17+ Chance Finds That Left Me With Some Questions

When I'm out and about, it feels like I never stumble upon anything more interesting than a discarded coffee cup. Maybe I need to get out more, because these people have found some seriously weird stuff.


Reddit | Unknownraptor86

This sign once read 'Goodyear', and it marked a location where tires are sold. Now that it says "O yea," I'm wondering if either the Kool-Aid Man or Macho Man Randy Savage has been seen in the area.

Fair warning.

Reddit | [deleted]

Usually an awesome sticker has an awesome picture on it, but this awesome sticker only exists to warn other drivers that the sticker is so awesome that driving is dangerous.

On the go.

Reddit | Wiildman8

This guy either isn't willing to part with the big-screen, 4K gaming experience, or he hasn't heard that portable gaming devices have existed for, like, 30 years.

If I gotsta bring it to you cowards then it's gonna be quick.

Reddit | turtlerepo

Someone found this at their parents' house, so it wasn't done ironically. Are these just words of affirmation or what? At least the needlepoint stops before the lyrics get NSFW.

What's the endgame here?

Reddit | WarhawkAlpha

It seems to me that if you're driving a vehicle with no doors and no roof, you'd consider the carwash to be your natural enemy.


Reddit | crownthemariz

Mushrooms can be pretty delicious, but they can also be pretty poisonous. Random 'shrooms in the woods are more likely to be the latter. That didn't stop one gourmand.

Custom job.

Reddit | Atoski35

AMC didn't make that many DeLoreans, so where did this custom DeLorean trailer come from? Maybe it's a time traveller from a future that looks a lot like the '80s.


Reddit | V8TITAN

At first I thought somebody had Sharpie'd a little smiley face on her butt. Now that I look at it, I think it's the underwear. Not ruling out the Sharpie theory though.

To all gathered on this trampoline...

Reddit | SnipyFox

This seems really dumb and not classy at all, but it would allow the officiant the opportunity to make all sorts of trampoline puns about the ups and downs of marriage.

Gather 'round.

Reddit | Inf1n1tyMagic

I don't know what led these otters to gather around this orangutan for story time. But the big ape looks so wise that I'd probably join if I could.

It just takes one bad apple.

Reddit | Fandayo

I'm guessing that one car decided to zig when it should have zagged, and parked against the lines. As for why every other car followed in their footsteps is anyone's guess.

Don't walk, march.

Reddit | Archyas

Here's a weird pic that I can actually provide a legit explanation for: these weird traffic signals can be found in Denmark. They're designed to memorialize a war against Prussia.

Shower pit.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

How did this ever come to be? Where does the water drain to? How do you climb out of it? Do you climb out of it?

Let it out.

Reddit | JellyUK

Imagine going for a routine hike in the woods, only to find a tree that has some kind of pig spirit inside, yearning to break free?

If I fits, I sits.

Reddit | CamTheChest

Cats loves sitting in small nest-like enclosures, so I guess it stands to reason that they'd seek out a bird's nest. I feel badly for the bird, though.

Love potato.

Reddit | MoreGoldfish

I guess this is a result of random chance, but Monsanto or some bioengineering company needs to start producing these things for Valentine's Day.

A balcony's a balcony.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

The lower balcony isn't exactly in great shape, but compared to the one above, it's a veritable palace. At least the one above looks like a good place to squat and think.

Have you not seen Tiger King?

Reddit | BlaZEN213

First off, this is a dog park, not a cat park. Secondly, that isn't a house cat, it's a big cat. Have we learned nothing from the saga of Joe Exotic?

Game on.

Reddit | melisage

This person discovered a game called Wormy! hidden in their kettle's screen. Yes, their kettle. How do you even play something like that? Now, I really want to.

Blooming beautiful.

Reddit | Webbiefoot

Just when you though that flowers only grew on tree branches, this wonderful sight comes along, with blossoms all over its trunk.

So wholesome and uplifting.

Reddit | JimBean

Is this where baby cranes come from? Do they get delivered by larger cranes on ships from Crane Island? I could kinda see that being a new movie from Dreamworks, to be honest.

Safety first.

Reddit | Jesus___christ___

I suppose this means the bird that built its nest inside the motorcycle helmet owns the helmet now, right? Those are the rules I live by, personally. It clearly wanted it more.

Friendly fella.

Reddit | smolnoodle

In fact, this gecko is so naturally friendly, you can make out "Hi" in the coloring on its back. Right back at you, little dude.

Fork in the road.

Reddit | Graphyt87

There are lots of quotes about forks in the road, but not many about literal forks in literal roads that have been squished flat by literal trucks.

That's berry big.

Reddit | buckbeak56

So, what do you do with a blueberry the size of an apple, anyway? Just take a big bite out of it? Or do you slice it up?

Just smashing.

Reddit | marsmctavish

Well, this is definitely a departure from those family decals you see on cars. Kind of surprised that a 3D decal would have so many corners, though. And I hope it's not too easy for some jerk to ruin.


Reddit | T-Morals

Check out this moth that appears to have a pretty sinister-looking face on it. I'm not saying it's possessed or an omen of terrible things to come, but I don't think we can completely rule that out, either.

Watch that first step, it's a doozy.

Reddit | CMazza8

You have to wonder what went wrong at this house to have so seriously misaligned the porch and the door, don't you? It shouldn't be that hard to line them up.

Done to the hundredth of a second.

Reddit | Crmaimone2019

"I found my old iPad recently and decided to open the stopwatch," wrote the original poster. "Turns out it’s been running for just over 5 years."

What power source is this thing running on, plutonium?

Maybe it's load-bearing now.

Reddit | thespotted

The most amazing thing about this icicle to me is that it has survived this long. How can anybody resist knocking an icicle off when it gets to a foot long? It's basically impossible.

Nom nom.

Reddit | maddas782

Does anybody else think this dragon munching on a leg should be anywhere other than the middle of nowhere? Like, in someone's yard? Somebody put some effort into this artwork, it should be easier to appreciate.

Don't cave.

Reddit | Lufkin69

Honestly, if it wasn't for the tracks still leading up to it, you would hardly know a mine had ever been here. Probably best to resist that Goonies-like call to adventure in a sealed-off mine, however.

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