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Cops Mourn Burnt Donut Truck And Twitter Is There For Them 2 Jan 2019

Would it be stereotyping to say that cops love donuts? I'm sure there are plenty of officers who will opt out of a cruller so they don't have to find new notches on their belts, but they've certainly earned a connection over the years, haven't they?

Whether it's fair or not, cops and donuts go together like toast and jam. Like scarves and hipsters. Like selfies and Instagram. But hey, at least they know it and can have some fun with it.

On New Year's Eve, Lexington, Kentucky's police department reported the sad news of a loss close to their hearts.

Officers had responded to the scene of a tragedy, a fire that claimed a Krispy Kreme donut truck. We have to assume that nobody was injured in the incident, because the officers took the opportunity to have a little photo shoot to mourn the loss.

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What a way to end 2018!

Their post, which simply read "No words" with a sobbing face emoji, obviously provided no details on the donut truck fire. But it did attract sympathy from police departments all over.

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The condolences and messages of support poured in from police departments far and wide.

Check out the response from police in the U.K., who couldn't resist the urge to send a sweet pun from across the pond.

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You had to know that the NYPD would get in on the act and respond in true blue, over-the-top fashion.

I like to think that, in an emergency, police do get donuts flown in by chopper — provided my tax dollars aren't actually paying for that whirlybird.

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Clearly the not-so-thin blue line sticks together in these tough times!

When tragedy strikes one police force, it's felt by all of them.

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Colorado cops offered a bit of outreach to their Kentucky colleagues in a distinctly Colorado way.

What happens in Colorado stays in Colorado, I guess. Also, good to know that the donuts there aren't made the same as the brownies. That's important information.

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Lexington police posted about the donut truck on Facebook too, where they got a message of condolence from Northern Ireland.

Facebook | Police Service of Northern Ireland

It's kind of educational, too. Now I want to go to Ireland and find out for myself what an authentic gravy ring tastes like. Honestly, if it's not a beefy donut, I'll be a little disappointed.

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Through the mighty power of social media, even officers as far away as Australia sent a note in solidarity with the Lexington force.

Facebook | Inner West Police Area Command

So kudos to those dedicated officers for seizing the opportunity to lighten the mood and make the most of the moment. It was clearly well done. Hey-o!

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