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15+ Things I've Never Seen But I'm Cool With It

It would be impossible to see everything there is to be seen, but you've got to have goals in life. And the internet sure makes things easier in that regard.

Considering how long I've been doing this, you'd think I would have seen it all, but nope. There's still lots of new and interesting things being posted every day.

Not only is this a globe of the Moon, but it's an old one.

Reddit | Andromeda321

The far side of the Moon hasn't been charted on this lunar globe. The uploader figures it's from the 1960s because the dotted lines refer to the Soviet Luna 3 probe.

For anyone who thinks they have enough of a handle on traditional chess, here's a three-player chess board.

Reddit | BenShapiros

Apparently the green lines separating the different forces can't be crossed, but beyond that, it looks like one messy experience to me.

The angle of sunlight is hitting this dog's eye in just the perfect spot to shine right through his eyeball.

Reddit | Lonin

Yeah, that's not a patch of red fur near his eye — that's sunlight making the dog's skin glow.

"Sometimes people stop in the middle of a conversation to stare at my eye," the uploader wrote. "Wonder why."

Reddit | Nira_kawaii

The condition in question is called a coloboma and apparently, they can see out of it just fine.

Sometimes renovating turns up the most amazing things.

Reddit | glasgowwelder

The uploader of this pic found this alien invasion wallpaper behind an old radiator, and it's really a shame that it's not on the whole wall.

Also, that it's probably not made anymore.

This is what lurks beneath the surface of your debit card.

Reddit | nekosune

I know I've always wondered, and this paper-thin circuitry is what makes transactions by tapping possible. Pretty incredible technology!

Sometimes snow falls on sand. Sometimes sand gets blown back over the snow.

Reddit | Gold_Mask_54

And unless you set foot on the sand, you might never know there's snow underneath. Kind of crazy to see it.

Reflections have done a number on this transit rider.

Reddit | TheSh0rt1

Either that or Marty McFly needs to hurry up and get his folks to fall in love.

Have you ever seen such a perfectly round chip?

Reddit | kareem_brulee

I wonder if the ridges play a role in its amazing roundness, or if it's just a fluke.

The question is, do you eat the perfectly round chip?

Bell Laboratories had a site where they tested telephone poles.

Reddit | merg_flerg

I never would have thought of testing different telephone poles, but it was apparently a good idea because a lot of poles installed in the '30s and '40s are still standing and in use.

So, this tortoise eats with his legs out wide.

Reddit | BeanJuice9000

It's an unusual stance, to be sure, and you have to wonder what sort of instinct is at play. Is he just trying to hang on securely while he chows down?

This prawn-looking fossil embedded in a slab of marble is actually kind of famous.

Reddit | deedubbleewe

Weirdly, this fossil, which is not a prawn but a piece of coral shaped like a prawn, has been named Shawn the Prawn, and it's famous because it's in the foyer of Australia's Parliament House.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more colorful or interesting stump than this, I think.

Reddit | TransplantedMan

I've never really been tempted to look twice at a stump before, but the colors and odd lines are just mesmerizing. Apparently, the black lines are from a fungal infection called spalting.

It's not every day that you see a $500 bill.

Reddit | darrkdefender

The bills, featuring President William McKinley, haven't been printed since 1945, and were formally discontinued in 1969.

They're still technically legal tender, but worth more than face value to collectors.

It's not odd to see a tree swallowing a sign that has been attached to it.

Reddit | daito-

The odd part is how the tree is incorporating the sign into itself. You can see the color change in the bark, right down to the lettering. Wild.

This building's door is stained glass.

Reddit | MrNetTek

It's not the most secure thing to make a door out of, obviously, but you have to admit that the result is beautiful.

When Target turned an old bowling alley into a store, it gave a nod to the old building's former glory.

Reddit | TheNillaGorilla

Notice the trademark red balls out front? They're bowling balls. Nice touch, and it gives the location a unique feel while keeping the chain's branding.

This bar isn't just a bar; it's also a laundromat.

Reddit | kskuzmich

They sure know how to make doing your laundry seem more fun — or how to make a night out with your buddies much less fun. All I know is I would have been a regular in my college years.

Of all the manufacturing errors I've ever seen, this one is a first.

Reddit | NarwhalePancake

How does a glass jar have a dent in it? Glass isn't supposed to work that way, as far as I know.

Well, this would certainly be a memorable Christmas play.

Bringing outdoor fireworks to an indoor performance will do that. I just hope nobody was injured here!

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