anything like this before.

It used to be a tree.

Reddit | Basti52522

Incredibly, this is what's left of a 225 million-year-old tree. It's become petrified over the course of a few millenia, and is now composed of petrified agate.

All the way up.

Reddit | timpdx

If there's one universal truth about humanity, it's that people have an innate need for dials that go up to 11. This stovetop understands.

A rare sight indeed.

Reddit | uwu_dolf

Foxes aren't all that uncommon, but it still feels pretty special when you get to see one. This cross fox, with its stunning half-black, half-red coat, is absolutely gorgeous.


Reddit | DeadSaint

This person unwrapped their ice cream cone and discovered an extra cone underneath. Can't complain about that!

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