15+ Times The World Opened Our Eyes A Little

The internet has done wonders for procrastination, narcissism and dumb trends. But its powers can also be harnessed for good. Let these pics wash over you and see if you feel a little different when you're done.


Reddit | thrashbandit

I thought this was a timelapse, or maybe a Photoshop designed to illustrate the phases of passing out on the train. But no, this is three different but identical guys, all passed out.

They really don't want you going fast.

Reddit | Rathbane12

I think this is the first time I've ever seen a speed limit sign this low. Do you get a ticket for moving through this area at a brisk jogging pace?

Word to the wise.

Reddit | TheLonelyCaricature

Toothpaste is full of all sorts of weird-sounding ingredients, all in the service of cleaning our teeth. This manufacturer decided to be transparent and explain what every ingredient actually does.


Reddit | BaboonAstronaut

The shadows have conspired to keep the driver's side of this windshield frosted over, while the rest is totally clear. It'll save at least a few seconds of ice scraping.


Reddit | thetopcow

Guinness is a heavy, traditional beer. But the stuff you get at the bar isn't nearly as O.G. as this. These two bottles of Guinness date back to the early 1870s.

Toilet with a view.

Reddit | maliline

This toilet in the Swiss Alps is so picturesque that you almost need to leave the door open. Sure, you'll lose privacy and get a bit chilly, but look at that view!


Reddit | Jelegend

This isn't unedited — it's created from stitching together photos taken from a drone. Still, it totally breaks my brain. It's like something out of Inception.

Circle of life.

Reddit | indorock

This is a summer roll that's been left out for just four days. The bean sprouts are no longer safe to eat, but that's okay because they've moved onto their next phase and started sprouting.

Rough trip.

Reddit | fjpeace

This viral image really shows it all. I love the fact that both the subject of the photo and the bus have the same placement in both pics. It really drives home what a lousy bus trip it must have been.


Reddit | MatthewDPX

Selfie sticks are a thing in 2020, but in 1991 this kid may have invented them independently by taping a camera to a ruler. Major props for the Bo Jackson poster, too.

Dream team.

Reddit | temp2go

This pic shows Shaquille O'Neal holding one of the few people in the world with more money than he has: Microsoft founder Bill Gates. I wonder if they're still in touch.

Pringles party.

Reddit | figbelle2

The unique shape of a Pringles potato chip (mathematically known as a hyperbolic paraboloid, don'tcha know) makes it perfect for weird construction projects such as this.


Reddit | Communazi66

Something about this image of Mark Zuckerberg confidently strutting through a crowd of people wearing VR headsets feels really creepy. Is this the dystopian future we're in for?

Goats gonna goat.

Reddit | M7plusoneequalsm8

Yes, that's a vertical brick wall with barely any places for a foothold. Yes, those are two mountain goats, scaling the wall like it ain't no thang.

Prankster prez.

Reddit | timdual

This photo from a simpler time shows former president Barach Obama playing a little prank on his trip director, Marvin Nicholson. His presidency feels like such a long time ago.

Respect the hustle.

Reddit | thenewyorkgod

Sure, you've gorged yourself on free Costco samples before, but have you ever gorged yourself on samples of Jennifer Garner's yogurt brand while Jennifer Garner herself serves you?


Reddit | KublaiK

Holland is a country of canals and rivers, so it stands to reason that certain areas, like the village of Giethoorn here, totally eschew roads in favor of waterways.

Fair enough.

Reddit | 1ZacNolan1

The wage system in North America, in which people in the service industry are paid less than minimum wage while customers supplement their income through tips, is wack. It's nice to see progressive restaurants like this one.

Neat trick.

Reddit | tripaloski_

Kudos to this driver for their flood prep, goes to show that you don't need fancy things to keep your Audi safe — just bricks, jacks, patience, and a plan.

The definition of stubbornness.

Reddit | arbr3

Whoever owns this property in Chicago wasn't going to be pushed around by the big developers putting up highrises next door.

Fairy tale snow.

Reddit | topbob2453

Sometimes we do get a taste of magic, like how the snow that had fallen on a slide seemed to fold itself away and tuck itself in for the night.

Out of date, but not out of date.

Reddit | Bubba_Leon

Once upon a time at the turn of the millennium, a legion of software nerds had to make sure the dates on all the electronic devices in the world didn't make them go bonkers. The good news is that all these leftover "Y2K Compliant" stickers still apply — I mean, obviously all the stuff manufactured today is, indeed, Y2K compliant.

Thanks, I think.

