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15+ Signs That Are At Least Technically Correct

There's a real art to being able to distill a thought containing even a kernel of truth down enough to make it fit on a sign. And if you can make it funny, too, well then you've really got something.

So, hats off to these sign makers for at least lightening up our day.

Somebody learned that lesson the hard way.

Imgur | the1310line

And to all you folks who think it's funny to stock up the sugar dispenser with salt so I'll pour that in my coffee instead? It's really not funny at all.

I knew it all along.

Imgur | RadioisotopeThermoelectricGenerator

And as Homer would remind us, it's also the cause of all our problems,'s a perfect loop!

A man with a plan.

Reddit | cknyakina

"Not jobless, I just want to sell 20 plus houses in 2020 to keep up with my future wife's online shopping habits. Please help!" his sign reads. You have to know what you want in life, and then go for it!

Divorce lawyers hate him.

Reddit | juhrayme

You have to admit, pizza does tend to be less messy, even with extra sauce, and everyone usually ends up happy.

Well, this is awkward.

Reddit | stacyyines

Well, it's hard to argue with that — yes, beer won't leave you, but it could well be the reason Karen left.

Words to live by.

Reddit | wrapityup

Sure, wouldn't we all love to live in a world where smiling at strangers is a good and welcome thing? Pretty sure that's not how it works on public transit, though.

I really didn't want this one to be correct at all.

Reddit | Cky9250

I mean, I know it's just a prank, but it's funny because it's true and we all know it.

Cutting through the treacle.

Reddit | Joe_Vanelli

When you think about it, making wishes and tossing coins into fountains and the like basically is littering, and it's even worse in natural areas.

Thanks for dispelling that nonsense, Iceland!

I guess it can't hurt to ask.

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

It only seems fair to ask would-be robbers to even the playing field, don't you think?

Same goes with teenagers from what I hear.

Reddit | trustjosephs

And hey, cell phones cost much, much more than a handful of trail mix, so tread carefully.

They do set the bar for thoroughness.

Reddit | Outdoorelvis'm not sure this dentist's office is going to drum up all the business they want with this sign, but I'll give them points for cleverness.

That's $5 well spent.

Reddit | Roach2791

Hey, there are worse ways to spend your money when you're deep in your mid-life crisis.

Well, that's grim.

Reddit | 2cutealpaca

And it might upset some folks — but there's definitely truth in it!

You can't own space, man.

Reddit | B4ldy

Hey, we could all use a reminder when we're going nuts in rush hour traffic.

The great myth about common sense is that it's common at all.

Twitter | @Atheist_Trooper

Or as Descartes put it, "Common sense is the best distributed commodity in the world, for every man is convinced that he is well supplied with it."

And I have mixed feelings about this sign.

Reddit | Kuro929

But the dominant feeling is attacked. It gets me. Way too accurate for comfort.

There's no glory in changing the toilet roll.

Reddit | doc_buncie

It's way easier though, so maybe we should do something about that. You know, change the world so that changing the toilet roll is a glorious job.

Going to church? No. Going to heaven, however...

Facebook | Ken StGeorge

Well, I guess you could say it's holy, if nothing else. An attempt to be fruitful and multiply, perhaps?

I have only one problem with this sign.

Reddit | lithouseparty

Really, it's true love when you don't have to hold your farts in. Also the one thing The Princess Bride was missing.

That's...not wrong.

Reddit | bmccuiston

And the one business where you can actually get away with that. Well done.

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