35 Times People Righted What Was Wrong

It is important to be good with your hands... is something that my parents always instilled in me. However, we live in an age where it is possible to call a person for pretty much any service you need!

Despite this fact, there are still people out there who like to take matters into their own hands... even if they're not exactly equipped to deal with the situation. Whether it be fixing broken clocks in the strangest way possible, or coloring in broken furniture with a sharpie that doesn't exactly match, here are 15+ times that people right what was wrong.

"The minute hand broke off of my clock the other day so I fixed it."

Reddit | jlansey

I quite like the idea of doing this to all of the clocks in my house actually. It would certainly add an element of excitement to making plans. Will I be there at 1 on the dot? 1:15? 1:45? Who knows?!

"I feel like Windows mistakenly did something horrible to my files, and then managed to fix them while in a panic."

Reddit | lawpoop

Yep, nothing to see here, definitely didn't delete all of your irreplaceable family photos from over the years. I can just imagine that Window's Assistant Paperclip sweating furiously.

"My grandfather came to visit and 'fixed' all our furniture with this 'brown' sharpie."

Reddit | ricbalma

Either he is colorblind, has cataracts, or just absolutely hates you.

"Don't have the money to fix it? IMPROVISE!"

Reddit | Skullninja

Now it looks like someone has driven it straight out of an episode of the Adam West Batman series.

"My daughter fixed her cousin's barbie after the head popped off and would not reattach."

Reddit | TheJanks

Well would you look at that, it's barely even noticeable what they've done! She also looks happy enough which is something I guess!


Reddit | Splatacus

Look, I'm sorry to have to draw attention to it, but I was incredibly proud of myself for coming up with "cowabumper", I don't care how obvious it was!

"Friend of mine lost his thumb, nothing a quick tattoo can't fix!"

Reddit | Jfu88

It's good that he's keeping his spirits up! I can't imagine how much that must have hurt... the tattoo I mean, but losing the thumb probably hurt a bit as well!

"Lift heavy objects correctly."

Reddit | lord_voldything

It looks more like the person in the diagram is trying to stop the lightning bolts from shocking them in the butt! Which is a fairly understandable.

"Grandpa fixed the broken arm on my daughter's mermaid doll."

Reddit | meepsmops

The way that people are fixing their daughter's dolls are just getting more and more terrifying!

The Easiest Solutions Are Sometimes The Best

Reddit | attheisstt

I might just put a sign like this outside out house becuase I reckon it would be hilarious just to hear people screaming, "DING DONG!" at the top of their lungs. Although, I think most people would just text saying, "Outside".

"I'll just put this divider right... Here!"

Reddit | bealan

Ah yes, the best possible place to put a divider. I'm assuming this is so that people can lurk in the corner without being disturbed? Or perhaps it is to stop people being distracted by the radiator staring at them while they go?

"The power button on the TV broke. this is how my dad fixed it."

Reddit | shd4807

I think that at this point you would be more than forgiven for indulging yourself in a new TV! I mean, damn!

"I need my cell phone repaired... hey!"

Reddit | xsited1

I mean, I'd be very offended, but at the end of the day they aren't wrong! We do suck at holding things as a species.

Finally Upright!

Reddit | jwdmsd

It's about time someone fixed that damn tower. If only to stop all of those infuriating tourists taking pictures pretending to lean against it.

"The only way to fix a hole in the wall."

Reddit | Sundavar_Dreki

It's also an excuse to fill up your walls with cookies, thus creating the most unsanitary cookie jar on the planet!

"How I returned my sister's computer after fixing it."

Reddit | Rabbi8meat

The person who owns this computer is going to be spending a lot of time reading the terms and conditions for ever piece of software they download from now on!

Fixing The Goat

Reddit | rossingram

Just give it a week and this will be the new fashion trend amongst all of the goats. They'll all be after a piece of wood being strapped to their head! So vogue!

"Written on the bathroom wall at Glasgow University."

Reddit | Marlingss

Oh, sure, take a pot shot at the arts graduates! I mean, it's not like anyone's thought of doing that before!

"My phone broke (purple line on screen) but then I fixed it!"

Reddit | edgesandleaks

"The oppression of a cracked screen will never return. You have lost!"

"I have an ugly tribal tattoo. But I think I fixed it."

Reddit | kvd

I always wonder about people who get these terrible tribal tattoos. Do they just google, "generic tattoo", or do they draw them themselves?

"Found this fork in my brothers house and asked him why he had done it.... then he ran upstairs to grab his iPad"

Reddit | projectolivine

I think this is genius. Who needs a case or a stand when you can use what you already have? Not to mention that is a clean bending job, he did this with care.

"I broke my desk lamp, and my dad decided to fix it..."

Reddit | Thomasisinhere

Yes this is going to melt the plastic, but for a little while you'll have cool green lighting!

Both clear and confusing.

Reddit | LaLongueCarabine

You'd think they'd just take the larger sign down, but no, instead they'll layer it and layer it until it confuses everyone.

A wholesome fix.

Reddit | NITRISS

It may not look as pretty, but at least we know the mom came back and all is well. Maybe this is an upgrade even, the penthouse suite.

"Grandpa: 1 Trash Panda: 0."

Reddit | mrjasjit

I'm not at all mad about this one. Like sure you could buy locks, but this looks nice, it's simple, and it probably works! Props to grandpa, he's out here schooling these raccoons.

I mean, someone had to say it.

Reddit | FallenChaotic

These two are true visionaries, tackling the real problems on with the world right now. I think their message was heard loud and clear.

The world's strongest substance, plastic wrap.

Reddit | BanksyFan1

I mean, it's still upright, right? Does that mean it worked? I think that means it worked. No need for concern.

When you need strength, power, and a handle for your razor.

Reddit | bc-chronic

This really looks like a tough razor, for only the roughest, gruffest, burliest of men. It's still gonna use a razor with a moisturizing strip though, skincare is for everyone.

Don't be suspicious.

Reddit | BulletBilly97

No need for worry or concern, this is just a normal bottle of bleach. Yes, it's definitely bleach in this container. Nothing else. Don't worry about it.

"My local Dunkin Donuts drive through speaker broke. They’re using a baby monitor now."

Reddit | Limit760

I can already barely hear the people through the drive-thru speaker, this would just make me cry. Is there an order-at-window option?

At least they're keeping you updated.

Reddit | falafel_hotdog

I'm sure they'll get to it eventually, right? If not today, or tomorrow, or 3 days after that, or 8 days after_ that,_ then soon!

The volume will never be turned up too loud again.

Reddit | StrBr

These go to not only 11, but 30! You won't make it past 20 though.

Not a ball and chain, but a weight and rope.

Reddit | zackkruse

Smart idea, cleanly done, surely effective. This is a win on all fronts.

Fit for celebration.

Reddit | NapkinTheBatDad

I feel bad for the few rows of people who will only be seeing the top of the stadium, trying desperately to make out the game.

It's a spitting image.

Reddit | lurkerofmanymoons

I feel like you could add that beard to almost anyone and it would look like Dr. Strange, but they went the extra mile and did the hair, eyebrows, and shirt too. Not only will their son not be teased, he'll be the coolest kid in school.