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32 Folks Who Weren’t Looking For Funny But Found It Anyway

The funniest things in life often present themselves when you are least expecting it. From stumbling across horses dressed up as batman, to ridiculous errors in your local newspaper, the absurd and the hilarious can leap out at any moment without warning.

However, thanks to the fact that we are all carrying around cameras with us at all times nowadays, these moments can be immortalized and shared across the internet. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are 12+ folks who weren't looking for funny but found it anyway!

"3 humans... trying to unlock a car to get the keys out. Mind you.... there is plastic taped over the back window."

Reddit | beaverkc

If you spend all of that time taping up a window, it would be a real shame to peel it all of again just to get back into the car!

Do Not Let The Cat In!

Reddit | ssetgxs

What if Max just wants to expand his literary knowledge? Stop keeping this cat from achieving his goals!

"Local asian restaurant has instructions on how to use chopsticks, including what to do if you can't."

Reddit | Spock_Vulcan

I always try and use chopsticks for the first half of my meal, until I eventually give up, swallow my pride, and just ask for a fork.

"Nice 'four head”'"

Reddit | adellali1

I knew Marvel was planning on bringing the fantastic four into their cinematic universe, but I think that they can do a bit better than this!

"'Click Here' in a printed Newspaper."

Reddit | Josh_Musikantow

Turns out, if you press it with your finger, you get sucked into the internet, where you will be trapped to roam the planes of Wikipedia forever.

"Sir, do you know how wrong numbers work"

Reddit | wait_whats_illegal

The person replying here now works for the person who sent them the schedule as they couldn't argue with the undeniable logic.

"Power of makeup."

Reddit | conianz

Well, I have always said that the potato is the most beautiful of all the vegetables. (I have never actually said that, please don't think I'm weird)

Teacher Of The Year

Reddit | SayLittleDoMuch

This balloon boy ended up getting the highest marks in the school and is now working as a high-profile lawyer living in central New York.

"Who the f*ck decided to clean the sewers without telling me"

Reddit | mario61752

That toad will be sparkling when the suds wear off! Looks like he didn't enjoy his relaxing croak though... like 'soak' get it? Look, toad-based bath puns are hard okay!

"The worst part, someone got this wrong"

Reddit | FIRESTAR_37

Can you imagine how disappointed this teacher must have been when they saw that someone got this wrong?!

"To befriend a porcupine."

Reddit | qwasd0r

That look on his face is heartbreaking. It's like his whole world has been rocked, and he will never trust the same again.

"Luigi just couldn't put up with being #2 anymore."

Reddit | TrueFate

It can be difficult being the sidekick. Especially when the number 1 who you are competing against is your sibling!

"My dad and I found an invisible bench!"

Reddit | PfdrMike

They've got some impressive core strength to pull that off so well! I'd have been sweating if I'd have tried to recreate this!

Keeping Your Cats Safe

Reddit | Hazys

I can't believe that this cat is quite happily wearing that mask on its face. If that was my cat it would have torn my face off before letting me put anything on its head.

"Free speech wall."

Reddit | LastWordsOfAGirl

It doesn't bear thinking about how many people got incensed after reading this, I also can't imagine how many letters the head of the student body received.

Low-Res Animals

Reddit | WillTheWackk

Wow, 8-bit cat looks absolutely livid! I guess I would be too though if I looked like a rejected character sprite from Goldeneye on the N64.

I don't know what this man is going through, but it couldn't have been a good day.

Reddit | abaganoush

Still, I have to give some props to his impressive pouring skills. I'm not sure y'all appreciate how narrow that neck is.

A lot of commenters are saying this is fake, but I could buy that the TA would legitimately mark this.

Reddit | droidorat

After all, you're bound to get a bunch of essays that kind of run together, so meticulously expressing your confusion with an essay about Tom's motivations in chasing Jerry would really break up the monotony.

Plus, I bet they couldn't resist pointing out that they're not the Midnight Society from Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and went from there.

This doesn't happen often, but this is what it looks like to be trolled by technology.

Reddit | KnoobLord

Apparently, this person actually ordered a normal pizza, but the Domino's app bugged out and put a "no" beside each topping they ordered, as well as the sauce and cheese.

Computers may not have feelings, but they have a cruel sense of humor.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if whoever did this had no intention of turning their garbage into a tragic love story, but they succeeded anyway.

Reddit | httpher

I'm just saying that we shouldn't be surprised if Pixar comes out with Broken Mannequins next year. Watch that get them a Best Picture win.

Obviously, the people in this lab are a lot more fond of PCs than Macs.

Reddit | Grim_Taito

Still, if Apple didn't want people to do this with their products, they shouldn't have designed their stands to fit so perfectly under a door like this.

Who's slick now?

Well, I guess we get to learn while we laugh here.

Reddit | S0r3n0

Apparently, stalactites can form in this bizarre way due to how unevenly the water can sometimes drip within a cave.

That doesn't explain why this man looks like his son just disappointed him, though.

I really wish I had the context for why this guy in the chicken suit is so...unsportsmanlike.

Reddit | phillydog1

I guess you can only hear a customer say, "How many buck bucks does this chicken sandwich cost?" so many times before you run out of patience.

They may be experienced riders, but now these daredevils are taking on their biggest challenge yet.

Reddit | Himetora

Can they finally lean all the way over on these springy creatures without getting flung off? It's the question that hundreds of kids have tried and failed to answer.

These aren't color swatches, but rather what used to be the photos someone took on a cruise.

Reddit | PabloDelicious

No, the boat wasn't on fire or traveling through Dimension X, they just decided to use expired film and instead of anything digital to take their shots.


Well, I suppose there's something to be said for seizing the opportunities in our lives.

Reddit | conversationchanger

All I know is that this roommate better get that tape measure quick before their contribution to the annals of history makes me sick.

Also, they can keep it.

Since it's hard to tell what this person is supposed to be doing on this sign, let's now agree that it's this.

Reddit | ChemiluminescentVan

And if this sign means that there's road work ahead, I guess it just shows how focused they are on what they're doing.

Chrome may be a bloated browser at times, but it'll always have a fan in this guy.

Reddit | Dezmeriya

I'm not sure where he got this yarmulke or whether he made it himself, but that commitment to being a nerd deserves some respect.

"No more plastic waste"

Reddit | steeemo

The world truly is doomed, isn't it? How long do you reckon it will be before the world is 90% Big8 bottles and plastic straws?

"Found this at an air show"

Reddit | Tankgunner0330

This air show has been brought to you by dads everywhere. How many dads do you think tried to get a picture pretending to lean on this bad boy?

"The local vet clinic had a sign that made me laugh way harder than it probably should have!"

Reddit | Squachee

Would it have killed them to put a question mark in there? It's killing the grammatical nerd inside of me.

"Thought I'd bumped into batman! Turns out it's just a horse."

Reddit | mom-on-a-mission

"Who are you?"

"*Whinnies in low-gruff voice"