23 Times People Found Their Doubles In A Museum

Somebody once told me that I have a real-life doppelganger. I've never seen this person, but even hearing that made me feel a little bit freaked out. LOL! I mean it's a little weird, isn't it?

But what if you found your doppelganger in a museum, of all places? Maybe it's some ancient relative of yours or maybe it's you from a time before. Ha, ha. You never know...

1. Wow, just check out that resemblance.

Reddit | sidshembekar

It looks like they even like the same hair style and similar clothing even though they're decades apart. That's so eerie and interesting.

2. The fact that these two are wearing almost the exact same outfit is just hilarious.

Reddit | sidshembekar

LOL! I mean that must've been planned. Right? Or just an uncanny coincidence?

3. Holy crap, these two literally have the same exact face.

Imgur | Davidurbon

That is so freaky, if you ask me. I bet this girl got such a kick out of this.

4. Wouldn't it be cool to find out that you were once a knight in your previous life?

Imgur | Davidurbon

I bet that's what he thought when he saw this painting.

5. Sometimes you're just strolling through a museum minding your own business when you stumble upon a doppleganger of yourself from 1572.

Imgur | SquirrelMaster

Looks like this happens all the time lol.

6. Talk about going back a long, long time ago.


I wonder who this guy in the painting really was. It looks like he was someone very important. This is impressive.

7. Too bad this guy wasn't able to get the picture of his time-traveling self to take home with him.

Imgur | Davidurbon

He could have freaked his family and friends out. Hee, hee.

8. You know you're an old soul when you find a picture of yourself dressed as a Samurai 111 years ago at The MET.

Reddit | datman510

That explains your love of samurai swords.

9. This picture just goes to show you that some hairdos do come back in style.


LOL. I just can't get over that hair. And the fact they both have it.

10. This man just happened to find his doppelgänger right at the Louvre.

Imgur | joahdato

His name is Íñigo Melchor de Velasco. I dunno who he was, but he looks like someone important.

11. Who knew there were hipsters back in the day?

I guess now we know where the hairstyle and facial hair comes from. So the mystery is solved. Ha, ha.

12. Turns out a lot of people find their doppelgangers at The Louvre.


I wonder why that is? I bet this guy was pretty surprised to see himself as a priest.

13. And if this doesn't freak you out, I dunno what will.

Facebook | Todd Mansfield

Finding out you were once a caveman is a pretty cool thing for a 10-year-old to brag about.

14. Further proof that dog has been man's best friend for hundreds of years.

Reddit | u/racoon_goon

All this guy needs is a dog.

15. Even celebrities like to get in on the fun.

Imgur | AlboUnderhill

Weird Al also found his portrait at the Louvre.

16. This is too much!

Reddit | u/scrmedia

Do you think he just had that outfit lying around?

17. This guy doesn't even know he's a time traveler.

Imgur | realbobsnyder

Sometimes it takes someone else's keen eye to spot these things.

18. Talk about being born famous.

The Gerber baby ain't got nothing on this girl.

19. Proof that facial hair will never go out of style.

It looks like the guy in the painting is shocked that he came back to walk the earth centuries later.

20. Cheer up!

A famous artist painted your portrait and you didn't even have to pay for it.

21. This is what an elegant profile gets you.

Instagram | kelly_lettieri

Your very own portrait in The Met.

22. They seem suspicious of each other.

Instagram | mahgeneve

It's like they're both saying: "What're you looking at?"

23. Sometimes, you just need to stop and appreciate the humor.

Instagram | megi.kullesi

Here's a couple who knows how to have a good laugh.

Wow, who knew there were so many doppelgangers just randomly hanging in museums.

Ha ha. Now I want to go look for mine. Have you found yours somewhere? I wanna see.