15+ People Who Are Over-Prepared

We've all heard the old adage, "By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail," which is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, despite their being no proof that he actually said this! However, regardless of who coined the term, the message is sound — it is important to prepare!

Some people, however, can be guilty of over-preparing! And, if you don't believe me, then check out these 15+ people who are definitely over-prepared.

"My friend asked his crush out using this... He got friendzoned..."

Reddit | Zinonz

This was one hell of a ballsy move from this person's friend. Also, I frequently point out that Uno is one of the most stressful games of all time, so why would you think that this is a good time to ask someone out?!

The Sign Abides

Reddit | Intalleyvision

Well, this combines my two favorite things on this planet, Big Lebowski references, and discounts! (Don't tell my partner I said that...)

"How to prepare for the holidays."

Reddit | Intent912

The other thing you have to prepare for is practicing slapping your own pockets to make sure that you can slap all of your pockets as quickly as possible when inevitably doing your thousand and one checks that you haven't dropped your boarding pass and passport.

"So I asked the Dominos guy to write a funny joke in the pizza box on the special description."

Reddit | rogue_planets

I bet this guy has had that joke in his back pocket for far too long, just waiting for someone to make that specific request!

Hurricane Prep Done Wrong

Reddit | TwoGirlsOneReddit24

You've got to admire their spirit! I mean, there's little else positive to focus on in this image really.

Break Glass In Case Of Miracle

Reddit | speedy9o0

Well, that is one hell of an optimistic person, for more reasons than it is worth going in to.

"My wife asked if i could set up a little cork and canvas for her and her friends. I doubt this is what she meant."

Reddit | calhounahan

If they weren't absolutely elated by this, then they don't deserve you! This could be the best idea for an evening-in I've ever seen.

The More pressing Reality

Reddit | ChiodoS04

Now there is a person with their expectations in line with reality! You never want to get caught making instant noodles without any flavoring!

"It's my neighbors first day of retirement. He set up a nerf gun turret in his garage waiting for neighbors to walk by."

Reddit | sweetbambidoll

I love how excited he looks! And hell, wouldn't you be! If this is how he's spending his first day of retirement, this guy has an exciting retirement ahead of him.

"So the 2 year old is potty training and this is what the 10 year old comes up with. 'It's a trophy for when he is all trained'."

Reddit | jcmcna0733

This is actually a really impressively detailed model for a 10-year-old to just whip up out of nowhere, congrats!

"My girlfriend has a mouse in her house, so her cousin took it upon himself to do what was necessary."

Reddit | TheGamingTurtle_BoG

So, did this person just happen to have all of these mice names ready to go? Or did they come up with them on the spot, because that is incredibly impressive if so!

"My cousin is a driver for UPS and posted this today."

Reddit | jollygreengentile

It's a great idea to keep packages away from the dogs, but it is a bit obvious to thieves as to where you are "hiding" your packages.

"Ready to go to dinner in a Chinese restaurant."

Reddit | cknyakina

This way people can keep their dignity, and not spend the whole evening swearing under their breath at only being able to eat two grains of rice at a time.

"Alfa Romero put a hidden message for fans who tried to lighten their 'sneak peek' photo."

Reddit | town_klown

People really have no sense of patience nowadays! No matter what it is that is coming out, people need to know or have access to everything immediately! Chill guys, surprises can be good!

"Buses replaced the train line today..."

Reddit | louise1jc

That bus grew up wanting to be a train, and all its life people told it that it would never happen. Well, look at this bus now! Living the dream!

I suppose it's not hard to appreciate why people wouldn't want this happening in their train station.

Reddit | just_intiaj

You know what they say, every sign like this has a story behind it and that story probably involved a lot of people taking craps where they shouldn't.

Once again, this strange safety diagram is definitely arriving at an agreeable point.

Reddit | SloopyDoopyReddit

In case it's a little confusing, it was made by Occupational Health and Safety in Australia and warns against doing drugs while working on a construction site.

The only problem is that this manages to make that recipe for disaster seem a lot more awesome than it would actually be.

This is definitely not the best way to transport a dirt bike, but at least this person has an extra mode of transportation in case this doesn't work.

Reddit | PrettyLongUsrnameWTF

Of course, that's assuming it doesn't fly off the back and become someone else's extra mode of transportation.

These signs won't mean a lot if you don't understand Russian, but they're essentially telling people not to let this cat in.

Reddit | Svinozilla

Well, the top one is, anyway. The bottom one is telling the cat itself not to come in.

I guess that counts as covering your bases?

As terrifying of an idea as this is, it actually makes sense to prepare for the possibility of camping on the side of a mountain like this.

Reddit | Rogue_Professor

Apparently, a lot of mountaineers find that their ascent up a mountain won't always have a surface to sleep on normally, so they'll essentially have to sleep like a bat.

As far as I'm concerned, however, this is just another reason why I have no desire to be a mountaineer.

This bottle opener also stores the cap so the user can shoot it out.

Reddit | gfvfchgfdgfd

It's great for when you need to open a lot of bottles quickly, but it's hard to think of too many situations where that'll be an issue unless you're a bartender or hosting a party.

As we look at this, it's worth noting that this bus wasn't in even the remotest danger of being on fire.

Reddit | Diq_Z_normus

Nonetheless, this woman apparently felt the need to spray it with a fire extinguisher as it passed by.

We may never truly know whether she was mad at the bus or just thought she was helping.

I'm not techy enough to know exactly what this person did to their computer, but it definitely seems like they shouldn't have any performance issues now.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

At least, until the dust that they seem to be inviting with this set-up gets in. I hate to say it, but their over-preparation might have needed a little more preparation.

A London man was frustrated when his local council wouldn't let him build on his property, so he put in a request to get a tank.

Reddit | Skogsvandrare

And as we can see, it worked and he was able to get a Russian T-34 on his property.

So why did the council allow this, but not a shed or whatever he was trying to build? They thought he meant a septic tank. Oops.

It's a little hard to tell why this party has a cage in it, but it's clear that the planners weren't ignoring it.

Reddit | katakalist

It's possible that this is in a jail or a secure courthouse or something, but part of me wants to think they've got this here in case a bear crashes the function or something.

As rapper DMX is demonstrating, this reflective scarf is very effective against unwanted flash photography.

Reddit | drkmatterinc

While that may not be a concern for most of us, we can probably expect this look to catch on with a lot of celebrities soon enough.

Not sure what the paparazzi will do about this one.

Considering how boxer Deonte Wilder chose to deck himself out before a match, you'd think he was fighting the Dark Lord Sauron.

Reddit | RaidensReturn

Unfortunately, it turns out that works well against ring wraiths isn't so intimidating to other boxers as he ended up losing this mtach.

"I'm not even mad at these people that never took down their Halloween decorations. They just dress them up for other holidays."

Reddit | christophlc6

If you're going to put up halloween skeletons, then it is crucial that you have prepared outfits for them for all occasions, as no one ever bothers to take them down.

"It will never expire..."

Reddit | Supertoad226

When the sun begins to expand and swallow up this desolate Earth, this milk will stand alone, still fresh amongst the rotten remains of our planet.

"My friend has been practicing restoring and colorizing old photos."

Reddit | MrDiou

That damage could not be any more perfectly set up for this kind of restoration!

"My son got sent to the guidance counselors office, again, today for having 'disturbing drawings' so I made him a certificate."

Reddit | deekaph

Apparently the drawings were commissions for a horror podcast. I just hope that the father didn't have that getup already for the presentation ceremony!