17+ People Who Are Spittin’ The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Some people have a unique way of looking at the universe which manages to put reality into a new and more meaningful perspective for the rest of us. However, some people, are just pretty on the ball, and either is good!

In order to celebrate the genius of these modern philosophers, allow me to expand your mind by introducing you to 17+ people who are spittin' the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

"Well that's nice"

Reddit | ilkikuinthadik

At least they're not holding any grudges! Also, to the guy who stole the viagra, I bet you're feeling pretty red in the face now!

"No no, he's got a point"

Reddit | OneZoroBoi

Yep, give this kid whatever the maximum score was for this test immediately. They speak the truth.

"UTAH has its issues, but it's traffic signs are top notch"

Reddit | B4ldy

You should be allowed to slap stickers with this written on across the bonnets of people who are asshole enough to refuse to let people merge!

"A Good Warning"

Reddit | BellaHi

The logic is undeniable. I wonder how many people still manage to hit that bridge!

"Honest Advertising"

Reddit | zero_td

Why employ actual hard work and effort when you can use illusions and trickery? Don't work hard, work smart!

"100% seedless"

Reddit | themaddragoon

Imagine studying baking for years and years, only for this to be the request you are given when you finally open your own bakery. Amazing!

"Glad I’m not alone in my thoughts."

Reddit | alldaymaryj

If that's how you feel, you should have ordered one of those seedless cakes we've just seen!

"Good to see it's keeping up with the times."

Reddit | novasolid64

I'd say that I would love to play this game, but frankly, I'm living it so I don't know what I'd get out of it aside from existential dread.

"Found this on a truck taking up two parking spots in an IKEA parking lot"

Reddit | aand_Peggy

I mean, I think it should be "spelt 'really' wrong", but the principal is right.

"He's got a point"

Reddit | LeeRoyJenkins999

I hate it when people say, "Oh, well, they leave a lot of air in the bag so that the chips don't get bashed about." I don't care! Give me more chips!

"My baby brother in church yesterday"

Reddit | TheAdmiralMoses

He's either really into learning the hymns, or he's more bored than I was watching The Irishman — and I think I know which.

"Holidays PSA: Don't let your husband bake the gingerbread cookies."


This PSA brought to you by every person who married someone wildly more immature than themselves.

"This actually made my day. Always pay up folks."

Reddit | The_Lighter_Side

People who don't pay their workmen deserve all the punishment they get. Pay your workers folks, you wouldn't like it if you didn't get paid for doing your job!

"My niece, 13 y/o, made this pillow case in crafts. She's beginning to understand the world"

Reddit | dellhem

This 13-year-old seems to have wisdom far beyond her years! Also, she's got sewing skills to put most adults I know to shame.

Honesty FTW

Reddit | Spiduar

We all say we're busy and need to focus, but that doesn't seem to stop Karen from Accounting from lingering to chat.

"Deep thought of the day"

Reddit | Crazy_Helix

Did you know that Bluetooth was actually named after Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson, king of Denmark and Norway from 958 — 986. it is apparently named after him due to a story in which he united the tribes of Denmark into a single kingdom.

How Low Can You Go?

Reddit | Victorianvalkyrie

You know what? I bet they still have the odd large truck bang into that bar regularly.

"Via the empirical method"

Reddit | GlockAF

Oh it'll find it for you, and it'll tell you where it is with the searing pain of a thousand fiery needles!

No Spaghetti Allowed

Reddit | elchaposcartel

Somewhere out there, there is a librarian that still suffers from the nightmares caused by cleaning tomato sauce out of reference books.

Take Note

Reddit | HowardCoin

We all see these traffic warnings but they're so common that you stop noticing them.

This one is memorable and funny.

No Translation Required

Reddit | TheJediSpartan

No need for English to understand "If you're dumb enough to let your kid climb the fence, we aren't responsible for the results."

"Found this near my school and I'm in love."

Reddit | Edgypack38906

More no parking signs should be like this one. People still wouldn't follow directions, but it will feel so much better to call the tow truck on them.

"I laughed too hard"

Reddit | AmonAmarther

For something that is clearly quite a dry looking text, it's good to see they got a laugh out of being factually accurate.

"It's never too late!"

Reddit | LiveFastDieSlow

We're looking hard at you Mercedes and BMW drivers! You know who you are.

Always Pick Up The Poop

Reddit | JoeTFC

If you don't want to pick up after a dog, then having a dog for a pet is not for you. Unless you are rich enough to afford to pay someone to do it for you.

"Best workplace notice I’ve ever seen!"

Reddit | Viridios1982

The odd miss might be understandable at a bar, but in the workplace, aim should be the bare minimum.

"Join the club"

Reddit | dmorissette

Now, I don't like sand or guns, but these seem like the sort of things that people could like about those two things I guess?

Excellent Billboard

Reddit | Tottenheimer

However, if the customer service is any less than excellent, it would be false advertising.

Fellow Citizen

Reddit | SpicySama

Apparently, a student forgot his wireless mouse when he left class. He assumed it would be gone by the time he returned for it, but found this instead.

Imagine Giving Directions

Reddit | SuperSaucyWaffles

Anyone not from the area will be very confused when you tell them to turn left at Street St.

"[sad light switch noises]"

Reddit | Gollumduddy

I bet you'll never look at a light switch the same way again after this.

Give This Guy A Raise

Reddit | Ngrowingivy

One screenshot and the poster is done. Plus, we all know people can't help but read text message exchanges.

Earthquake Detection Kit

Reddit | d4hm3r

We laugh, but assuming all other safety measures have been followed, this is a lighthearted way to let people in the area know that yes, the googly eyes are wiggling. So no need to ask Twitter if it was an earthquake.

Calm down!


Telling people to calm down can only be made more effective by patronisingly patting that person on the head! Try it at your peril.