49 People Who Found The Funny In Everyday Life

Day to day life can be a bit mundane from time to time. The boring old routine of wake up, work, home, binge-watching Netflix, sleep, repeat can really get you down sometimes. However, that is why it is so important to find and cherish the little moments of hilarity where you can.

From children accidentally creating hungover princess dolls, inadvertently judgemental cats, to babies with ridiculous hairlines, let the stress of daily life wash away for a while as I show you 16+ people who found the funny in everyday life.

"My daughter used markers to put 'makeup' on her dolls. I tried to wash them."

Reddit | stephidabefida5

Looks like these three princesses had one hell of a night on the town! Someone get these dolls a coffee, a bottle of energy drink, and a bacon sandwich!

"My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. They said it looked like it started at the washer."

Reddit | narcolepsyinc

The kids have out dad-joked their father! Truly, they have become the master now.

"If there's a single line of footprints in the snow I like to walk on the opposite step to make it look like one person was hopping"

Reddit | MythicalBeast42

Would it not just be easier to actually hop along like a rabbit to create this effect? This seems like someone who just really likes jumping in the snow, and is trying to cover their tracks... if you'll pardon the pun.

"My sister's school health clinic may need some emoji-education"

Reddit | TwirlyGuacamole

This is why if school officials every try and use emojis to appeal to young people, they need someone who is actually young to check it over before giving it the green light.

"Can't help but laugh every time I walk by the kitchen sink."

Reddit | Accomp

I can hear the goofy stonerific laugh through the screen, and it sounds remarkably like Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy.

"Cat has a lazy eye, makes him look like he's constantly judging you."

Reddit | hleannb21

What if the cat is actually just judging you? It's probably judging you for taking pictures of cats and uploading them to the internet instead of writing that best-selling novel you keep banging on about doing... stop judging me cat!

"My brother-in-law is a mechanic and sent me this picture today."

Reddit | free-the-trees

There are so many more questions raised by the information provided on the form than there are questions answered.

"This was a wedding gift from my best man"

Reddit | Valthak

It actually looks more like a crack barn. Crack Barn is also an amazingly good name for a punk band, if anyone creates that band I want credit!

"Found you, you son of a bitch"

Reddit | Harry73127

Years of searching, years of hard work, only for it to be too late in the end. Who knew that a children's book character could have such a tragic end.

"Moved into a new apartment and saw this"

Reddit | DJODSP

I bet any money that she still makes frequent call to the person who set this up for them asking for help. My grandparents don't even have the internet, because they can't be bothered with the faff... and sometimes it seems quite liberating, but then I remember Netflix.


Reddit | mandallory

Our lives with our pets aren't always the smoothest of rides, but at the end of the day, we all miss our pets... even if they did spend their lives shredding all of our valuable possessions.


Reddit | itzyaboichipsahoy

Everyone has had that one nosy neighbor at some point in their life, constantly judging you for mowing your lawn at 3 in the morning. Also, does anyone get that _Fairly Odd Parents _reference, or has that completely slipped out of the zeitgeist now?

"Home for the holidays and playing Monopoly with dad...checks for counterfeits."

Reddit | Zkill

He's just getting into character before dropping a hotel on each of his properties and swindling his kids out of all their colored cash.

I See What You Did There

Reddit | Abyss_in_Motion

It's an "E book". Get it?

If they asked for a Kindle for Christmas, this had better be a gag and not the actual gift.

"Advantages to being married for 15+ years, you can scare your wife with the cardboard figure she bought you five years ago."

Reddit | ollieoliverx000

Look, if you're the person buying a life-sized Harrison Ford cardboard cutout, then it is only natural to expect this kind of tomfoolery.

Definitely Not Stolen

Reddit | ChildOfTheWastebin

I feel like there's more to this story. Like, they were drunk and don't actually remember stealing the fish, but may as well make a profit from it now.

"Dad, can I just have a little bit of salad."


This is why I have to be very careful how I word things around my father.

"Filipinos at Taal Volcano evacuation center staying positive by trying on clothes that had been donated to them."

Reddit | MinneapolisWisconsin

It is important to keep your spirits up in any way you can at times of crisis! Also, who on Earth donated that bottom left outfit to these poor people?!

Not A Burrito

Reddit | Its_Riley_

I agree with both the above statements: a minuscule chance of salmonella is worth the deliciousness of raw cookie dough.

But eat it with a damn spoon!

Targeted Ads

Reddit | vandbitlu

I get the computer logic behind reminding you of things you've looked at product pages for. I don't understand the logic behind assuming that if I already bought the thing I was looking at, I must want a billion more of the same thing.

You Know The One

Reddit | FishCakes4Xmas

Whichever carpet pattern you are currently imagining is exactly what this person is describing. It doesn't matter if your school wasn't the same as theirs.

I also appreciate how this person's default emoji is set to a bomb.