Reddit | treesoap1

As the uploader explained, their surgeon returned the plate and screws that had been attached to this person's clavicle. It's fascinating, but still not sure I would want that particular memento.

That explains a lot.

Reddit | dyslcxeic

This grocer went out of their way to explain to their loyal customers why produce prices had risen, which is probably a big reason why they have loyal customers.

Got some weather.

Reddit | ItsTraitorJoe

In Maine, the snow did not act at all fairy tale-like, as wind whipped through with such ferocity that the snow started to make its own snowballs.


Reddit | chooseauniqueburrr

Much like that toothpaste shows what all the ingredients are for, this fair trade chocolate bar shows what percentages of the purchase go to which causes.

While it's not unusual for book and record stores to feature some of the staff's favorites, this library works a little differently.

Reddit | Stephendelg

Perhaps to arouse our morbid curiosity, the employees here instead decided to dedicate a section to the books they hated.

Other than Practical Magic and a couple of entries in the 50 Shades series, however, I can't say I recognize most of these.

Upon seeing this, it would be pretty easy for someone to wonder how this mysterious hole appeared in their floor.

Reddit | neco61

However, it turns out that this isn't a hole at all, but rather a single piece of confetti (a confetto, I suppose) that closely matches the color of the floor.

Whoever designed this Australian bus clearly knew what a lot of people visit the nation to do.


As the sign next to this installation makes clear, it's specifically designed to hold surfboards.

Even considering how creative people can get about making snowmen, this seems like a first.

Reddit | Burnin8r55

It's actually a little hard to tell how they did it, but it's pretty clear that someone managed to make a cubed snowman.

I'm not sure how it feels to live inside this building in Taranto, Italy, but it's definitely a little jarring to look at.

Reddit | Davis_Schina

It's been compared to a Rubik's cube and I suppose I'll admit that there is some niggling part of me that wants to adjust the middle parts.

It's too bad that's more or less impossible for me.

At first glance, it's pretty hard to tell what we're even looking at.

Reddit | sawyer1025

But just like it's possible to bake a rainbow cake, it's apparently also not out of the question to make a similarly colorful bagel.

It kind of looks like it's made of Play-Doh, doesn't it?

When we see renderings of ships that existed hundreds of years ago, it's pretty easy to forget how big they were.

Reddit | Stricker78

For instance, this was just one flag that flew on a Spanish ship involved in the Battle of Trafalgar back in 1805. Understanding its size is a lot like realizing just how big those road signs that hang over highways are.

Something about this photo makes this urban river scene look like a model, doesn't it?

Reddit | awesomea232

Well, I can tell you exactly what that "something" is.

It's a tilt-shift lens that makes both the deepest background and foreground unnaturally out of focus, which tricks our eyes into thinking the subject is both closer and smaller than it really is.

This beautifully colorful effect gives us all a little lesson in iridescence.

Reddit | CRI0ST0IR

I'm sorry to say that this snake's scales don't usually feature this dazzling rainbow pattern, but take on that appearance depending on the angle at which they're seen or lit.

You'll see the same effect in bubbles.

This was described as a "perfectly waxed car" and that's a pretty hard statement to argue with.

Reddit | roxannamir

After all, it takes a surprisingly long time to tell that there's even a car here.

It starts to fall into place once you realize that black part at center left is a tire, but it still makes this car look like it has some kind of stealth camouflage technology active.

Due to animal cruelty concerns and general declines in popularity, you've likely noticed that circuses are kind of on their way out.

Reddit | devthelord7

However, one German circus company was inspired to address the public's biggest problem with them.

Now, they feature these hologram animals instead of contributing to the need for the frankly horrifying training program performing elephants go through.

Nobody truly knows where this spent bullet came from.

Reddit | alex_cabib

All the uploader knows is that it fell out of the sky, which likely means that it entered their life after someone else fired it into the air.

Yeah, it turns out that there are much better ways to celebrate big milestones than with gunfire.

Before and after.

Reddit | x0x7

This comparison was captioned, "Same person, different location". It's pretty cool how the baby's traits from its time in the womb have carried over into its infancy.

I hope Carl got the message.

Reddit | bdub1391

You don't really think about the lives of the people making your stuff, do you? Also, just want to point out that this is still a better love story than Twilight.

Peeling off some singles.

Reddit | hgs25

You know the currency is fresh when the bills are still all connected. Gives a neat glimpse behind the scenes of the money supply, too.


Reddit | slumpyballs

This person was in a car fire at age 4. Eighteen years and many surgeries and skin grafts later, the scars are all healed up — and this is what they look like.