15+ Hilarious Public Sightings None Of Us Anticipated

Getting out of the house affords us the opportunity to see things: old things, new things, red things, blue things. Then there are the things that break your brain a little bit. This article concerns the last category.

To each their own.

Reddit | zahab2

I don't want to judge this guy. Maybe he's put a lot of work into raising these watermelons, only to see them go bad. Hopefully this meeting sets them straight.

That's fair.

Reddit | hetaliansushiroll

If you want to ban drugs from your venue, that's fine. I'm guessing nobody's going to argue with the nuclear weapons stipulation either. I'm just wondering what event necessitated this sign in the first place.

What a saga.

Reddit | cessumaekass

I can always appreciate a little bit of humor on these signs. Ninjas took his wife and dog, so this guy wants karate lessons. Makes sense. But it turns out all he really wants back is his dog.

Alternate history.

Reddit | 20FlyingHorse20

Do you mean to tell me that, in the years between the invasion of Poland and the nuclear bombs being dropped on Japan, that there was a different world war going on? Not only was it different, it was the eleventh such war.

When you want to live in Minecraft.

Reddit | darkshreaders2

The blocky graphics of Minecraft lend themselves well to all sorts of cute real-world applications. I think I might like this squared-off snowman more than the traditional kind.

A hug's a hug.

Reddit | Rad_Shibliter

You know, the sign on the left doesn't really tell you why you should believe/trust/follow/obey. The sign on the right makes a simple promise — free hugs — and delivers in spades.

Modern problems require prehistoric solutions.

Reddit | RussiaIsMyCity

It's a cute picture and effective safety technique in the present. In the future, it may be a source of trauma as this little girl talks to her therapist.

And a good day to you.

Reddit | Darkrhoads

This cute house has an expansive front lawn, along with a roadside decoration. I have no idea what that decoration is intended to communicate, but it's sending some kind of message, that's for sure.

The cones suspect nothing.

Reddit | KAURAUR

Whether this guy is hiding from something or trying to infiltrate traffic cone society, he's doing a great job. I wouldn't have even noticed him if it wasn't for the googly eyes.

Riding the waves of the interstate.

Reddit | Dandan419

Some people never give up on their dream of being a pirate captain in command of their own ship. Some of those dreamers grow up and buy big, custom pirate ship RVs.

They tried so hard.

Reddit | iseekbooty

This image is almost heartbreaking in the story it tells. Some washroom user followed the directions on the paper towel dispenser, but in the end, it didn't even matter.

Man cave.

Reddit | tallsteve15

This bar's single-person washroom looks cozy enough as it is, especially compared to other washrooms. Factor in some college football action on the big screen and I'd never want to leave.

Point taken.


I think this sign, and accompanying shark fins, is really just a cute way for some farmer to tell people to stay out of his field. Can't say it isn't effective.

Better safe than sorry.

Reddit | scrumptiousfluff

I'm willing to bet that I could find some garlic, a wooden stake and a bible for cheaper than $7,500, but I guess that's the price you have to pay when you buy vintage.

Seems legit.

Reddit | dingogordy

This isn't bees. I mean, the package says so on the outside, and why would the USPS deliver a lie? Just make sure you agitate the box properly before you open it.

Enjoying some chum.

Reddit | pleasehelpmefixmypc

This display was spotted at an Ikea, which is equal parts cute and weird. Is left shark out of sync? Does that reference even register with people anymore.

Everything comes at a cost.

Reddit | reddit_user_exe

To be fair, this sign is only hypocritical if you literally consider it, the sign, to be one of the best things in life. And with those lazy graphics, I don't think it is.

Just fit in.

Reddit | CoSponC

"I thought nobody would notice I lost my paddle if I just pretended it was still there," wrote the guy who posted this. Everything was fine until he blew his own cover by posting it on Reddit.

Now we play the waiting game.

Reddit | MayoNeighs39

Think of all the valuable toothpaste remnants you've wasted over the years because it just can't be squeezed out of the tube. Here's a way to finally get your full money's worth.

Go over it with a fine tooth comb.

Reddit | JackBlaze91

I don't know anything about this public art installation. All I can say is that I hope this comb finds whatever it's looking for in the thick grass.

I'm so happy for them.

Reddit | bokuwanivre

This handy-dandy store display gives everyone the opportunity to be proposed to. True, the groom is a little one-dimensional, but at least he dressed up for the occasion.


Reddit | generic_von_erich

Anyone who only litters because they're stupid and don't care, but not because of their mom, might feel a little insulted by 'All of the above' already being checked off.

I used to eat donuts. I still do. But I used to, too.

Reddit | GingaNinja4014

The late, great Mitch Hedberg made a great observation about unnecessary receipts. But even donut shops need to keep track of purchases made. This quote on their receipt almost reads like an apology for issuing said receipt.

It's like watching 20 movies at once.

Reddit | bettorworse

Statistically, cosplayers dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow now compose about 20 percent of the population. If you really want to stand out, you need to dress up like every Johnny Depp character ever.

Merry Christmas.

Reddit | R4D4R_MM

"We had a Christmas door decorating contest at work this year," wrote the original poster. "This was my entry."

No word on whether they won, but I can take a guess.

Pretty much.

Reddit | sadaimawaymessage

I should point out that this was a joke set up by someone totally unaffiliated with United. I should also point out that all airlines, not just United, make flying a living hell.

Kahjiit has wares if you have coin.

Reddit | MrSmartie

Imagine walking into a shop, only to be greeted/sneered at by this cranky-looking cat. You'd better come correct and not waste this cat's time, because he's already sick of your BS.

Just wipe your hands on your pants.

Reddit | KenTheSystrainee

Voice-activated appliances are super common nowadays, but it never feels normal to talk to an inanimate robot. I would just leave this hand dryer alone completely, I think.

Thanks, Chase Bank.

Reddit | ap4590

Either cost-cutting initiatives have literally taken the lollipops out of lollipop packaging, or this is intended to be some kind of zero-calorie placebo to wean people off of their lollipop habit.

Kindred spirits.

Reddit | LooongGoooneDaddy

"My girlfriend and similar lookin' horse," wrote the Redditor who posted this image of his girlfriend and her equine doppelganger. The color matching here is so spot-on that it's almost freaky.

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