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35 People Who Made Life Infinitely More Interesting

Life can be a little boring every now and again. When the repetitive nature of existence begins to take hold, it is important to try and remember to make your life as interesting and exciting whenever you can.

Fortunately, there are some people who are naturally good at making the world around them fizz with intrigue, whether that be for good or ill! In order to showcase a few of these wonderfully insane, unlucky, and generally chaotic people, here are 11+ people who made life infinitely more interesting!

"Someone at my stepdads work put dry ice in the toilet by mistake."

Reddit | Samaraiii

But... how do you do that by "mistake"? Either this was done on purpose or that coworker really needs to sort their diet out!

"So my friend dropped his iPad and it got caught between the wall and the glass from the library’s second floor. It looks beautiful"

Reddit | northernleon

Imagine having to ask the library maintenance staff to get your iPad down from there. You can imagine them sighing and thinking, "I am not getting paid enough for this."

"Dj Fire Hazard has arrived"

Reddit | zoalcoalt

Nothing gets the party started like a massive electrical fire! Looking at the number of potential disasters this guy is causing it's a miracle he wasn't booked for Fyre festival.

"Someone in Australia was tying their shoe when a Fire Bombing plane had to drop their load due to turbulence"

Reddit | nerdroberts

I can't help but imagine that this person was having a terrible day anyway and thought, "Well, at least this day can't get any worse..." only for this to happen.

"Teaching English class is a rewarding experience...."

Reddit | droidorat

This is a question for the ages. I want very little more in my life than to read the rest of this essay and to personally thank the person who wrote this for producing this world-changing gem.

"My wool sweater shrunk in the wash."

Reddit | Enefai

If this happens to you and you don't at least try to squeeze into it as a joke then you are dead inside!

"Friend of mine has been caring for her mother for 10 years (stay at home care). My friend has never lost her sense of humor."

Reddit | three3thrice

It is always so amazing to see people who have more than enough reasons to be disillusioned with the world keeping their sense of humor!

The Fall Of Man

Reddit | lesnekface

Imagine being this confused by a general perspective. They must be an absolute sucker for optical illusions!

"If your organic chemistry test starts with a joke, that will be the last time you smile all day."

Reddit | LaiikaComeHome

For bonus points on this list, please rank these in the comments below! You could win a prize at the end!

"This could be very confusing on a late night walk home from the pub."

Reddit | Fuzzie8

I absolutely adore this sculpture in Antwerp. Located in front of a cathedral, it depicts Nello and Patrasche, who are the heroes of a novel called "A Dog of Flanders". I love it when art interacts with the world in interesting ways and makes our cities more beautiful.

"Happened to a friend, she was almost finished"

Reddit | Kelmeno

As much as I feel bad for this person and how much work has just gone down the drain, I feel that my life has been enriched for looking at this goofy fella's smushed-up grid. Thank you whoever blessed us with this creation, I hope it takes pride of place in your house!

"Someone made a mood ring toilet seat and now I can’t stop thinking that I want one."

Reddit | lylelip

I really can't work out whether I am desperate for one of these, or I want them to completely stop existing. Do you think that you could rock one of these bad boys in your bathroom?

"Disgruntled painter and decorator who claims he is owed £500 for his work has taken revenge!"

Reddit | GallowBoob

Annoyingly, the pub that he has desecrated will probably be made up for the exposure this stunt has gotten them; however, don't let this take away from the message and make sure you always pay your workers!

"After years of saving, I finally bought my first house. The key snapped in the door and locked me out."

Reddit | bevan182

There's nothing like building up to something you've been looking forward to for a long time, only for it to leave you disappointed, sighing, and generally tired of existence. On a smaller scale, I felt this exact blend of emotions when I finally saw the movie Glass. Guys, it ain't good, stop defending it!

"First cybertruck spotting in Houston"

Reddit | megburn

Now, call me crazy, but I think that might be a custom shop job. I'm not a car buff though so I could be wrong.

