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Brother Creates Stunning Prom Dress For His Sister From Scratch When Their Parents Can't Afford One

If you're lucky enough to have a nice sibling, you're already winning in life. But what if your brother or sister did something truly special for you just to show you how much they love and support you?

That's exactly what this loving brother did for his sister. He actually created his sister's prom dress from scratch because their parents couldn't afford to rent one for her themselves. What a touching story!

Maverick (Mave) Francisco Oyao from the Philippines felt really bad that his parents couldn't afford to rent a prom dress for his sister, Lu Asey.

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The rental fee was too expensive for them, so Mave began thinking of creative solutions.

He decided to make a dress for her totally by himself, even though he'd never done anything like that before.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

First, he made a gorgeous sketch of the design.

With the help of a few generous people, he was able to purchase the materials he needed.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

He set out to make the perfect dress for his sister.

Mave admitted that he was nervous to start the project.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

In a Facebook album where he documented the dress' creation, he said, "... he didn't know where to start."

One of the easier decisions to make was deciding on a color palette.

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Since the school dance was a winter ball theme, Mave picked a spectrum of blue and white fabric.

You'd think that Maverick is some kind of designer in the making since he was able to pull this off.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

He's actually studying culture and arts education at university, so he used some of his school skills to make this dress.

Since Mave needed some inspiration to make such an elaborate ballgown, he was drawn to Michael Cinco’s spring and summer collection.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

This inspiration would make his design stand out in the crowd.

Here's a look at the gown's gorgeous skirt during the first fitting.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

Even though it was still a work in progress, you can definitely see it coming together.

You can get a better sense of the dress' progress in this image.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

When it came to the gown's skirt, there was definitely a "go big, or go home" mentality. It's the princess silhouette every girl dreams of!

And, if you can believe it, he even ended up hand-painting a part of the dress' bodice.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

I think this adds that much-needed special touch to it.

He literally spared no detail while making his sister's gorgeous gown.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

Just look at all the trouble he went through embellishing it with these awesome flowers and rhinestones.

Here's a look at the dress before it was almost finished.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

I'm totally amazed by the sheer amount of detail and the volume Mave was able to create.

There was no shortage of show-stopping embellishments included in this fabulous dress.

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I mean, just look at the dramatic sleeves and the gorgeous pattern on the finished bodice here.

Thanks to Mave, Lu Asey was about to transform into Cinderella.

Is anyone else reminded of the classic fairy tale? This story is like a dream come true!

I gotta say, Mave's sister looks stunning in this amazing dress.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

This ball gown is definitely a labor of love. This could be a shot from a magazine.

This brother put so much effort into making his sister a gown she'll never forget.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

And, it only took him about a week and a half to finish it.

I bet Lu Asey was absolutely thrilled to wear her marvelous dress to prom on Valentine's Day.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

What a grand way to show some brotherly love to his sister.

Even though Lu Asey dress didn't win the Best Dress award at her school's prom, in my eyes, this dress and the effort that went into it is a winner.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

It's so stunning!

Since sharing his creation on Facebook, Mave's creativity has gone viral.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

His Facebook post about the project has been shared on the platform over 78,000 times.

People can't stop applauding these awesome siblings.

This story of love, creativity, and an awesome sense of style has been shared by people all over the world.

Mave has received thousands of comments on his Facebook post applauding his skills.

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This inspiring story has shown people that you can overcome any challenge with a little artistic thinking.

People were not only wowed by this dress, but also by this brother's dedication to his sister.

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This is just one of those stories that really tugs at your heartstrings.

These siblings have also been featured by a number of news outlets in articles about this stunning dress.

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Kudos to them! They deserve all the praise and attention for their creative and inspiring story.

Due to all the positive feedback he's received, Mave has revealed that he's actually working on a new design for an upcoming beauty pageant.

Facebook | Maverick Francisco Oyao

I can't wait to see how this design turns out. I think it's safe to say that Mave has a career in fashion design in store for his future.

I think what this brother did for his sister is absolutely amazing.

I bet he totally made her prom feel even more special thanks to this one-of-a-kind dress.