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Crafty 'Harry Potter' Fan Turns His Bedroom Into Hogwarts On A $1,500 Budget

Do you have a favorite childhood movie or a story that you wish you could live out in real life? What if you could recreate the feeling of it right in your own home? Well, turns out it's actually possible.

That's exactly what Brian Thompson did in his bedroom when he transformed it into a Hogwarts-inspired masterpiece and on a budget.

Brian Thompson is a barista by day and a "Harry Potter" DIY wizard by night from Thousand Oaks, California.

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He got the inspiration for this project after visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

He was so enchanted after seeing the interior of Hogwarts at Universal Studios that he set out to bring that vision right into his own bedroom.

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And he did on a barista's budget.

Brian worked hard for about a year and a half collecting everything he needed to embark on this elaborate and quite impressive project.

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He knew it would be a challenge.

To keep the costs down, he scoured Goodwill and other thrift stores for the right furniture.

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He then used cinder block-sized insulation foam boards to create the brick walls.

He made the columns out of concrete form tubes.

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Then he covered everything in a thick layer of caulking to protect it and to be able to paint everything.

To create this visually stunning ceiling Brian purchased LED string lights on Amazon.


He then painted the wires black as well as the ceiling and distributed the lights across the "sky".

He also created an infinity effect that reaches beyond the castle walls by lining the perimeter of the top of the walls with door mirrors from Home Depot.

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What a clever idea!

All the fine details such as this amazing chandelier were found in thrift stores.

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Brian then painted them gold to give them that Harry Potter style. Whoa!

The most challenging part of the project was obviously the budget.

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Doing it all on a barista's salary was really tough. But overall, he estimates this project cost him $1,500.

Wow, that's so amazing.

I can't believe he was able to create this magical and enchanted scene by only spending $1500. This looks like it cost way more.

Check out how Brian's room looked like before the transformation.


And then compare it to the way it looks now. That's definitely a big difference. It's like a different world.

Brian has some words of wisdom for those who would love to do this themselves.

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For him, it was all about the challenge and not really the final result.

So really the moral of this story is that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

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All it takes is some creativity, commitment, and hard work. Amazing!

This project really does show you that you don't even need lots of money to accomplish something as stunning as this.

And Brian is living proof of this. Indeed.