22 Clever Products That Will Save A Parent's Sanity

They say being a parent is a full-time job. That's because when babies are little, they rely on you to survive. And as they grow, their needs only add to your daily task list.

So if there are products out there that can alleviate some of the growing pains parents go through with their kids, those are always a good thing. I think I found a few of those for you.

1. This Perfect Nap Time Pillow


This awesome pillow was specifically designed to keep a child's head from falling forward or side-to-side when asleep in a car seat. Amazing.

2. This Driver's Baby Mirror


It must be so stressful to drive when your baby is in the back seat unless you can see exactly what they're doing. This solves that problem.

3. This Portable Kids' Travel Tray

Brave Baby Shop

Once they get a little older, you will want to keep them occupied during those long trips. This tray is a life-saver.

4. These Furniture Corner Edge Guards


Truth be told, as much as you want to you, can't always watch your baby 24/7. This can prevent so many accidents.

5. This Non-Spill Rotating Toddler Bowl


Speaking of accidents, nobody wants to clean up after their baby spilling food all day long. Hopefully, you won't have to with this.

6. The Jolly Jumper


I recently saw this at friend's house and not only did I laugh out loud, but I thought it was totally genius. Hours of fun!

7. Baby Shusher


This portable device plays white noise to help soothe a fussy or tired baby. Bring it anywhere and everywhere for some calming sounds when you're running errands with your babe.

8. Baby Poop Alarm


If you've ever seen parents sniffing their baby's bums, you know why. They need this nifty gadget, lol. Now they'll know exactly when they pooped.

9. This Portable Diaper Changing Mat


Parents often need to improvise when they're on the go with their baby. This portable changing mat can literally be used anywhere.

10. This Baby Carrier Hoodie

Ali Express

Carrying your baby and staying warm at the same time can be a challenge. But I think this hoodie will definitely solve that problem.

11. This Mess-Free Sand


Kids love playing in the sand, but who needs all that mess in their house? Say hello to mess-free sand. What? That is so cool.

12. Mustache Soother


These soothers feature some pretty hilarious facial hair. Not only will they calm your baby, but you'll get a laugh out of it too.

13. This Bib


Feeding time is always a fun time when your kid isn't spitting everywhere. Right?

Well, this cute as a button bib will help you catch everything. Hee, hee.

14. Faucet Extender


Most parents know that rinsing your kid's hair can be very difficult. This nifty little invention will eliminate that struggle. Just turn on the water and have your child lean back to rinse out those suds.

15. The Snot Sucker


This sounds gross, but hear me out. This device allows parents to suck the boogies out of their baby's nose before they're able to blow their own noses. Don't worry, though! There's a filter included.

16. Baby Banana Training Toothbrush


This cute little banana toy doubles as a teether and a first toothbrush. Kids love this product and it only costs about $10!

17. Munchkin Training Cups


If your toddler is just learning how to drink from a cup, these will help you make the transition without any spills.

The spill-proof lids still allow toddlers to take a drink and when they're ready, you can remove the lid and use the cup normally.

18. Accu-Dose Pacifier


Anyone who has ever tried to give a baby medicine knows how hard it can be. With this tool, simply give your child the pacifier and slowly push the plunger to dispense the medicine. Genius!

19. Boogie Wipes


These wipes are infused with saline, so they naturally help decongest stuffy noses. Perfect for cold and flu season.

20. Boon Lawn Drying Rack


This cute and functional drying rack will keep all your baby's bottles and utensils in one place while they dry. It even has a little tree to hang bottle lids on.

21. These Non-Slip Baby Crawling Socks

DH Gate

OMG, who knew this cool invention even existed? Now you don't have to worry about your baby slipping all over the place.

22. Baby Saddle


This has to be the best way to carry your toddler around. I don't know how much fun it is for the parent, but the kids will love it.

I honestly don't know how parents got through life back in the day.

We're so lucky these days to have a variety of gadgets to make our lives easier.

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