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Guys Write Letter Offering To Walk Neighbors' Dog And Receive Reply From Dog

When you've grown up with pets, moving to a place that doesn't allow them can be really hard. Once you've spent your nights snuggling with a warm bundle of fur, that bed in your new apartment can feel quite chilly.

So when four engineers moved into a house that didn't allow pets, they were all feeling like something was missing in their lives.

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But then they noticed a friendly black snoot peeking out the window next door.

They drafted a letter to leave in the mailbox.

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In it, "the boys from number 23" introduced themselves and explained how they missed having animals around.

The boys extended an offer of occasional walks.

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They'd even be happy just to see the dog walking passed their balcony windows, they missed animals so much.

Boy, were they right when they say "The adult life is a struggle without one."

The guys knew it might be weird for random strangers to make that kind of offer, but they hoped it was okay.

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It was better than okay, and they got the CUTEST response ever to tell them so.

Look at that paw print!

The letter was from the doggo and informed them that they could definitely arrange a meet-up via her servant Chris.

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She also informed them that she's a Sheprador (a Labrador, German Shepherd mix) that loves treats, especially all of them.

There is a price for her friendship, though: at least five ball throws per day and unlimited belly scritches.

(To those curmudgeons reading this: yes, we know the humans wrote the letter. Stop poo-pooing our fun.)

Also, the dog's name is Stevie Ticks. STEVIE *TICKS*.

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I think I just passed out from cuteness overload.

The whole thing was shared by one of "The Boys", Jack McCrossan on Twitter, where it went viral. Jack later shared Stevie's Instagram account and she's skyrocketed to internet fame with almost 70,000 followers so far.

And Stevie can add one more to that, because I'm clicking follow right now.

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In an interview with the PA news agency, Jack said, "The response has been incredible, it’s very surreal to see so many positive responses from all around the world and the amount of people that were checking back to see that we got to meet her was crazy.

"We have met the owners and have got a group chat set up now with them to arrange walks."

I'm sure Stevie will be sharing lots of those walks from here on out.

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She's already met up with The Boys and I'm sure she'll be sharing lots of adventures with what she cutely describes in her Instagram bio as "multiple boyfriends."