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Parents Create Magical 'Harry Potter' Nursery For Their Little Wizard

What do you do when you have a love for all things Harry Potter, but also have a growing family?

Well, if you're Casey and Kaycee Daniels, you put your DIY stills to work and build the nursery of your dreams.

Meet the Daniels.

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As you can see, they're big Harry Potter fans.

When they found out they were expecting, there was one thought in their minds: Make the nursery the most magical place in the world.

Quite literally.

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"Right when we found out we were pregnant, [Casey] knew he wanted to do a Harry Potter nursery," Kaycee told Huffington Post. "It took some coaxing from me to agree."

Once she was in, she knew it was the right choice.

As the room began to come together, Kaycee said she knew she was right to trust Casey's vision.

However, they needed to call in some assistance to bring Casey's whole vision to life.

They needed a mural!

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In came artist Nate Baranowski.

"We had the idea that we wanted it to feel like you were in the castle and wanted a window, but Nate really took it to the next level."

The result was stunning.

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"It turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined."

Not only did Nate recreate a perfect view of the Great Lake from some Hogwarts-style windows, but he even created the brick texture from the interior of the school!

Ten points for Gryffindor... I mean, Nate!

Like a true wizard, he performed some magic to get that mural done. Bravo!

The entire room took three months to complete.

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"I am so glad in the end that I came around to the idea," Kaycee told Buzzfeed. "I walk into the room every morning and I still can't believe it is in our house!"

Nate even did some portraits of some beloved Potter characters.

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Naturally, Dumbledore had to reside over their seven-month-old son's room!

I have nothing but respect for the fact that this portrait looks like a blend of Richard Harris' and Michael Gambon's Dumbledores.

And, of course, the Hogwarts Express.

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There has to be a reminder of the train that will pick the baby up when their Hogwarts letter arrives!

Mine never arrived, but it's fine. I'm fine about it. Totally chill.

There's some Quidditch for sport.

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Whether you play Quidditch in the real world or in the magical world, it's always a good time to have a portrait of the world's coolest sport hanging on the wall.

Dobby is also there to keep watch.

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RIP, Dobby, you were a freakin' hero.

Nate added the caring, brave House Elf to the Daniels' nursery. Between Dumbledore and Dobby, their baby will be well looked after.

I think it's safe to say that Dobby would approve of this room.

Sigh. Why do house-elves only exist in the wizarding world? Us muggles could benefit from them, too.

And he had to include a classic.

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I mean, is it even a Hogwarts gallery wall if Sir Cadogan and his trusty steed aren't there?

Thankfully, the baby won't be disturbed by the rattle of his armor as he runs to gossip with the other paintings.

Online, the Daniels' magical nursery generated a lot of attention.

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Thousands of people have liked, shared, and commented on this DIY nursery, with many saying that any little wizard would love this room.

It was such an original idea.

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You definitely don't see a lot of Harry Potter nurseries, but I think this project could kick off a trend.

If you think we're done...

...you have yet to meet the owner of the room.

Kaycee and Casey had a Harry Potter-themed newborn shoot with Kristi Lee Photography, whose photos helped their story go viral across the internet.

She was as shocked as the parents to see how popular the nursery became.

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"While rocking her tiny human my SIL decided to put pictures of the room in a Harry Potter group and let me tell you… #potterheads are nuts," she wrote on Instagram.

Casey is her brother!

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And she was so grateful to everyone for showing off her work! News outlets all over America picked up their story.

"They liked and shared and next thing we knew we are sending pictures to #GMA and #TheTodayShow. No joke."

And so well-deserved!

It just goes to show that you don't have to spend all your galleons to get a one-of-a-kind nursery.

There are some awesome DIY options to help you get the nursery of your dreams, even if you don't have a magic wand handy.