33 People Who Have Their Own Way Of Doing Things

Reddit | Danisue7

I will be the first to admit that I have a strong stubborn streak. I like doing things my own way. Yes, it does occasionally cause some friction in the home. However, despite accusations to the contrary, my way is not necessarily the wrong way.

So, in the spirit of stubborn, rugged individualism, here are some folks who are determined to do things their own way and, for the most part, succeeding quite nicely.

That's some next level brand loyalty.

Reddit | mike_gerchow

But then, it is a Corvette we're talking about. Cool car, not a ton of trunk space.

"This guy I met at the grocery store had his pet turkey with him," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | friggenmike

No judgement here. A turkey is definitely a different pet, but it's a pet all the same.

We live in a world where more than one pet turkey can be included on this list.


It seems fitting for such a cool house to have a guard turkey to match its witchy weirdness.

Whoever made this solar system poster still included Pluto.

Reddit | PenceyPrepDropOut

But they gave Pluto a weepy face reflecting its reduced status, from planet to dwarf planet.

This person made an absolutely minuscule origami crane.

Reddit | spidey_boii

It's kind of a paradox to make origami this small, when you think about it. It's impressive work to be sure, but also difficult to appreciate fully due to its tiny size.

Someone made a DIY haunted train for Halloween using empty plastic bottles.

Reddit | adrianlemur

You have to admire the spirit of recycling at work, don't you? And if they didn't clean out the bottles first, it would definitely add an air of horrific authenticity, don't you think?

How this construction worker eats bananas.

Reddit | MissingHoney

And that's probably all we need to say about that.

"My aunt 'finishes' my 2 year old's paintings he does when he visits," the uploader wrote.

Reddit | gwh34t

His starts are on the left, and her completions are on the right. Pretty cool work!

"I sorted and counted a 5lb bag of Gummy Bears," the uploader explained about this pic.

Reddit | ZeroToDerp

I personally like some mystery in my giant bag of gummies, but that's just me. Clearly there's something going on with the red gummy bears down at Haribo HQ that I was oblivious to.

This grocery store steers patrons to produce with balloons.

Reddit | MysteryFro

Seems pretty effective, but not the sort of thing that has caught on everywhere. Maybe it should?

Everybody seems to have their own method of peeling shells off hard-boiled eggs, but this is a new one for me.

Reddit | crocsonfeet

Peeling the whole shell off in one long strip is at least kind of an accomplishment, I think.

This thrift store uses old Uno cards for its tags.

Reddit | DraculRaff

Good recycling, but I would worry about fights breaking out in the aisles, just a bit. You never know when someone will have a "Pick up 4" flashback!

The collecting bug can strike in the strangest ways.


"I think almost everyone was collecting something in their childhood... well... I was kinda weird," the uploader wrote. Hey, kids do odd things sometimes. Could be worse than collecting toothbrushes!

Just a dude with a bunny on his shoulder. Nothing to see here.

Reddit | BeanyDabean

Do you think it's his choice of conversation starter? Like how I, a socially awkward person, try to get my dogs invited to every event for a guaranteed smalltalk topic?

This cat's owner made it a hat from its own fur.

Reddit | MissRevivalArmy

Admit it, cat owners of the world, we've all thought about it, haven't we? But this person went and did it.

"A chair I cut out of a huge dead tree we removed on a hiking trail."

Reddit | dudeitsscott

You have to love it when people can have this much fun doing their jobs. And pretty sure the local hiking community is on board with his work, too.

"My great great uncle carved mushrooms," explained the uploader.

Reddit | Danisue7

Huh. At best, mushrooms might end up in a stir fry or topping a steak in my house.

Never would have thought to turn them into an artistic medium. But hey, this person's great great uncle sure did some fine work!

So apparently backpacks for carrying your bird around are a thing?

Reddit | Sibotten

If the goal is to give them a sense of nature, then the plastic enclosure and zero room form movement seems counterproductive.

"This guy kayaking down the street during the spring tide."

Reddit | Pizzamylord

I mean, if this is a normal spring occurrence, then why wouldn't you simply prepare for a more suitable commute?

I wonder if they change this up for the season or if Santa waves all year.

Reddit | darrienperkins

It's kind of dumb, sure, but if I had a vehicle with a rear wiper, it would definitely be made up to look like a dog was wagging its tail.

One mom found an effective way to get messages across to her kids.

Reddit | Luke2669

And now you know that you can customize M&Ms. Not too shabby!

"I’m making personalized coasters of all my coworkers’ brain scans," the uploader wrote.

Reddit | grapefruitorama

Well, that's certainly a unique piece, and a good conversation starter I'm sure.

"This wooden tie I’m wearing as a groomsman."

Reddit | icecreamdude97

You know what? I'm all for this. If the bridesmaids are stuck wearing unflattering colors and cuts, the groomsmen can at least have a ridiculous tie.

More and more restaurants seem to be stylizing their kids' menus and I love it.

Reddit | thecherrycola12

Kids are terrible at choosing what they want anyway, so handy translation aids like this are perfect.

This guy is perfectly happy to eat peanut butter directly from the jar in public.

Reddit | chiyabari

I mean, who hasn't snuck a scoop while making some toast, but it takes a special person to do it in what looks like a classroom.

Not only is this guy driving a replica vintage race car, but he's dressed up for the drive, too.

Reddit | khnnhk

According to the comments, it's a replica of the Marmon Wasp, which was the winner of the very first Indy 500.

"This Phở restaurant uses Sriracha bottles for soap dispensers."

Reddit | DocGerbil256

This is a clever bit of recycling and those bottles are big enough to last a while before refilling. I just hope they made sure the bottles were 100% free of spicy residue.

"My friends and I made a ruler lattice in algebra," explained the uploader.

Reddit | budderusumaki

Because we all know that algebra class is the best place to do anything other than algebra. But this kind of counts as geometry, right?

Support your local library and save money at the same time.

Reddit | ploptankploop

This library even prints the MSRP of the books you check out right on the receipt.

It always amazed me when people would use rare currency to pay for random items at the gas station I used to work at.

Reddit | thornonset

This is a 1928 $20 gold certificate that someone used in place of a regular $20. It's legal tender, but also a bit of a shame because these can be worth a hundred dollars or more on the collector market.

I need to see the other side of these instructions so that I can finally solve the Rubix cube gathering dust on my desk.

Reddit | A_friend_called_Five

That's right. Those are written instructions for how to solve a Rubix cube.

And if you want to feel seriously dumb, they were written by a 12-year-old for his dad.

This looks like a super glitch, but it's done on purpose.

Reddit | Laurensmatthijs

"At our school cafeteria, no-one ever wants the receipt," explained the uploader. "So the cafeteria lady put the paper in a loop to limit paper waste."

Sounds like a good goal to me!

When you get a birthday card from an astrophysicist.

Reddit | tachoknight

I have to say, I'd feel a lot better about my age on Earth compared to my age on Mercury.