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14+ Times The Unusual Was Downright Fascinating

There are all sorts of fascinating things in the world that come in a big, flashy package. But fascinating stuff can also come out of mundane surroundings. Let's check out some subtly interesting sights.

Between two plates.

Reddit | Hak-er

Iceland is an interesting place — isolated in the North Atlantic, it's politically a part of Europe but geologically, lies mostly in North America. This floor shows exactly where the continental divide, and the rift between two continents, lies.

Fresh from the source.

Reddit | spypat

Paying 25 cents for a refreshing Coke is a bargain any way you slice it. Here, the low price makes sense, since this machine is right outside a Coca-Cola bottling plant.

A river of knowledge.

Reddit | Snakesssalad

When space was at a premium in medieval London, buildings were often built on bridges. Space is not at a premium here, which really makes me wonder why someone decided to build a library over a river.


Reddit | L3N1B

There's nothing wrong with a little brand loyalty, but I think the brand is going a bit far when it literally imprints its name on your skin after you've removed the leggings.

Couch potato.

Reddit | bluefxiry

Whether they were inspired by Close Encounters of the Third Kind or they were just bored and had unusually dry potatoes, this submitter turned their side order of mashed potatoes into art.

Seems relaxing.

Reddit | yahguyconnor

This office break room is styled like an airplane. I'm sure the cramped seats and sense of impending doom will help employees feel more relaxed on their lunch break.


Reddit | dwrecksizzle

This Redditor just bought a house, climbed onto the roof, and discovered that the previous owners had left a ... frog statue securely tied up. Sometimes it's best to just not ask questions.

If it fits...

Reddit | Shanrock831

Toilet tanks all tend to look the same, in North America at least. This tank has been designed to fit into a corner. It's a bit weird, but it works.

Just in case.

Reddit | HeatherLeeAnn

Sidewalks and roadways are often hiding all kinds of history. In this case, the history is revealed as the original metal rings for tying up horses can still be seen.

Fun size.

Reddit | 7up_is_tastey

This plump, purple grape looks pretty good on its own. I almost missed its little green buddy that's riding shotgun on the stem.

Modern problems require old-school solutions.

Reddit | tearsinmyramen

This clock was built with everything totally backward. It might seem weird, but it's basically the same principle ambulances use when they write their name backward. When placed in front of a mirror, it all makes sense.

Floss like a boss.

Reddit | DoinWhatIGottaDo

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've used business cards as floss before, but this card takes things to a whole new level, as it actually dispenses dental floss.


Reddit | Lolagurl

This looks like an unusually dark outdoor pedestrian mall, but it's actually an unusually dark indoor office park. I wonder if the plants make things feel more breezy.

Mind blown.

Reddit | DoYouSeeMeEatingMice

Yeah, it's just a blue stop sign. It shouldn't be a big deal, but seeing a stop sign in anything other than red is seriously weird.

Original content.

Reddit | Raccoon1304

The walls of old houses are covered with old layers of paint and wallpaper. In this old house, a "window" has been built to preserve its original 1885 wallpaper.

Frozen in time.

Reddit | kart22

This high school was built in the 1950s. When it was taken down, crews found a surprise entombed in the bricks: a perfectly preserved package of cigarettes from decades ago.

I'd do anything for that smile.

Reddit | WildSlothMan

This math teacher created a stamp of his smiling face to award to any students who do particularly well on a test. I'm sure it's a great motivator, assuming you like this teacher.

But how?

Reddit | lucystrongarms

This looks like any old tree, and for the most part, it is. But take a moment and look at the branch that connects two branches. How did it grow that way?

Future development.

Reddit | LivingPeterJennings

Construction crews have pulled off a cool trick by bisecting this hallway. Even though the area is heavily under construction, people passing by on the left are none the wiser.

Hardly a meal.

Reddit | DarkSoul62

Bananas have been endlessly cultivated, and lots of unfamiliar varieties and permutations exist. That said, I'm not sure bananas are ever supposed to be quite this tiny.

Immortalized in fabric.


This little mosquito didn't survive its meeting with factory equipment, but because of the unique spot where it died, its crumpled visage will echo through the history of this garment.

The best of all worlds.

Reddit | yungbbq

You'd want to keep a close eye on where you're walking on this staircase, but the weird design serves a purpose, as these stairs also serve as a wheelchair ramp.

It wanted to be an asterisk.

Reddit | mmay_a

It always sucks to break a plate, but if it's going to happen, the best result is probably an aesthetically pleasing break like this. It almost looks like it was designed to shatter this way.

Fresh from the hive.


If you're all about the farm to table lifestyle, you can't beat this. When you order breakfast at this hotel, it comes with honey — incredibly fresh honey.

Begone, chemo!

Reddit | llowreyy

If you've ever bashed a nail, you know that you can follow the progress of the bruise as your nails grow. The same is true of chemotherapy treatment, as seen here.

I need one of these.

Reddit | isthisadumbusername

This church has a 'Cry Room'. Honestly, it seems like a good idea. Sometimes it's nice to just have a place to get away from it all for a few minutes.

Room with a view.

Reddit | drewsoulman

It's incredible that most planes have at least a few seats that don't have windows, but some of them have commodes with windows. It's nice that there's still a window shade for privacy at 30,000 feet.

Coffee run.

Reddit | Dragonkiller1998

Everyone seems to hate it when the bus driver takes a break, but seriously, when are bus drivers supposed to take their breaks? This German bus eases tensions by displaying the break status on an external screen.

Whisper quiet.

Reddit | wideout3485

I don't think Rollerblades will ever be cool again, but at least this office is finding utility in Rollerblade wheels. These wheels are way quieter than the typical chair casters.

Whiskers on whiskers.

Reddit | 33nipplesreturns

Cat whiskers seem to come from everywhere — cheeks, chin and ears. This sweet kitty seems to have little tiny whiskers coming from her eyes.