16+ Times People Pointed Out The Cringe For Us All To See

We're living in times of Peak Cringe. Heck, "cringey" is a word that was barely part of the vernacular a decade ago, but now it seems to be a necessary part of our vocabulary.

However your day's going, you can feel good about the fact that you're not these people.

Stephen King, fraud.

Reddit | droi86

It's inherently ridiculous to ask the author of The Stand if he's read The Stand. Then again, who knows? Maybe he wrote it, then never bothered to re-read.

Yes, that's how it works.

Reddit | IIHaveAllTheKarma

You can go even further back, way into prehistory, if you'd like. I'm pretty sure people have been dying, and therefore eventually exposing their skeletons, for awhile now.

My people need me.

Reddit | GrandmasAppleCake

I like how I wouldn't have given this picture a second glance unless I'd read the tweet above it. The longer you look at it, the weirder it gets.

Gender reveal.

Reddit | MythicFate

We should all know that there's far more to gender than just male and female. But, like, if you're referring to a girl, it generally goes without saying that the girl is female.

RIP, Missouri.

Reddit | brother_p

No offence to the good people of the Show Me State, but if this is the rationale of your top doctor, things might get worse before they get better.

Laura's being a Karen.

Reddit | sriramempire

Look, Laura Ingraham, we all want to speak to COVID-19's manager right now. But the manager is on an extended break, no one knows where they went, and the store is on fire.

Mark, dude, c'mon.

Reddit | lol62056

Just think of how angry this viewer must get during the holiday season when everyone's got a virtual Yule log queued up on their Netflix.

For some reason.

Reddit | TCSnaky

You can be infuriated that these people defied the good advice of doctors, or you can revel in the cringeyness of the fact that they did so dressed as Smurfs, of all things.

Have it your way.

Reddit | doodie-dude

I'm sure the people making $8 an hour feel like they're making at least $8.05 after learning that Burger King thinks they're beautiful and loved.

*Spider-Man meme*.

Reddit | dwholefunk

I suppose this is the kind of thing that happens when a police department has more funding than it knows what to do with.

Just in case.

Reddit | Wrathchild17

I get that they couldn't mount a monster spare tire on the back of this Jeep, but seriously, what good is that tire going to do? Maybe they plan on giving it away.

What is this newfangled technology?

Reddit | Hailie_G

On a serious note, radio is probably one of the last aspects of human civilization that will go away. So tune in. It's like a podcast, but not.


Reddit | Furny_D

The whole reason that toy crossbows and guns come in garish neon colors is to prevent situations like this. The driver slammed on his brakes! The tires screeched! Heavens to Betsy!

Some traditions are socialist.

Reddit | gbyl

Even if you don't like socialism, it should be understood that certain practices are inherently socialist. Like, if you're committed to capitalism, you should try to re-sell your cake at a profit.

Video game logic.

Reddit | raweza

Speaking as someone who's never even fired a gun in real life, even I know that pistols and handguns can't carry 200 rounds. That's overestimating things by, like, 194.

Appropriating her own culture.

Reddit | jaytix1

I have to admire this woman's restraint. She dunked on some idiot for implying that she wasn't Japanese, and she did it all without flipping him off.

Bureaucracy at its finest.

Reddit | Snailspaced

Yes, New York State paid a dollar and fifty cents to bill this person for a dollar. These are the people in charge of the coronavirus response.

More for me.

Reddit | Cha7l1e

Corona is a huge company, which is a good thing for them, because I can't imagine this whole COVID-19 thing is going to be good for their long-term business.


Reddit | akaGOPHER8

Dreamcatchers are a lovely idea, one that predates slavery in the Confederate states. Who'd have ever thought that these two disparate ideals could ever be mixed?

Nice truck?

Reddit | iamsumo

Like, dude, I see your truck. It's literally sitting right there. I don't need an additional glamour shot on your back gate to fully appreciate its beauty.

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