Some Say He's Still Holding Signs To This Day

Reddit | pearinactive

It's good to pursue your passions in life. One person did ask why the "I" was in quotations, as though he isn't really there. Truly, he has transcended dimensions.

"A warm welcome from the desert."

Reddit | ARoket

I feel bad for laughing at this, but there is something unavoidably Looney Tunes about this whole situation that my childhood has trained me to find hilarious!

"Every time my girlfriend and I go on vacation we buy one of these signs to put on my roommates door. He’s a 25 year old guy."

Reddit | sp8cemanspiff

I love bringing people back the worst tat imaginable from holidays! Also, there is no prize, so apologies for those who ranked the radicals, let this be a lesson on the inherent disappointment of reality.

"I work at a company whose staff is 85% female and we just hired 3 new male team members. The ladies are taking it well."

Reddit | Guatalian2013

Humidity is rising, barometer's getting low! According to human resources, the break room is the place to go!

"Creativity lvl 999"

Reddit | Dezmeriya

Look, I'm not saying the Halloween costumes of my childhood were all boring. But I definitely never thought to dress up as a slug, and for that I am truly ashamed.

"Power of makeup"

Reddit | conianz

Honestly if this is what makeup can turn a potato into then there is no excuse for me looking the way I do at work every day.

"Girlfriend and I enjoyed the Illusion Museum very differently."

Reddit | Hello_Generic

I think both of these photos are totally acceptable, although I must say one definitely made me laugh more than the other.

Which one? Well, that's up to you to decide.

"Eat with those clothes on."

Reddit | Falom

Oh my, this is a saucy roll. Hope no zippers get accidentally unzipped while we slurp our spaghetti.

"My fellow Special Olympics coaches and I dressed up as The Rock for a 'Rock the Plunge' themed polar plunge benefiting Special Olympics Ohio"

Reddit | whodeyet

These people made the right decision, and I hope they made Mr. Johnson very proud that day.


Reddit | ssetgxs

I'm not sure why we're trying to hard to stop Max from what he's obviously just trying to do — learn.

"Knitted handle covers for your pots!"

Reddit | goldplatedearl

I firmly believe this was no accident. I believe the knitter knew exactly what they were doing the second they drew up these designs.

"#Sirenis Family Pic"

Reddit | kladskull666

This is the only kind of family vacation photo that I will take from now on.

"I mean, he's not lying."

Reddit | afk2102

Why does no one ever say this? We all just sort of accept that when that one door closes, another one opens. But why aren't we using the door handle on the first one?

"We found love in a hopeless place."

Reddit | httpher

I want to know their story, and I can't wait until Hollywood picks it up and makes it into next summer's big romantic blockbuster.

My dream cast? Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively. I think it could work.

"My current budget is not very big, but I try to get the best out of it."

Reddit | Zitter_Aalex

Honestly, we do what we gotta do when the wallet is feeling a little light. I think this is perfectly acceptable.

"I relabeled the trash cans in the office."

Reddit | koma77

Okay, is it just me or does Captain Compost sound like the perfect super hero name for some eco-friendly caped crusader?

"A very happy man."

Reddit | FORESTMAN100

And his very large cucumber.

That sounded way dirtier than I intended for a wholesome post about this guy's fantastic gardening abilities.

"Ordered an expensive gaming monitor and since no one was home the delivery guy decided to improvise."

Reddit | TheGamingTurtle58

Kudos to this delivery man for taking the extra time to cover up what is obviously a pricey purchase.

"Fixed it."

Reddit | jwdmsd

And yet somehow, this still bothers me. I guess there's just no "fixing" the Leaning Tower. Something's always gotta lean, ya feel me?

"My girlfriend was true to her word!"

Reddit | Spar34

The gift of foresight is strong with this one! I want to know exactly how long it took for her to, and I quote, get "hurled down that bitch".