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15+ Funny People Who Should Be Weirdly Proud Of Themselves

Few things inspire creativity like writing your resume. Sometimes, trying to look back on your accomplishments and achievements in life can be chocolate-cake-for-breakfast-level depressing.

So, of course you have to cast as much sunshine on your life as possible and see as much as you can in the best light. While these folks might have done some weird things, let's hope they can look on them as things they can at least be somewhat proud of.

When you're out of data and you're constipated, your choices are limited.

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But I don't think many of us would have made a T.P. Pippi Longstocking, never mind one with legit braids. Still, here's hoping this person is getting a bit more fiber in their diet now.

Can I use this now?

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Finally, finally someone came up with a clear, easily understood way to explain the right way to hang toilet paper. Because there is a right way!

Usually fun with calculators is slightly more juvenile.

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So we'll accept this as more sophisticated, high-brow digital fun. Kind of makes you want to sing along, too.

Well that's an effective way to get the staff member's attention!

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Sure, Amazon doesn't have the same personal connection that buying in-store does, but look at that price! And you know the internet function works, too.

I can honestly admit I would never have thought of that.

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And I know I'm not the only one who will still be leaving every single diaper on the beach exactly where it is despite seeing this hack.

That is legit the best way to use the opportunity of a burned-out sign.

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Ugh, now I miss the Macho Man, too. Well played. If only he could have been Goodyear's spokesperson in life.

It's official: Japan has a word for everything.

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I don't know who came up with that term, and I don't know why there isn't an English version of it, because the feeling is definitely universal.

Rough night, Eric?

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If he lives to tell the tale of his super-caffeinated experience, he'll be a hero for sure, and it will be well worth whatever 30 shots of espresso would have cost him.

Now this is an ambitious crossover.

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I don't know who to be more proud of here, the person who came up with Garth Vader/Darth Brooks, or the tattoo artist who made that weird, weird dream a reality.

The look of love.

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When you're absolutely enamored with the five-pound burrito you got for lunch, you do a maternity shoot with it. Of course.

Consider the term coined.

I wonder if he was about to do battle with a five-pound burrito, because man, you'd want to have some serious steel on your side in that fight.

"I received this mountain of 360 snickers for free due to a coupon glitch," wrote the uploader.

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It's like that Bank Error In Your Favor card in Monopoly, only you collect diabetes. No word on whether this person came to regret the error when they saw their dentist bill.

This would have made the best Nancy Drew mystery.

On the other hand, could we go back and make this the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts?

Got a big job interview coming up?

Because if so, don't do this. I know, it's creative and it grabs your attention, but just don't.

Okay, I see what you did there.

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Finally, we get to celebrate world peas with a very, very reluctant slow clap.

"I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke," wrote the uploader.

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Even better than a smile, but now I want to know what the dad joke was. Maybe something to do with world peas?

I would say that Kevin needs more work to do, but then we wouldn't have this.

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Anybody can have one of those plain, boring name plates on their desk, but I think Kevin has given us all better ideas.

Who thinks of these things?

I'm not saying this isn't cool or anything, because it is, but really, who thinks to make a little mobile like this?

The resemblance is uncanny.

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That chubby baby arm just fits right in, and I'm so glad someone decided to line this all up for us.

That's really the best play in this situation.

Because wow that's a bad Scrabble hand. Might as well get some internet points, because you're not getting any in the game!

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