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10+ Heartwarming Animal Stories For A Perfect Pick-Me-Up

The year 2020 continues to throw new curveballs at our stress levels, so why don't we all take a moment away from the elections and natural disasters and elections, and talk about some cute animals and their humans.

Some of these are more epic than others, but they are all a big dose of d'aww.

Let's pour one out for Lil Bub.

Instagram | @iamlilbub

2019 wasn't a great year either and it took a few of the internet's favorite animal celebrities with it.

Lil Bub died December 1, 2019, but before that she raised more than $700,000 dollars for animal charities and brightened the days of millions of followers. That's an amazing legacy worth celebrating.

This is a pure animal-loving dad moment.

Reddit | eshai122

Is the guy really a dad? Who knows, but the cell phone holster and Merrell shoes are pure dad uniform and he's just so happy to be taking a photo of his pooch at the Washington Monument.

The doggo is such a good model too!

Blood transfusions aren't just for humans.

Reddit | mrs-mort

"Dog blood donor. Got a call last night from our local hospital needing a donor for a dog facing a splenectomy. Always so proud when our boy donates. Real hero's don't wear capes!" said Redditor mrs-mort.

Going above and beyond to deliver a very important package.

FOX 31

A Colorado family captured video of a FedEx driver returning their lost dog on their doorbell camera.

According to the owner, the family was away while work was being done on the house. The door didn't latch properly when the contractor left for lunch and the doggo went for a wander.

When he was picked up by the delivery man, the address on his tag allowed the driver to simply return him to the home and close the door firmly.

More and more businesses are helping local shelters find homes for animals.

Facebook | Niagara SPCA

The Niagara SPCA partnered with a pizza place to do just that, attaching adoption ads to pizza deliveries. If a customer does adopt a pup, they'll even get a gift card for more pizza in the future.

And it's already working. After just one day of the promotion, one of the dogs got a forever home.

And now, a moment of zen.

Reddit | NorbertoCornicione

There is no particular story attached to this photo, but come on, it's a goat in a sweater balanced on his wombat friend. What more can you ask for?

Different species, but best friends.

Instagram | @lundyandherman

Herman is a pigeon that's unable to fly and lives at a rescue. When Lundy, a tiny puppy with paralyzed back legs, arrived, they bonded immediately.

This very good boy didn't let his little human brave a flood alone.

ABC, Instagram | @chooky_paull

When a tropical cyclone causes the creeks around a family's Western Australia farm to rise, little Matilda got lost. After a 24-hour search, she was found muddy but safe, with her dog Wolfy right there by her side.

When a rescued cat named Lady lost her ears to an infection, people worried she'd be overlooked for adoption.

Facebook | Dane County Humane Society

So a volunteer crocheted her some stylish new purple ears in order to get her some positive attention.

And it worked! Lady was adopted after her story went viral.

"Sir Darius's PAW-SOME Mission."

GoFundMe | Dazhai Brown

Darius Brown is a 13-year-old boy challenged by a speech, comprehension, and fine motor skills delay, but that didn't stop him from learning to sew.

Now he sews bowties for shelter dogs, helping them stand out for potential adopters and generally making them adorable.

His sister started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his new goal to deliver bowties to dogs in need in all 50 states. As of this writing, he is $5,000 away from his $55,000 goal!

An elderly dog named Porschia's miraculous survival.

Porschia, who is deaf and blind, was lounging on the porch when a hawk scooped her up and flew away.

Understandably, her family was devastated and convinced there was no way she could survive, but more than 24 hours later a vet called them saying she had been dropped off with them. Besides suffering from cold exposure, Porschia was in good health.

This very good boy made sure his bird friend could recover safely.


"He guarded a bird with broken wing under my truck for four days before it could fly off. Had to bring them both food and water because he refused to leave its side day and night, very proud of him."

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