Bad Pun

Reddit | DanniMcBoo

And kind of also a sad pun and a gross pun.

But also a very very bad pun.

Very Classy Whale

Reddit | [delete]

Admittedly, I was very sad when my default messaging app started "helpfully" removing blank lines from the beginning of messages. So much harder to send a friendly whale now.

Signs Are Always Fun

Reddit | [deleted]

Having funny signs is a great way to get the attention of passersby. It doesn't matter if your sign has important information on it if people never look at it.

All Knowledge Is Worth Having

Reddit | anxiousguy7

Even if someone actually spent grant money asking people to swallow Lego figure heads.

I suppose this might be good knowledge for concerned parents, but this experiment used the pieces likely the hurt the least when passed through a human body. So it would likely still suck if Timmy swallowed a block.

Beware The Seagulls

Reddit | ghyrtamin

I always thought that Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds would have been more terrifying if it was set nowadays and if it was about people trying to buy a portion of chips at a busy beach.

Oddly Specific Threat

Reddit | ybotyawnoc

I'll give them this: no one is going to ignore that sign, nor will they forget it.

They may step beyond the fence out of curiosity, though.


Reddit | That_Underscore_Guy

This is about the point when every Sims player gives up on playing it straight, pops in the motherlode cheat, and starts removing ladders from pools while their Sims are swimming.

"Topless bartenders"

Reddit | Dittestark

They also have circus acts, fire-eaters, human-sized slugs, and bouncers made of sand!

Polite Graffiti

Reddit | Toker101

Just because you don't like the police, doesn't mean you have to be rude about it.

"Gotta get them all confused from an early age."

Reddit | drak0bsidian

That kid's face is exactly how mine looks when the word "quantum" is used in conversation.

"Heart of ex."

Imgur | breguet

The caption is funny, but I mostly just think that this discovery is pretty darn cool.

"Browsing through Facebook, a good friend's dad's most recent post..."

Reddit | emberskye

It's like as soon as a baby is born, a man becomes the sort of person that makes these kinds of jokes.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Reddit | Ekooing

"I'm having my left leg amputated today. I wore this shirt and wrote this on my leg for the surgeons. If I couldn't laugh about it..."

"Grandma has been grandma since birth"


This baby looks wise beyond her years! I feel like this is a baby that I would take my crossword to if I was struggling with it.


Reddit | joykin

This is the perfect way to ensure that one's daughters will never beg for ridiculously short shorts again.

"My wife was being helpful. A visit from Dad made sure we never got rid of the note."

Reddit | stegasp

I feel this. I used to try to open my apartment door without removing the chain all the time.

This is also something my father would do.

"My wife sent me our son's music results with the comment 'I can think of, like, 7 ex-boyfriends who needed a scoresheet like this'!"

Reddit | not2dopey

I mean... does the music teacher realize? Because I'm not sure if this is funnier if they do.

"Best ex ever!!"

Reddit | Nikil_k

You know what? That's the kind of divorce I can get behind. It's never going to be fun, but if you can both laugh a bit about it afterward, that's awesome.

Speaking The Truth

Reddit | Robert2657

Truck are needed to get stuff from place to place. Either stop complaining about them being on the highway or start doing something to help change the system.

"My friend was diagnosed with Parkinson’s."

Reddit | akiro27

"He thought it would be funny to send this as his Christmas letter. His wife, horrified, added the sticker."

The "ha ha" in the corner really sells it.

Best Pet Parent

You may scoff at this, but I think the sister is in on the joke here. There's just enough irony in some of the text to hint at it.

"My mom is in her 8th week of chemo. This is her Halloween costume."

Imgur | FudgeEyeNuh

The costume contest prize had better be one miiiiiiillion dollars.

Fatal Error

Reddit | SeamanTheSailor

The next day revealed that the father had caught on and the items were taken down.

Shouldn't have gone for the remote.

"Vietnamese cafe password."

Reddit | escahpee

You can tell whoever thought of this is very pleased with themselves. What a Bun Cha comedians!

"Owning a hairless cat occasionally results in nightmare material"

Reddit | stinkyrat

There is so much that makes me feel uncomfortable about this image. It feels like this cat is going to crawl out of the blanket just crying, "Kill... Me...!"

Smart Kid

Reddit | ashortstorylong

Little did they know, but the image made it to Reddit and Reddit being Reddit, the family was sent an awful lot of pizza.

Sadly, the little girl named Hazel didn't win her battle with cancer, but now her family celebrates her birthday with a tradition of sharing the gift of pizza with others.

Modem On Vacation

Facebook | Cassie Langan

Who would take a modem on a beach vacation and document it lovingly? Parents whose children refused to go on the family vacation in favor of staying home playing video games.

"This is what true love looks like. My mom taking a picture of my dad acting like he's stuck in the dryer."

Reddit | sassafras711

Make sure you find someone in your life who laughs at you doing goofy stuff like this couple do! The dog, however, was clearly not so amused.