15 People's Embarrassing Reminders To Think Before You Ink

I have a few tattoos, including one that I hate and want to cover up. I mean, it's not the worst tattoo in the world (that might be in this list though), but I'm just done with it and want something better.

So I guess I have some sympathy for the poor folks in this list. Some sympathy. Not a lot. It's a simple spell-check half the time. Come on, people.

1. "It is my mine's lives and living," —Shaun John Bovine

Instagram | @goldskincarecenter

Sorry, I'm just practicing for when I'm a tattooist and can just run some random nonsense onto an innocent person's flesh. It's gonna be a blast, I can already tell.

2. Hey, what would it look like if Ronald McDonald had a thong full of French fries and was uncomfortably aggressive?

Instagram | @wememenoharm

I'm just trying to picture the conversation that led to this being marked on a human body. It's a stretch.

3. Her next tattoo is just a picture of yoga pants and bad twerking.

Instagram | @sobernemo808

So, after this, she goes and shows all her friends over brunch, then they go to Starbucks and wait for pumpkin spice lattes to come back. It's March.

4. Wow, where to start? The nipple cyclops? The titty wizard? Where's Waldo's dignity?

Instagram | @wememenoharm

I like pigs, but this whole thing is a disaster. I mean, if you had to have one, which would you get? Personally, I'd get out of that tattoo shop.

5. Wow, this is pretty concrete evidence for being bad with directions.

Reddit | Reddit

Just remember, if you're lost in the woods, the moss always grows on the outside of the tree. I think.

6. Clearly.

Instagram | @chickentranslation

It's pretty funny to me that besides the spelling, this person's art skills are also permanently in the second grade. What is up with that janked-out school bus?

7. Is it that hard to believe, dude?

Reddit | blkswrdsman

Well, I guess it is pretty impressive that your artist could produce this after just two weeks. It's impressive that a 5-year-old can tattoo at all!

8. This is...surprisingly accurate. 

Reddit | ratgregfield

I can't really bring myself to hate it. It's self-referential, you understand it as soon as you see it. Pretty much the definition of a happy accident.

9. Who gets this hyped over a presidential campaign?

Reddit | tellhimhello

You know, I say that now, but then I wonder how many results would come up if I googled "Trump tattoo" right now.

Maybe what I meant to ask is who gets this hyped over Jeb Bush?

I don't even think Jeb Bush is hyped enough over Jeb Bush to get a tattoo about himself.

10. I can't quite make out what denomination that bill is, but something tells me it's probably not as much as it'll cost to get that removed.

Reddit | redruM69

Too bad it's not valid currency.

11. Honestly? I kinda like it. If only the artist had pulled it off. 

Instagram | @worst_of_tattoos

Wait. Wait a minute. That's an actual camera? Not a phone? When was this picture taken? Weird.

12. Great job, now you've got a bizarre 2018 meme about a '90s video game character on your body forever.

Instagram | @beautyandmockery

You might as well have asked for the "derp special," bruh.

13. Pretty foolproof way to avoid the gym and still have a six-pack.

Reddit | Throwaway2017201717

You can tell he's already given up trying and lets the ink do the work. He literally left a bag of Ruffles in the shot. What a champion.

14. Not so much a tattoo fail, I guess, but this shirt trying to show off the ink is pretty damn extra.

Reddit | Chickens1

And let's be real, tramp stamps are always a fail anyway.

15. The good news is, this person is probably more cynical than ever now.

Reddit | purplblueorangreen

Hopefully they'll use that cynicism the next time they go in for a tattoo and wonder if the artist can spell.

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