45 People Who Immediately Regretted Their Decision

A lot of people think that you should live without regret, but I actually disagree. Without a good dose of regret every once in a while, we would never be humbled, and we'd never learn from any of our mistakes.

We'd also never be able to see others' regrets, which can sometimes be the funniest parts of our day. To show you what I mean, here's "14+ people who regret their decision."

If we're talking regrets, this one is huge.

Reddit | EmojiPNG

Imagine a wrecking ball swinging through your home being the thing that wakes you up one morning. I hope they were repaid with not only one new home, but 10.

It's like this window got interrupted mid-sentence.

Reddit | ori_hadad

I like that they kept the blinds on, just in case you wanted to have a very tiny look outside.

At least they warned you.

Reddit | Rogerthat500

According to the user who posted this, the trail is almost always flooded. They're just being hopeful with that sign. Maybe one day it won't be!

Does it get any more ironic than this?

Reddit | OutlawRugby

For anyone who wants to fix it, the material is right there.

Not expected, but not unwelcome.

Reddit | RaviolisEverywhere

To me this just means you get more ice cream. Sure, it's harder to eat, but just plop that sucker down on a plate and enjoy.

A hand dryer placed right above a metal radiator, which rusts, obviously.

Reddit | edaviestuggy

I know it can be hard to think of the long term effects with choices like this, but "water makes metal rust" feels obvious. This is why I prefer paper towels.

The kids are alright. Math-illiterate, but alright.


Kudos to all current parents molding the young minds of the next generation. It must be hard with books like these on the market.

Why go around when you can just go through?

Reddit | the-siding-show

And cause inconveniences for every pedestrian forever! That'll go over well.

If it is broke, still don't fix it.

Reddit | lord_corona

I'm sure this won't come back to bite them when they look into their yard in the middle of the night to see a girl holding her own head.

Oh, my bad, I'll move my emergency elsewhere.

Reddit | costaa_

Really, it was selfish of me to have this emergency here. I'm so sorry.

I've never seen a bigger disaster waiting to happen.

Reddit | EarthStormFire

I can only hope this was turned on once and then never, ever again.

What a lovely bunch of bananas.

Reddit | Adventurous-Collar

I'm hoping this person didn't actually buy these thinking they were bell peppers. If so, I have a lot of questions, mostly consisting of "why" and "how."

Are decorative doors a thing?

Reddit | flawake

This feels like a modern "The Cask of Amontillado." Is there a wine cellar behind that wall by chance?

Who's more at fault here, the painters or the owner of the truck?

Reddit | js_dh

Park stupid places, win stupid prizes, right?

One of the easiest words and they still managed to get it wrong.

Reddit | flawake

I love waking up in the morning and standing on my balcony, seeing the sun in the sky and listening to the brids sing.

This seems like some contradicting branding.

Reddit | FiercestTorch

I know not all of us sleep entirely through the night, but I don't think that means we want our pillows to keep us up.

Jeez, those sure are some crappy windows.

Reddit | moderately_nerdifyin

I love seeing bad design plans come to full fruition. No one stopped this. Not the designers, not the construction workers, not the buyers of the house. They all wanted it to look like this. It makes me so happy.

When a team of bakers throw out an improper mix, forgetting that yeast rises even in the trash.

Reddit | TELME3

I'm sure that dumpster is stuffed. Nothing like a metric ton of bread to fill you right up.

That's gotta be the opposite of new car smell.

Reddit | HeuristicEnigma

Parking next to the porta-potties on a windy day was not the best choice for this driver. It's going to take a lot of those little trees hanging from the rear view mirror to counteract that.

Maybe windy days are just a bad time to try to do anything.

Reddit | IJustFartedOnMyGF

It's definitely a bad time to try spray painting anything, if you don't want the spray paint to, say, completely ruin the paint job on a nearby car.

I'm sure it seemed like a safe decision at the time.

Reddit | JimJamSandwich

But in retrospect, I guess there's a chance the cat would mistake a 25-pound bag of sugar for a giant sack of cat litter.

When bad luck makes a decision worse.

Reddit | AnanDABhavan

This must have been a terrible time for this guy to discover that he had an allergy to something in his hair dye. Ouch.

Ah yes, the disappointment sandwich.


