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Weatherman's Dog Crashes Live At-Home Forecast And Instantly Becomes Viral Star

A Florida weatherman was recently interrupted while attempting to deliver the forecast live from home when his well-meaning but attention-seeking golden retriever sabotaged the shot.

FOX WTVT’s meteorologist, Paul Dellegatto, teasingly scolded his dog, Brody, when the pup wandered into the makeshift studio and crashed his owner's broadcast with hilarious results.

Dellegatto was filming the segment at his home outside of Tampa Bay and all was going well.

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That is, until Brody decided it was snack time and came looking for his owner to provide him with some treats. But during his quest for food, he managed to sufficiently throw off Dellegatto's entire forecast.

“The map’s not gonna move because he just whacked the computer with his head, so let me just verbalize the forecast, OK," the meteorologist tells viewers as he instructs an oblivious Brody to climb up onto his lap, “That wasn’t very smart."

Now with an adorable dog perched on top of him, Dellegatto attempts to continue delivering the weather to his viewers.

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Meanwhile, Brody, who obviously isn't such a big weather fan himself, looks around the studio, indulges in Dellegatto's generous scratches, and even yawns at one point.

"Didn't mean to keep you up," Dellegatto quips dryly before pressing on.

As the meteorologist finishes his segment, Brody hops off his lap and seems to disappear from the studio completely.

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Well, until his furry little head pops up in front of the camera, giving the mysterious object a curious sniff and a good once over while the anchors in the studio laugh.

"Don't take this the wrong way, Paul," a woman off-screen says, "but this is amazing. I love it."

Check out the full video for yourself if you're in need of some *pawsitively* adorable dog footage today.

The woman in the studio perfectly summarizes all of our feelings towards the hilarious interruption when she says, "We don't need to look at that forecast map. We'll just look at Brody."

Honestly, if every weather segment went this way, I just might actually check in to hear the forecast more often.

Of course, people online can't get enough of Brody and have quickly turned him into a viral star.

"If we don’t come out of this with pet-featured forecasts, what are we even doing," one Twitter user wrote, prompting another to reply, "Right? Why did it take a pandemic to bring us this?"

"Why have we been doing news any other way?" this person implored, "What idiocy made us build sterile studios? I want to see everyone in their pajamas with their pets and a glass of wine telling me how stupid everything is."

Some people even suggested the network give Brody his own special segment during the newscast.

"Brody should have his own segment," this user proclaimed, "Y'all just cut to Brody for 2min/day report on what he's doing. 'And now for a special report we cut to #Brody what's he doing?' 'Taking a nap.' 'Awww...' One of his legs twitch. 'What's Brody dreaming about?' 'IDK.' '...and now Sports!'"

I don't know about you guys, but I'd definitely watch that.

But above all else, most comments were from people who couldn't get over the obvious love Dellegatto has for his adorable pup.

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How can they tell? Well, just take a closer look at the video and you'll see.

"So many reasons to love this including the framed photo of the pup placed prominently on his desk," this user commented, while another added, "The dog has a framed pic behind him. He’s part of the family."

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