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16+ Strange Pics That Have Our Attention, But Need An Explanation

Although a lot of us have already mined a lot of joy from making our confused friends watch something out of context, it's still pretty amazing to think about how easily some logical behavior can seem completely insane without the backstory.

While it's true that some things can be executed weirdly enough that they still give us pause even when we understand them, a situation can be almost exhilarating in how confusing it is when we have no frame of reference.

So while I can't promise that everything on this list has a satisfying explanation, I can only hope that by the time we're finished here, your curiosity will be mostly satisfied.

There's often a comfort gap between a pet's owner and somebody meeting them for the first time, but this takes that reality to the extreme.

Reddit | Orange_Jacket

Obviously, this guy has built a strong enough bond with this fearsome bird of prey to fall asleep underneath it, but it really doesn't look like we can say the same for everyone else on this train.

Well, at least whoever owns this house can finally understand why they couldn't use their chimney.

Reddit | Konnarinari

Just in case you'e wondering what on earth is packed into this space, the answer is about 25 generations of bird nests.

Since we're not looking at the bird equivalent of an apartment complex, I'm just wondering why each generation left this area behind.

I've learned to tolerate the mixture of orange juice and toothpaste over the years, but even I don't like it enough to buy this.

Reddit | nootnootnoodle

Whoever labeled this with "perfect flavor" is guilty of one of the worst cases of false advertising I've ever seen.

I'll admit I'm not sure somebody decided to wear pliers as a necklace, but it actually looks pretty cool.

Reddit | Atulin

I can only imagine how difficult they would be to use in this state, though.

After it was covered in three years' worth of dust, this army man is unrecognizable.

Reddit | BoxterCrabshire

If that seems like some oddly clumpy dust, it might help to learn that this was placed near a limestone plant. So it's little different from what we usually sweep up.

Considering what he did after retiring, I guess it makes some sense to build a Thanos statue near your flower bed.

Reddit | The_Glitched_Pixel

However, it's a little harder to understand why it looks like he just noticed someone farting near him.

After seeing this, you might think a tornado passed through this area, but that would make a little too much sense.

Reddit | arthurdentstowels

Instead, it was just so windy in this area that a gust broke a piece of this flower pot off and flung it so hard that it embedded into this tree.

What, you mean you don't decorate your lawn with a cyborg grandma?

Reddit | deepcoldwater

At least, I'm guessing that's the only purpose this creation serves. That said, I could also see it working as a pretty effective scarecrow.

She doesn't look like someone you want to mess with.

It's not difficult to imagine what happened here, but it's legitimately surprising that this quick fix worked as well as it did.

Reddit | LaYPe

Sure, it probably wouldn't take much effort to thwart this mighty plastic wrapping, but I would've expected a gentle breeze to do the trick.

Most of us are used to seeing lawns covered in snow or crispy with frost, but this is a new one on us.

Reddit | MikeAwesome13

Yes, it seems like each blade of grass is individually frozen solid. It certainly looks impressive, but I don't want to imagine what it's like to try and use the sidewalks around here.

Why yes, this is essentially a closet full of human hair.

Reddit | i124nk8

Fortunately, this is in the only non-creepy place where such a thing could possibly happen.

Behind this door is apparently a chute that staff at a hair salon use to dispose of their customers' leftovers.

There's actually a way to use these cards without cheating in the most confusing way possible.

Reddit | HelloThereWhere

Apparently, there's a game called 500 that uses 11, 12, and 13 cards so the manufacturer left these in the deck in case people wanted to play that.

Yeah, good luck making any sense of this elevator.

Reddit | Tralx

I'm guessing that the negative floor numbers take you to basement levels, but are there multiple basements on the "-1" level that this elevator can somehow take you to?

And don't even get me started on what floor 4A and 4B are supposed to be.

I feel like there's only a select few with cats patient enough to do this, but it does look really cute.

Reddit | sirius_black1

I just hope that this guy never meets the dude with the big bird we saw on the train earlier. I can't see that ending well.

The good news is that this Australian beach doesn't have a giant snake slithering around on it.

Reddit | RayWan93

However, the bad news is that recent conditions there have made the sand so hot that lifeguards actually had to lay a sprinkler down.

And if that wasn't enough to demonstrate how unbearably hot it is over there right now, this should do the trick.

Reddit | Timmyisbored

Those who live in Texas or Arizona may have seen some unusual things melt when it gets hot, but Melbourne's heat is intense enough to actually warp this sidewalk.

It only takes one look at what's lurking in the deep seas to realize that there are some seriously weird fish out there.

Reddit | justinator5

But even knowing that doesn't necessarily prepare you for the shock of catching a rough-head Grenadier like this guy has done.

