15+ Things That Took Me Way Too Long To Notice

Has anyone ever shown you a pic and asked if you notice something in particular? Have you ever dumbly guessed at what they're talking about, only to realize it way too late?

Well, if so, this list might help.

Mind the work.

Reddit | korgg

HP sauce (stands for House of Parliament, don'tcha know) has always featured the iconic image of Big Ben on its label. Since Big Ben is clad in scaffolding for a long-term renovation project, HP Sauce adjusted their label accordingly.


Reddit | TheNillaGorilla

Lots of Target stores feature those big red balls out front, but in this case, they've actually re-purposed from the building's former tenant, a bowling alley. I love the retro-looking Target sign, too.

I don't know if I want to read Volume Four...

Reddit | MuonicDecay

These books, through the course of thousands of pages, tell the story of the decline of the Roman Empire. But if you don't have time to read them, their spines tell an abridged version.

My love for pizza and my love for space, combined.

Reddit | Bismuth81

This pizza cutter is rocket-themed, but the real star of the show is the cutting disc itself. It's a replica of the Golden Record, which was blasted off into space 40 years ago.

Speaking their own language.

Reddit | Moneyslow

Most parking garages identify different areas or levels with numbers, letters and colors. But this garage takes a different approach, creating a unique symbol for each different floor.

Is this Waking Life?


What would otherwise be a fairly ugly building is made to look that much more presentable with the addition of windows. No, they're not real windows — but at first, they might fool you.

Those bricks are see-through.

Reddit | saladbtw

Something looks a little weird about this Hermes store, but it's tough to tell at first. As it turns out, the store is built with glass bricks. It's a look you don't often see.

Did you steal that from another cat?

Reddit | Kattjavel

Tabby cats have all sorts of patterns and colors in their coat, but this one is different. It literally looks like someone grafted the tail of an orange tabby onto this grey kitty.

But can it make the Kessel Run?

Reddit | ash286

On one hand, I can't believe that the architects of this bank in Vienna actually designed the floorplan to look like the Millenium Falcon. On the other hand, I can't think of any other explanation.

A new kind of utensil.

Reddit | redrum993

I looked at this image forever, thinking it was some kind of new complement to knives, forks, and spoons. But eventually everything became clear: this is a fork that someone forgot to turn into a fork.

A window's a window.

Reddit | CM_Jacawitz

This glass tower looks like it's made of clear marshmallows or something. It owes its bulbous appearance to the fact that the windows are actually re-purposed car windshields.

Hidden penguins.

Reddit | jaegee0000

This umbrella appears to be stark black with no adornments when it's dry. But when you take it out for its intended purpose, rain reveals the hidden penguin logos.

Shut up and take my money.

Reddit | Boltsnouns

Those who live in cold climates know how infuriating it can be when ice fuses windshield wipers to the car. This car doesn't have that problem, as the wipers rest on an area that can be heated up.

Goombas take time to mature.

Reddit | gemini8200

The top image is a freshly-carved pumpkin designed to look like a Goomba from Super Mario Bros. Not a bad effort, but it looked waaay more Goomba-ish after a couple of weeks of rotting.

Is this a bad neighborhood?

Reddit | Gtapex

We've all seen those novelty bullet hole decals that some people put on their car. In this case, the bullet holes on the driver's side door are absolutely real.

Don't drink in this kitchen.

Reddit | 1ofZuulsMinions

This kitchen floor looks pretty nondescript with the lights on, but when they're off, look out. Thanks to glow in the dark dye and resin, the floor is transformed into a trippy galaxy.

They missed some spots.

Reddit | Andromeda321

This lunar globe looks a tad incomplete: one side is highly detailed and full of craters, while the other is barren. That's because the globe dates back to a time before humans knew what the other side of the Moon looked like.

Attention to detail.

Reddit | ChalkLetRain

I think the prices, and sale prices, at big box stores are dictated by corporate overlords. But still, I like to think that some clever employee was behind the decision to make pi the price of this pie pan.

Something's different about this crane...

Reddit | sidc94

Oh, I see now. It's a giraffe. Honestly, the company behind this crane saw their opportunity and they seized it. And we thank them for that.

Serious cereal.

Reddit | p1loot_

In case you didn't notice, not a single one of these cereal boxes has a cartoon character on the front. Tucan Sam is noticeably absent from those Froot Loops, and that's because this poster's country of Chile doesn't allow cartoons on cereal boxes as part of a wide range of children-directed advertisement regulations.


Reddit | QueenChoco

This math lecturer is proudly sporting a tie that displays infinite versions of himself wearing that tie. And now my brain hurts, thanks.


Reddit | wikings2

Don't freak out, there isn't actually anything staring up at you from inside that can. It's actually just the bubbles forming a super suspicious and super creepy eye.

Everything's bigger, I guess.

Reddit | jackson_1414_

This oddly-shaped pool can be found in Texas, and if you look closer, you'll notice it's actually in the shape of Texas too. You know, just in case you happened to forget where you're staying.



The best hint this photo gives is the plane wing you can see in the corner there. That's how you know you're up in the air, and then it's just a matter of finding out this picture was taken above Illinois on a particularly foggy night. That's why it looks like the city hasn't rendered yet!

Did something melt here?

Reddit | IansjonesPGH

No, in fact this is what it looks like when a cat licks a slice of cheese. We all know cats have remarkably rough tongues to clean themselves with. Well, that's the kind of imprint one of those kitty tongues leaves behind apparently.

Okay, this one definitely took me way too long to figure out.

Reddit | WhyIsLife12

What's so special about these turtles?

Well, if you look above their cute lil' heads there, you'll see they both have adorable bow-tie imprints in their shells. Personally, I like to think of them as hair bows, but to each their own!

Something has spooked this post-kitty.

Reddit | CedricCFCSL

First of all, that face you can see in the wood there? Terrifying. But second of all, can someone please tell this poor cat that it needs to blink ASAP?

This is a good way to freak out other drivers on the highway.

Reddit | FreddyPrinzeJr4Life

The back of this truck has been painted to look like it's open and all of its contents are going to come flying out at any second.

Which is definitely fun for any poor soul having to drive behind it.

I think it followed Mary to school one day...

Reddit | dayakobian

In case you missed it, there's a lamb sitting underneath that desk there. Suffice it to say, one nursery rhyme has apparently come true.

Annnnnnnnnd this is my stop, thanks.

Reddit | [user deleted]

I don't know what I'm looking at here, but I definitely don't like that it's looking back at me in its rear-view mirror. I'm out.

There's a reason why he's finding it hard to smile right now.

Reddit | Gamer6663

I guess prom wasn't special enough of an occasion to compel dear old dad to throw on a pair of pants. Thanks for the memories.

One of these things just doesn't belong...

Reddit | Philantroll

As impressed as I am with this kitty's camouflage skills (and its ability to hide in plain sight), I'm still ashamed at how long it took me to notice that I wasn't looking at three unbelievably comfy pillows.

He loves you.

Reddit | [deleted]

This cat might look like he's harshly judging you, but it's not like that at all. Just look in this left ear. There's a tiny, but unmistakeable, outline of a heart in there.

Someone stole the tree.

Reddit | GeneReddit123

I really like this minimalist Christmas decoration, even if it did take me an embarrassingly long time to realize that I was not, in fact, looking at an invisible Christmas tree.

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