To be fair, I'm not sure I've ever bought one of these boxed sandwiches and not regretted it. But this is next level.

Somebody wants a rewind.

Reddit | hollyjoyofyourlife

There are lots of great places to leave your remote controls. On top of the heating vents on a chilly day is not one. Kudos to those fine grill marks, however.

So...time for a diet?

Reddit | RedBanana99

See, this is why I don't even bother getting on scales anymore. They're all out to get you, I swear.

Well, that's AAAwkward.

Reddit | adultinglikewhoa

Something tells me it's going to be an interesting scene when AAA comes to rescue the AAA guy who locked his keys inside his truck.

This should have been predictable.

Reddit | JephriB

Letting your nine-year-old pack the lunches for a day camp was always going to be a gamble, right? But hey, he did pack at least four feet of fruit.

Shazam is a pretty useful app.

Reddit | MithrandirElessar

And it works much, much better when you don't try to use it at a silent disco.

Communication breakdown.

Reddit | Chris14253

Looks like a couple of departments at the grocery store didn't tell each other their plans for bread products. So close, yet so far.

Um, maybe not this time.

Reddit | y2k24

If you're going to lead the way, you might have to blaze a trail or two, it's true. But anybody who blindly follows this leader will get exactly what they deserve.

What do they call it when you test positive for just about every allergy on the scratch test?

Reddit | saturatedhydrocarbon

Because this guy wins. He's so allergic to some things, the doctors couldn't even tell what it was because he swelled up so much.

Which will be the bigger regret: making it or selling it?

Reddit | ziggy-73

Clearly it was just too pure for this world - ahead of its time and destined to be cast aside by someone just not ready for its brilliance.

Ouch, that's a tough lesson to learn.

Reddit | suian_sanche_sedai

Baking with glassware can be tricky, unfortunately, and this person had to sacrifice a loaf of banana bread for that lesson. Dang.

That escalated rather quickly.

Reddit | Beeso3

Listen, sometimes a double scoop just doesn't do it for you. You need a lot of ice cream and you need it now.

You can't keep her down.

Reddit | cocoknowsitall

This user's story goes like this, "I was sedated for a massive dentist appointment and remember absolutely NOTHING from it. The dentist later said he kept increasing my medication, but it seemed like I was wide awake the entire time -- which explains the pictures I just found on my phone."

At least she has a way to remember this surely momentous occasion in her life.

At least they tried.

Reddit | gcmatt87

They say "proceed with caution," but also have an open bar, so something tells me they're not wanting any caution at all.

When a faceswap goes a little too well.

Reddit | kelica66

I've never wanted to see a de-swap so badly. My brain is trying to picture it but I can't, this one's just too good.

When swapping in generic brands to save money, always watch what you swap.

Reddit | LovelySweet1789

In my mind there are very few things that can't be swapped for cheaper, generic brands, but pop is definitely one of them. Also ketchup.

Time to rev up those vocal chords.

Reddit | Here_Is_My_Name

Someone on the original post said, "this is a pretty effective way to get back at someone," which...well, if you'll excuse me, I have some posters to make.

The face of a man, defeated.

Reddit | this_time_i_mean_it

Got a little too ambitious on that jump, huh? I know bud, we've all been there, but it's time to let someone else help. You can learn from this mistake.

This person ordered a custom umbrella, and, well...

Reddit | zakaria20199

I know you bought this for yourself, but I'm begging you to let someone else borrow it and record their reaction. Others need to see this masterpiece.

When a preschool teacher asks her students what she should name her kid, this is the selection she gets.

Reddit | Megpie_01

I think my favorites amongst these are "Grandma" and "Racecar," but my top pick is the one that's just blank. My child will have no name, thank you.

The doorway to destruction.

Reddit | aznofchaos

After years of swinging that door open without the stopper, they'll probably end up drilling a hole right into the next room.

At the end of your rope.

Reddit | whampbeef

Your puppy is revolting, I'm sorry to say. They knew you were going to try and suppress them and took a stand. This will have to come down to a negotiation, but your opponent is already steps ahead, so beware.

It took me a moment to even realize it was a car he was standing on.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

Y'know the saying "don't make a mountain out of a molehill?" This guy probably should have made an ocean out of this puddle.

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