16 People Who Look Exactly Like 'Simpsons' Characters

The SImpsons has got to be one of the most widely recognized cartoons in television history. Not only is each episode memorable, but the inhabitants of Springfield have practically burned themselves into our collective memory.

And perhaps these characters have become so ingrained in our minds that some people have actually begun to take on their real-life form.

1. Mr. Burns

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This is uncanny. If there were to ever be a live-action Simpsons movie (let us pray that never happens), this would be an excellent casting pick for Mr. Burns.

2. Ned Flanders

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OK, this guy looks like he exclusively converses in diddilies and doodilies. He also seems super nice, as if he'd loan Homer Simpson his shovel, lawnmower, and kitchen sink.

3. Chief Wiggum

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The Simpsons really plays up the donut-eating stereotype with Chief Wiggum. Although the two have matching uniforms, we can say with near certainty that the Wiggum look-alike is the better police officer.

4. Moe Szyslak

Paper Toys | Paper Toys

In case you don't stay up until 3AM watching infomercials (you're missing out, btw), that's Vince Offer on the left, more commonly known as the ShamWow guy.

Sham-wow does he looks like Moe in this photo.

5. Bleeding Gums Murphy

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Now, we couldn't find any evidence to prove whether or not Bleeding Gums Murphy was based on Stevie Wonder, but the resemblance is chilling.

RIP, Bleeding Gums Murphy.

6. Rainier Wolfcastle

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First of all, who even knew this Simpsons character's name was Rainier Wolfcastle? Mind. Blown.

Secondly, didn't everyone associate this character with Arnold Schwarzenegger? That couldn't have been just us.

7. Groundskeeper Willie

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OK guys, just because someone happens to have red hair and happens to have a beard doesn't necessarily mean they're the same person.

But yes, these two are pretty close.

8. Milhouse Van Houten

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Alright, this is seriously one of the cutest middle school photos we've ever laid eyes on.

The similarity is definitely there — if we could just get them both with blue hair, though...

9. Otto Mann

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Now, this one is pretty much on the nose. Otto's puffy black hair and affinity for the electric guitar are enough to put him side-by-side with Slash.

10. Jimbo Jones

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This next pairing features American professional baseball player Tim "The Freak" Lincecum. Tim's nickname comes from his impressively quick pitching ability.

Both Tim and Jimbo look good in a beanie.

11. Cletus Spuckler

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Cletus is one of funniest Simpsons characters, particularly because of his extra-large family. In the episode "Changing of the Guardian," Cletus' wife, Brandine, says they have a total of 70 children.

12. Dr. Nick Rivera

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Hey Grey's Anatomy fans (we know you're out there), here's a little something for you.

For those who don't know, the character on the left is Raj Sen, played by Anjul Nigam.

13. Homer Simpson

Wikimedia Commons | Wikimedia Commons

What would a Simpsons look-alike list be without Homer Simpson?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

You might recognize Paul Giamatti (on the left) from such movies as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Big Fat Liar.

14. Mayor Quimby


Anyone who can name the man on the left gets a special prize.

Anybody? ...No one?

Come on guys, it's Jiří Paroubek, the former prime minister of the Czech Republic. Everybody knows that.

15. Principal Seymour Skinner

Bench Warmers | Bench Warmers


We're hoping you read that in Skinner's mother's voice. If not, oh well, we tried.

Soccer fans will know that the man on the left is Arsenal manager Arsené Wenge.

16. Lisa Simpson

Ransom Note | Ransom Note

We couldn't help but notice a striking resemblance between all-grown-up Lisa Simpson and former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

COMMENT and tell us which look-alike is the most believable!