19+ Moments That Made Me Rethink Everything

As we make our way through this strange, social-media obsessed, fast-food-restaurant-flooded thing that we call life, there are fleeting moments that define us and inform how we experience the world around us.

From people buying bacon-flavored toothpaste and getting eye-watering-ly bad tattoos, to making truly awful financial investments, there are moments that can make us re-evaluate our entire lives in the blink of an eye. And, what follows is a series of such moments! So, please enjoy these 19+ moments that made me rethink everything.

"Easily the worst decision I've made in a long time."

Reddit | Dr_AculaPhd

I was actually curious about buying this, I mean, I love bacon so how bad could it be. However, one person described the taste as, "Imagine a strip of bacon. Now imagine you have just woken up with morning breath. Now imagine taking that strip of bacon, and rubbing it vigorously across your teeth."

Bad Dicisions

Reddit | PaperkutRob

I'm assuming that in this instance, the past and future were both screaming at you not to make this decision. Sometimes it is good to listen to your past self.

"My television made a bold philosophical statement, and now I have a huge decision to make."

Reddit | x-koe

And just like that, the person who owns this TV became the most important person in history. I hope they choose wisely.

"This is my 3 years old cleaning his potty with my toothbrush."

Reddit | Ka3de

I'm sure that there will be a lot of people out there re-thinking whether they want kids now. But, there is a lot of positives to having kids as well... I think?

"My Girlfriend did the shopping. I'm now forced to rethink our relationship."

Reddit | StuffHobbes

Single-ply? Good lord, I think a very serious conversation is in order here. No one's rear should have to suffer such an injustice.

"Graphs make every decision easier."

Reddit | powerbookguy

"Are you drunk again?"

"Look, I'm jush doin what the shlign tellsh me okay?!"

"I need to rethink my life!"

Reddit | Athejew

If there is anything that will inspire you to get your life back on track, it is being told by Taco Bell that your decision to eat their food was the best decision to have made all day!

"Rethinking her life choices."

Reddit | Jeveux

This cat clearly wishes that she'd seen that picture of the kid cleaning their potty with their parent's toothbrush as a warning of what she was in for!

"That awkward moment when Satan is a perfectly acceptable option for your kids."

Reddit | Undefinedmaster

And it was that exact moment, that I accepted Satan as my one true lord and savior. My partner and I haven't looked back, especially since now we can control the weather with our witchcraft.

"I made a serious life changing decision to keep my mouthwash in a tequila bottle."

Reddit | anuncommontruth

Now all you need to do is get a clear mouthwash, then pour all the mouthwash away, fill this back up with tequilla and the setup is perfect.

"Our bananas committed suicide overnight."

Reddit | TheGenotype

Some sights really make you reconsider how lucky you are to be alive. Well, there's nothing more to do now than to bake them into bread and devour their lifeless corpses.

"Easiest decision I've made all day."

Reddit | CreamPieKid

Real-life is far too overrated. There's hardly any cool stuff going on, and mostly you just spend doing taxes and being tired.

The Hardest Choice Of All

Reddit | IMongoose

Look, freedom is great and all, but all I'm going to spend my freedom doing is eating peanut butter, so I may as well just get the peanut butter.

"This was the moment I told my daughter the whale was going to close it's mouth."

Reddit | conrod05

From that moment on, this little girl never trusted her father ever again. Some say that she is still running and screaming to this day.

"That moment you look in your rear-view and clench your cheeks, only to breathe a sigh of relief moments later."

Reddit | SomeGuy8010

I mean, the life lesson here should probably be that you shouldn't be taking pictures while driving... but whatever I guess?

"My brother and I graduated from the same school with the same degree and my mom decided to frame our diplomas. I was never the favorite son."

Reddit | diegoportillo

"They were the only two frames they had, honest!"

"Sure mom, sure they were."

Wait... That's Not What I Meant!

Reddit | Phlogistoned

This was asking for trouble. They may as well have put up a sign saying, "Please don't write anything on here."

"My neighbours an asshole. I figured this note was appropriate."

Reddit | BigJB3

This shows a lot more restraint than I would have been able to demonstrate. My note would have been a lot shorter, 2 words actually, the first word rhyming with "duck", and the second work being simply "you!".

"May need to rethink this marketing slogan."

Reddit | xcaliburinhand

I don't want to know how many people came in with boxes of sex toys asking for them to be insured. Thankfully, I made sure that sex toys were covered by my house insurance... not that there are any!

The Sweet Smell Of Regret

Reddit | [Deleted]

I would very much like to know where they got those "financial mistake" stickers from. I could do with them to slap across my LaserDisc collection.