16+ Viral Images That Razzled And Dazzled The Internet

If you're one of the millions (billions) of people worldwide stuck inside, you're probably starting to go a bit stir-crazy. Take a deep breath, get comfortable, and enjoy these pics. They might just remind you of a time when you were allowed to leave your house.


Reddit | TCLP

I'm not sure which movie is being advertised in this Japanese newspaper, but the ad is printed on two sides of the newspaper. This allows the full picture to be seen when viewed against light.


Reddit | kfranky

Foragers can find all sorts of tasty stuff in the woods, including mushrooms. This foraged puffball mushroom is almost comically large. You definitely can't find this in a grocery store.


Reddit | japsanityxc

Nature is often beautiful, but usually at least a little bit chaotic. Sometimes, though, things can be almost perfectly symmetrical. Just look at how the leaves of this plant are lined up.

A shady character.

Reddit | JoshuaForLong

Speaking as a cat enthusiast, I can definitively say that black cats are my favorite, and this is one of the reasons: their sinister silhouettes create all sorts of weird illusions.

Gorgeous landscape.

Reddit | rOlFmaIeR

This is just a rusty lock gate in a canal, but the rust has accumulated in such a way that it looks like a tranquil landscape.

We all knew that things would be a bit different with everyone staying in their homes.

Reddit | thehayden512

But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that dinosaurs would re-colonize the earth.

Looks familiar.

Reddit | [deleted]

Look at the color patterns on this bike. Do they seem somewhat familiar? Does it maybe remind you of a popular cartoon that had seven or eight good seasons and is now on season 57 or so?

Why are they blue?

Reddit | grapefruitorama

This couple had MRI imaging done and were able to reconstruct their brains from the images. It must be a weird feeling to hold your own brain in your hand.

Before and after.

Reddit | Patagonica

This student compared their notes from before and after they started taking Adderall to improve their concentration. It clearly worked pretty well.

Patrick is thick IRL.

Reddit | Fallingwiltedleaf

It must have been jarring for this diver to encounter something straight out of a cartoon during this underwater foray.

But how?

Reddit | cashmo

This shows a slightly cracked door. Behind the door are four lightbulbs. Somehow, when the door is just barely open, each bulb casts its own distinct beam of light.

Nice reference.

Reddit | OyeSimpson

Remember Clerks? No? Well, it featured a plotline where a convenience store was boarded up, so the clerks within put up a sign saying "I assure you we're open."

Make yoga, not war.

Reddit | CryptoAlca

These little green army men are instantly familiar to just about everyone, but their poses are a little different. They've traded in their tiny guns and bazookas for tiny yoga poses.

True love.

Reddit | ritzz2_0

This heartwarming, somewhat heartbreaking picture shows a four-year-old girl with cancer, positively lighting up and kissing the window when she sees her dad outside.


Reddit | czcc

This is what happens when you wipe a TV screen that was in an apartment with heavy smokers. Did the picture on that screen even have proper colors anymore?


Reddit | Zulu_x

Sometimes you see a cloud formation that looks vaguely like something. And sometimes you see a cloud formation that looks so much like something that it almost seems like a prank.

Local wine.

Reddit | realtodderz

This hiker is enjoying a tasty-looking dinner in Kyrgyzstan, accompanied by a bottle of locally-bought wine featuring...Jessica Alba. Something tells me she didn't sign off on this.

Smol boi.

Reddit | look-a-lurker

This frog is absurdly small. Like, even if you're viewing this on a small phone screen, it's probably still displaying as larger than it is in real life.

Add chocolate and graham crackers.

Reddit | Wachter2point0

What looks like pre-toasted marshmallows growing out of the ground are actually wild mushrooms. They look delicious, but they're mushrooms. That means they're either a delicacy or they'll straight-up kill you.

The good stuff.

Reddit | blaewoo1

If you've ever wondered why people pay a premium for merino wool, this is the reason. Merino sheep have about the thickest, most luxurious wool imaginable.


Reddit | Ticoune0825

Everyone's caught a long hair in their zipper at some point. The next time you do it, take a good look at what the zipper's done to the hair.

Hidden sloth.

Reddit | greenbayjordan

In these boring times, we could all use something like this: the kind of thoughtful little detail that only gets discovered by the truly bored.

Hearts for days.

Reddit | tinrinca

This person collects heart-shaped rocks. Here's what six years of collecting heart-shaped rocks looks like. It's okay, I guess.

This New York hotel isn't seeing any guests right now, but its owners decided to do something positive with its empty rooms.

Reddit | wood_nich

As you can see, they turned on the lights to create this heart shape and the idea has caught on enough that it's been spotted in establishments as far as Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This 50-year-old Japanese tea cup hides the most impressive part of its design.

Reddit | DarcyK123

As we can see, there's a woman's likeness in it that only reveals itself when light passes through the cup.