Even he doesn't seem like he knows how to feel about this.

It's pretty interesting how it couldn't be easier to tell what this guy was sleeping against.

Reddit | davesewell

Obviously, something will make an impression on our skin if we press against it for long enough, but who knew it could be this detailed?

If it seems strange that the officer would be so glad to meet this eccentric man, it helps to know that he's more famous than we might realize.

Reddit | Orange_Jacket

This is MC Vspishkin, a DJ in Russia who is just as popular as he is flamboyant.

It can be pretty annoying to wake up to sunlight peeking through the blinds and directly into your eyes, but that's because it doesn't usually look like this.

Reddit | alloftheabove12

If you're wondering how you can end up with a rainbow on your pillow, the answer is apparently to install aluminum blinds that the light can reflect off of.

This crate kind of looks like it's leaking cola slushie all over the place, but that's not quite what's happening.

Reddit | CaptainRedBeerd

This crate in Ohio was used to transport grain, so some leftover wort was leaking out.

However, since that state experienced a sudden cold snap, the liquid froze into these bizarre "icicles."

Although there's a good reason for it, it's pretty unusual to see such a strict sign.

Reddit | Kami_Ouija

This was posted in an elevator hydraulics rooms, so it's easy to appreciate why the inspector wouldn't want to risk anything gumming up the works.

Putting someone's face on the side of a vehicle is a surprisingly risky business.

Reddit | mischo05

If it's on a bus, one open window can end up cutting the poor soul in half. But even that is nothing compared to the horror of fusing a person's face with a car door.

It's hard to even make it out, but underneath all of this gunk is a license plate.

Reddit | Foksees

As for the gunk? As much as we might hope this is just someone's lawn clippings, the real answer is that this is just how many bugs you can expect to catch when you drive through Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Not to worry, the aliens haven't landed.

Reddit | darkeyedemon

It turns out that the uploader's neighbor just has an incredibly tall Christmas tree in their yard.

And since they didn't want to spend the whole month decorating it, they decided to go with this lighting pattern that makes it look like the tree has very colorful braids.

We'll often find that not everything goes according to plan and that apparently includes buildings.

Reddit | ItsJonah

It's hard to tell where this stairway was supposed to lead, but it's pretty clear that it only promises a very short trip now.

There aren't a lot of contexts that would make this a comforting message, but this case might mark one of the worst.

Reddit | UsefulContext

As this woman posted on Reddit, her ex sent this to her out of the blue after three months apart.

Yeah, the creepy vibes apparently didn't stop there.

Believe it or not, this wall mural actually says something.

Reddit | Infamous-IMP

It took me a while, but I was eventually able to figure out that it says "open-minded."

I guess that's appropriate because you'd need to be to figure this out.

Despite this totally secure gate, this jetty was apparently crawling with tourists the day before this was taken.

Reddit | Cheungg

It's really a mystery as to how they were able to pass through this rock-solid security gate, but they were obviously master infiltrators.

There's some disagreement about what type of tree this is, but it stands out a lot more once it loses its bark.

Reddit | Gingerdor

Trees can come in a surprising array of colors, but it's pretty rare to see such a vibrant red naturally occur in one of them.

Despite how it may seem, this spoon doesn't have a spider crawling all over it.

Reddit | Panishev

Instead, it's actually capturing the reflection of a nearby umbrella. That must've given at least a few people a start, though.

This is a pretty creepy sight, but it at least has a good reason to exist.

Reddit | forgotpassword69

This disturbing baby head actually gives optometrists a chance to test their tools.

Apparently, this was just as baffling in person as it is over the internet.

Reddit | nazol

It seems that the guy in the dinosaur costume decided to celebrate his birthday by going to a government building and sweeping the floors.

Yeah, the police didn't get it either.

This is definitely a festive way for this chicken place to celebrate, but I'm not sure how well it'll work out for them.

Reddit | starpot

Because even if animals don't come along and tear this apart (and that's a big "if"), I have a feeling that a bunch of spoiled chicken is a lot less pleasant to throw out than a traditional Christmas tree.

Well, this driver will never have to worry about losing this in a parking lot.

Reddit | horror_unfolds

There's also something pretty lovable about the idea of Jesus and the Devil deciding to settle things once and for all with an arm wrestling competition.

I would definitely agree that the vampire crab looks sinister enough to earn its name.

Reddit | [deleted]

That said, it's hard to deny that it also manages to be pretty cute-looking as well.

Once you realize what's going on, this might be the most wholesome part of this whole list.

Reddit | IForgotAboutDre

Either through birth or through trauma, this person found themselves without a fingernail. So, the uploader's friend decided to tattoo one on for them.

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