9+ Disney-Inspired Tattoos For Anyone Who's Still A Kid At Heart

Are you a child at heart? Have you always been a fan of Disney? If you answered yes to both, I have something very interesting to share with you.

People are getting Disney-inspired tattoos and they're not only cool, but also awesome works of art. So, if you ever thought of getting a tattoo but weren't sure what to get, these ideas are definitely worth considering.

1. The Lion King

This Simba tattoo immediately jumps at me. It's simple in design, but nonetheless very detailed. I also love the color combination here. I think it's fabulous.

2. Finding Nemo

There is something about turtles that I absolutely love. This tattoo brings out the whimsy in an animated character like this one to a tee.

3. Aladdin

Oh my, this Genie tattoo looks as if he has just come out of the lamp. I love the direction they took with this one.

4. Peter Pan

Here's a similar idea to the Genie tattoo. This one is all about colors and shadows. I really dig the fact that they kept the faces hidden.

5. Brave

Wow, speaking of showing no faces, this faceless tattoo is simply spectacular. The amount of detail in this piece is truly amazing, from the colors to the linework.

6. Snow White

Speaking of intricate linework, this Snow White tattoo is a great example of that. It almost looks like brush strokes. That's definitely a difficult task to accomplish.

7. Alice In Wonderland

You'd be amazed how much detail talented tattoo artists can accomplish with a well-done black and white tattoo. This is a great representation of that.

8. Bambi

Bambi was one of my favorite Disney movies I saw as a child, so this tattoo definitely tugs on my heartstrings. It looks exactly like the cartoon.

9. Frozen

Frozen seems like a popular choice these days because well, who isn't obsessed with Frozen? Ha ha!

This tattoo looks like it came out straight out of a fairy tale.

10. The Aristocats

Sometimes all you need is a simple linework tattoo that evokes the whimsical feel of your favorite Disney classic, and this one works like a charm. Super cute.

11. Mulan

This scene from Mulan is so fluid and intricate. The way the artist structured this tattoo creates a perfect illusion of movement. This is absolutely gorgeous.

12. The Little Mermaid

If you can believe it, this tattoo is actually a cover-up. If I didn't know that before, I would have never guessed it. Well done.

13. Minnie Mouse

Ah, who doesn't love Minnie Mouse? Definitely a childhood favorite. It's so fun to see her come alive in this design. What a great job.

14. The Lion King

This design of Simba featuring him as a cub and the king of the jungle is so cool! I started singing "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" as soon as I saw it.

15. Ariel

This minimalist outline of Ariel is so understated. I want to make it a part of my world!

16. Maleficent

Wow, this is such a powerful tattoo. It's another of those faceless tattoo ideas that are really cool and beautifully done. This is totally up my alley.

17. Winnie The Pooh

This tattoo looks just as if you were looking at a page from the actual book. It's so realistic. This is such a fun scene.

18. Pocahontas

I'm absolutely in love with this Pocahontas-inspired tattoo. The technique they used almost reminds me of anime. It's such a beautiful and truly unique piece.

19. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Oh, how cute is this Jack and Sally tattoo idea? This would be so cool for one of those couples that love Tim Burton movies.

20. Sleeping Beauty

OMG, words cannot express how much I adore this tattoo. I absolutely love the technique they used here. This looks so cool. I can't get over it.

21. Finding Nemo

If you're looking for a fun tattoo of a Disney character, Dory from Finding Nemo seems like a great choice. It's so colorful and animated.

22. Mickey And Minnie

Oh, look at our favorite Disney couple. Aren't they the best? I absolutely love how they've captured Minnie's smile here. These two are so cute.

23. Beauty And The Beast

Speaking of romance, Beauty and the Beast is one of those beloved Disney stories that is timeless. This tattoo evokes that kind of romantic feel.

24. Lilo And Stitch

Disney characters seem like the perfect idea for a colorful tattoo. They look like they're almost ready to jump right out of your skin.

You know what?

I've actually been thinking of getting a cartoon character tattoo, and these examples give me a great idea of the type of tattoo I might gravitate towards.