Anyone flying over Arizona might catch sight of this unusual sign that was etched into the ground and points to Phoenix.

Reddit | gingerlish

Apparently, it was made so pilots would have a landmark in what would otherwise be continuous stretches of desert back before the state was as developed as it is today.

It feels pretty appropriate that this dorm room at CalArts was rumored to be installed by Tim Burton himself.

Reddit | meppity

He was asked about it on MTV, but only replied that it was "possible" and that he wasn't a very good carpenter.

All I know is that I didn't hear a "no" in his answer.

It seems that something went totally wrong with this vending machine and all the bags came loose, but this isn't quite the jackpot it seems.

Reddit | ComebackKidGorgeous

That's because they were all apparently heavy enough to hold the door at the bottom closed, so there isn't any way to actually get them out.

Sorry to disappoint you.

This is one of those cases where people are definitely telling the truth when they say you can't miss the address on this place.

Reddit | synesthesiah

Not only that, but if you were to ride a bike here, you'd discover that these numbers also work as a bike rack.

It's unclear what exactly created the pattern on this tree, but it definitely stands out.

Reddit | smn1285

So far, it seems that the best guess suggests that either a fungus or bark rot was responsible for this, but I wouldn't rule out boring insects either.

The uploader posted this image to show off this interesting design that prevents this spoon from falling into the bowl.

Reddit | bathroomrights

However, commenters seemed more interested in finding out what exactly that goop in the bowl is.

They didn't get an answer, but it almost seems like homemade Ecto Cooler.

These cubes seem mysterious and intricately designed, but most of us actually see them every day.

Reddit | whodisisdisdan

That's because these are grains of salt as seen under an electron microscope. They don't seem like cubes to the naked eye, but that's apparently what they are.

It looks like even a simple photo of a snail munching on some grass can show us something surprising.

Reddit | Ryan8088

No matter how gooey and gelatinous most snails are, it still doesn't seem like we should be able to see the blade of grass through its head.

And yet, here we are.

Based on how it got here, this ring on the floor wouldn't be hard to get rid of at all.

Reddit | Fleischgeruch

That's because it's just a result of sunlight reflecting off of these metal chair legs. All it would take to make it disappear is to move them.

Weird for a reason.

Reddit | MonkeyMcBucks

The red lighting in this town might give things an ominous look, but there's a purpose here. The lights are designed to preserve the night vision of the local wildlife.

In memory of a real tree.

Reddit | BootlegDouglas

This cute little sculpture made a lot more sense when there was an actual tree for them to swing from. Now there's just a sculpture and a pile of sawdust.

Immediate intrigue.

Reddit | hmtyrant

A house in this person's neighborhood features an observatory, and I'm already getting grand ideas about what else is inside, what it looks like, who lives there, etcetera.

After harvesting all the cookie dough bits from a tub of cookie dough ice cream, this person baked them.

Reddit | DoodleTM

It doens't look that great but hey, a cookie's a cookie.

Overnight train.

Reddit | spongecandybandit

This hotel (that used to be a train station) had old train cars converted into rooms! It's kitschy, fun, and probably pretty comfy!

A zoo that pretends construction sites are exhibits, with equipment acting as the animals on display.

Reddit | the_humeister

"I heard the hydraulic excavator was closed to extinction decades ago, but thanks to zoos and breeding programs, their population grew again!"

This tire shop has a collection of items found inside popped tires.


And in these customers' defences, it's not like they'd always know if they ran over something. Let them be ignorant.

Finding a door to nowhere.

Reddit | elastizitat

I've read a lot of horror stories. Seen a lot of horror movies. Please don't go through this door.

Retro recycling.

Reddit | bladingbeckie

The uploader turned an old TV into a fish tank, which is not only cool, but easily beats the aquarium channel!

Extreme renovations.

Reddit | rebuffedchaff8

This user's house used to be a police station, and the bathroom was an old jail cell. Conceptually cool, but I know that place is haunted.

Not a drop on me.

Reddit | strychnine213

This old teacup has a designated mustache protector. We should go back to a time where we all tended our mustaches with this level of care.

Clear as day.

Reddit | soup-my-life

I already thought that longboards and the people who ride them were super cool, but this one made out of plexiglass is so much cooler. Unprecedented levels of cool.

Mini me.

Reddit | josephrehall

Next to this full corn a little baby corn was sprouting! Hey, if you pop baby corn kernels, do you get very tiny popcorn?


Reddit | robrobxD

Lots of patterned cats carry their coat pattern right down to their skin. Now that you know that, please don't shave your tabby cat.

Well, someone called.

Reddit | I_Conduit

This user spotted a familiar car when on a walk in their neighborhood. Seems like someone had a haunting, which would be scary if you didn't already know it had been taken care of.

Convenient folding.

Reddit | kernadian

If you're like me, you haphazardly fold your towels then throw them into the linen closet. If you're like this person, you include a washcloth with each towel for convenience.

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