Dad Sent To Buy Christmas Tree Alone Uses It As Opportunity To Troll His Wife

Shopping for a real-life Christmas tree is always an adventure. Not only do you need to venture out in order to get it, but then you need to pick one out that will fit perfectly in your house. That can be a tall order.

So one dad who ended up shopping for his family's tree alone took total advantage of the situation and pranked his wife. The results are pretty hilarious.

Imagine sending your husband out to buy a perfect Christmas tree.

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Now imagine innocently following up just to see how things are going, only to get the surprise of your life.

Ha, ha, ha. Playing dumb is always the best option. Isn't it?

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I like how he's so nonchalant about the place being all relaxed and cool, but no measurements? LOL!

Holy crap!

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That doesn't look good to me. If his wife doesn't freak out when she sees this she's some kind of a saint. I would have a fit.

Fifteen-20 strands? I don't think that's the problem with the tree.

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I think the problem is that it looks totally warped. And that's just not a good look for Christmas.

Ha, ha! I love this lady's response.

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That's classic. I bet she was having a fine day until this point and now the husband has totally ruined the chill for her.

You gotta give it to this husband.

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He does have a wicked sense of humor. If his wife doesn't realize it by now, then too bad for her. LOL!

Turns out some people have their own Christmas tree shopping horror stories.

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And they might be even funnier than this one. Check out some of these hilarious responses.

If that doesn't teach a valuable lesson not to send your husband to shop for a Christmas tree alone, I dunno what will.

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Told you so. Ha, ha, ha!

Do you have your own Christmas tree shopping nightmare story that you care to share with me?

I can't wait to hear it. I bet it's a good one too.