People Are Upcycling Old Chandeliers Into The Prettiest Planters

Usually when something breaks, our first instinct is to throw it out. But with increasing waste figures across the nation and its role in climate change, people are starting to take a second look at their trash.

One man's trash is another man's treasure, as the saying goes.

Who knew an old or broken chandelier could turn into a gorgeous vintage-looking planter?


With some spray paint and some added reinforcement, your porch, patio table, or garden will be looking just fetching.

First you'll need a chandelier. Maybe you already had a fixture in your home that you wanted to update, but you can definitely find these at thrift stores, ReStores, garage sales, or from family and friends.

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You can really find a host of unique chandeliers out there to suit your style.

You'll also need some terracotta pots and matching saucers to glue onto the base of the old fixtures.


You'll also need to glue the pot right into the saucer to really secure them.

Then, if you like, spray paint the whole thing in whatever color(s) tickles your fancy!

Now it's time to bring the whole look together and plant some colorful flowers.

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Hang it from your porch to brighten up the ceiling, or hang it from a shepherd's hook right in your garden.

You can really get creative with them and tailor them to your own individual style.

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If the brass is in perfect condition, why ruin it with spray paint?

These would look fantastic for a wedding reception hall!

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You would just have to make sure they're super secure, of course!

It also looks great as a centerpiece on a patio table.

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You can easily display a myriad of different flowers or plants right in one unique planter.

There are so many other great items around your house that make stunning homes for your plants.

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Like this set of vintage china.

Found a super cool retro gumball machine at an antique store?

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Turn it into a cute planter! This would be perfect for a kid's room.

Or how about an old canoe?

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The structure of the canoe provides the perfect framing for a giant planter garden in your backyard.

Even old tree trunks can be repurposed for the ultimate sustainable DIY project!

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These are so gorgeous.

These are all creative ways to breathe new life into old lifeless decor pieces!

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For more DIY details and safety instructions for the chandelier planter, check out DiyShowOff's tutorial.

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