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16+ Hilarious Pics That Deserve Some Sort Of Award

I admit it, there are times when I wish I had a trunk full of trophies I could just hand out when I see people do cool things. Wouldn't that go a long way toward making the world a better place? Everybody likes to have their hard work validated, right?

Well, consider the folks behind these images worthy of, well, maybe not a trophy, but at least a good, strong high five.

The battle against porch pirates is worth fighting, and fighting hard.


And I sincerely hope this scarecrow works. If so, I'll try it too. Hope he keeps us updated!

Well, this is clearly a 12/10 photo.

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And porch pirates have one more thing to worry about with this noodle on the case. He's earning his treats today.

Science is a harsh taskmaster, but we need to keep pushing the envelope to make important discoveries.

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Which, I have to assume, is why someone captured this data after farting into their Dyson air purifier.

"It affected air quality and registered as a volatile organic compound triggering the fan to clean the air," they reported. Science!

Frame this.

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I mean, how often does life so perfectly serve up the feeling of fragility from our paycheck-to-paycheck lives and the existential dread that comes from the certainty that you'll never be able to get off the monthly bill treadmill?

The creator of the blood pillow probably didn't make many friends.

Reddit | alstraka

But they are probably also on the way to being a gajillionaire before being wiped out by a hefty class action lawsuit, so they have that going for them, which is nice.

Nature is so darn smart sometimes.

When in doubt, look to the animals and follow their lead. They know!

Nuts to winter. Wake me up in April.

There is a hierarchy in this house.

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How long until the "owner" ends up just buying another large dog bed to restore the poor pooch's dignity?

You know what? Sometimes kids have the best ideas.

Hey, as long as you've got your ring on you and the owls are headed to Mordor, they'll be saving you a heap of trouble.

"Watching Fresh Prince when all of a sudden, Carlton's jacket looked very familiar..." wrote the uploader.

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Now I need to know if that jacket is vintage or based on the Carlton classic? And can you dance in it?

The only way this could be worse is if everything is working properly.

Sorry, bad news, we gave birth to Damian, devourer of worlds, and he needs a diaper change — and it's your turn. Good luck.

That's one dad who will never be allowed to live his mistake down.

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I always knew mattress protectors were great in case of accidents, but turns out they keep ghost sightings at bay, too. Solid investment.

"Made a major improvement to our VR headset."

Reddit | boringgrill135797531

You know, just in case you don't look ridiculous enough with that thing on your head, waving your arms around in midair like a crazed air marshaller.

Is this what happens when you keep getting told to smile more?

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Honestly though, I love when dogs just get overcome by love and don't care about your silly selfies. So pure.

I never knew until this moment that I needed a production of Les Meows in my life.

Can we all agree that Cats meets Les Mis would be the most ambitious crossover in the history of musicals?

And look, someone's out here actually winning awards.

Real world application of theoretical knowledge is the real award, here. You know you've really grasped the concepts when you can do things like this.

We didn't fully appreciate the genius of Rick Astley.

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And it took another genius to crack his code. Somebody could make a Netflix documentary about it, or at least base one of those Hallmark mysteries on it.

Using the game of kings here is actually on brand.

Reddit | SilverSkullGaming

I mean, it's literally two luxury car companies hiring high-priced, creative ad firms to try to sell cars I can never possibly afford. Have at it!

The fastest way to spruce up the yard for a home sale: MS Paint.

Reddit | Very_polite

Also the fraudest way, but that's a problem for tomorrow, right? Maybe things will get much greener in the meantime, you never know.

Funny, it doesn't look that cold out.

Reddit | Badusernameguy2

But I don't know how else to explain those wee shrunken traffic cones. Are they maybe traffic cones in training? Will they grow up to full orange glory one day?

You wouldn't know it, but these folks are going through a terrible time.

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The all had to be evacuated after the eruption of Mt. Taal in the Philippines, but they're keeping things light-hearted, trying on some of the ridiculous clothing that has been donated to their cause.

That'll do it every time.

Reddit | free-the-trees

Remember folks, when there's a problem under the hood, always check to see if there's a chicken mucking things up. They don't just want to cross the road, they want to own the road.

I mean, mission accomplished.

She's spending quality creative time away from screens and in a real world environment, gaining valuable experience and working on the development of her fine motor skills. What's not to like?

The force will be with you, always — the force of habit, that is.

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And hey, you can't blame a driver for not wanting to have their wipers frozen to their windshields, so it's a good habit to be in! Just not always necessary.

Man, Walmart has everything.

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If this man isn't a father, he's ready for fatherhood. The hardest part is the dad jokes, from what I gather.

This takes a special kind of amazing to pull off.

I mean, who among us hasn't burnt dinner once or twice? But the pot dinner is cooking in??

Flight Centre should win an advertising award just for placement.

Reddit | smackthegaby

I mean, talk about making hay while the sun is shining. Sure, it's basically for an audience of one very famous owner of corgis and an amazing hat collection, but it's too clever to not get some love.

This is the look of a man who was happy in the Starbucks on the wifi until his battery ran out.

Reddit | brycewit

The weird part is that I have the same problem with the zombie lady disappearing right before my eyes, browsing Amazon on the couch. The digital age hasn't even solved it!

If you want to catch the bird, first you have to think like a bird.

Reddit | sparrows_silence

And if you can stakeout their feeding grounds at the same time, well, all the better. this a lifehack?

Maybe not if you want to wear that sweater more than a few times, but I guess if it works, it works.

If anyone asks you to define "schadenfreude," just point them to this pic.

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That would be "pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune," as in, having your enjoyment enhanced by your little brother's tears over not having birthday candles to blow out.