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15+ Pics That Straight-Up Don't Look Like They Really Happened

It doesn't happen often, but we can sometimes find ourselves in situations that didn't seem real even as we were going through them. When it's all over, we can only turn to our friends in disbelief and ask, "did that just happen?"

And while what we experienced may sound like the kind of thing a kid would make up during recess to get attention, we have enough witnesses to confirm that it was as real as the eyes we saw it with.

And some people had enough lucidity to capture their bizarre encounters on camera, not that it likely stopped a bunch of people from calling them fake.

Even though anything can happen in Russia, it seems impossible that someone could get away with this.

Reddit | Asmodeane

If nothing else, you'd think the engineer wouldn't want this daredevil blocking their view. Did he jump on right as the train was pulling out or something?

I imagine this would feel very embarrassing, but I guess we have to imagine it because this might be the first time it's happened.

Reddit | lilmizzvalz

I'm not interested in dwelling on stuff that this person already regrets, but I would need to see how the lanyard actually got in this position. It seems a little confusing.

I wouldn't be surprised if a sinkhole was responsible for this, but that doesn't make it seem any less unreal.

Reddit | ApeCommando

The way that the bricks seem to be falling away into a mysterious void almost makes it seem like real life has just turned into a video game.

The more you look at this hearse, the edgier it gets.

Reddit | doubledeecon

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about a beautician's practice head with "no salvation, no forgiveness" written under it, but I'm guessing this isn't really used for funeral services.

Unless they have an extremely niche customer base, that is.

We may have seen it get so hot that you can fry an egg with the sun, but the opposite extreme is pretty mind-blowing too.

Reddit | DerpyBread69

A lot of the yolk didn't even get a chance to hit the ground before it froze solid and I can't say I've seen anything like that before.

It almost looks like it has little legs.

Traditional circuses can already come with some pretty bad vibes nowadays, but this one takes it to a pretty creepy place.

Reddit | [deleted]

Someone certainly got creative with these taxidermy frogs, but it feels like whoever owns this might have a hard time explaining why.

I'm not even sure who you call if something like this starts happening.


It's easy to be curious about what could make a faucet start belching out fire when it's not right in front of you, but I wouldn't be surprised if whoever dealt with this was in full panic mode.

Oh sure, this really is the safest way to get the job done.

Reddit | JusticeDispensed1

Yeah, people could use harnesses or any other actual safety equipment, but it's a lot easier just to get used to the gentle swaying of the truck dangling 40 feet above the street.

Good God...

This is just one of the reasons why the mascot life is such a tough one.

Reddit | legoguney

If it's a little unsettling to see this, that feeling is probably better than the knowledge that this person will basically have to do a gymnastics routine whenever they get thirsty.

Apparently, this sign actually makes a lot more sense than it may appear to.

Reddit | DonJavid

I know it seems like someone tried and failed to make some sort of point about meth, but it's actually promoting a Methodist church's pancake breakfast.

Wow, it's not often that the customers are treated to this kind of hot goss.

Reddit | Readatron

Usually, you have to wait a few years until someone spills the tea on Reddit to get all of the juiciest details.

Well, everyone talks about the extreme reactions they'd have to a spider in their house. It was only a matter of time before we actually saw one.


Firing off a gun all willy-nilly is never a good idea, but at least we can understand the behavior in this case even if we don't condone it.

Goats can be really cute, but this is a good reminder not to mess with them when they grow up.

Reddit | DP90ON

That's especially true if instead of bleating like the ones on the right probably do, it makes the kind of growling roar you'd hear in a death metal song.

Wow, who knew the glacial strides of a tortoise had so much power behind them?

Reddit | marcushelbling

And yeah, it can turn away from the camera all it wants. There are no other suspects in the case of the broken toilet.

I don't know what security force or police department equips its personnel like this, but they're not messing around.

Reddit | void_74

I'm guessing this person almost looks forward to people resisting arrest so they can show off the many ways they've studied the blade.

I think those cans might serve as a clue to help figure out what Shrek here is under arrest for.

Reddit | lone-society

I guess that when your best buddy only has hooves, you're not left with a lot of options for a designated driver.

If there's a context for this headstone, it is completely lost on me.


That said, I can honestly imagine that my last wishes won't be too far off from this. A confusing legacy is still a legacy, after all.

Raggedy Anne is making me wonder where Andy is...

Reddit | eternalrefuge86

Do not put human-like teeth on dolls. Ever.

And who thought this was something that belonged in an antiques mall? This is straight out of the horror remake of Toy Story 4.

This Venus flytrap has decided that growing bigger isn't for the best.

Reddit | penboiyi

It would rather just grow a whole lot of new mouths.

I'm not sure how much more effective a strategy it is

Ok, I promise to remember this image every time I complain about the state of my local transit.

Reddit | Dopameme17

Because aged busses that look a bit beat up, but are otherwise sound are a million times better than a bus that looks like a kaiju monster took a bite out of it.

I have no idea if this guy is actually peeing this way.

Reddit | Lukepit

He may have just staged this for the photo, but I don't think that the peeing part matters, because a person willingly has their face that close to the floor beneath a urinal, and that is not okay.

There's a lot about this situation that's not clear, but a lot of these guys seem just as surprised as I am.

Reddit | CamTheChest

I assume they caged the person in the fursuit for some reason, but it looks like that angry look they designed on their getup wasn't just for show.

Imagine losing the upper hand to someone dressed like this.

Well, my hands are going to be cold this winter, because I'm never putting gloves on again.

Reddit | Iheartmyhonda1

It's things like this that make me okay with the fact I always lose one or both of my gloves halfway through the season. Buying new ones every year is far more preferable to THIS.

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle..."

Reddit | Brodziks

Apparently, those lyrics also refer to the concrete jungle.

I couldn't find a proper explanation for this image. Once person said it was in Johannesburg and there were lion warnings for a week and another person said it was for a movie shoot.

I like to give parents the benefit of the doubt. They're doing their best, even if it doesn't always look that way.

Reddit | 4chanAD

Not this guy. This guy is not doing his best.

At least, I'm assuming that's his kid. If not, then this is even worse.

Someone out there must have had an interesting night.

Reddit | shelbyy2214

Dentures aren't cheap, and these ones appear to have been found in a gutter and placed atop the trash can the way one might tie a lost scarf to a tree.

This is a two-way mirror at a theme park.

Reddit | Yomamasonice

Presumably, the exterior of the men's washroom is the reflective side of the mirror, but I doubt I could ever trust that the people making faces couldn't see me.

This is an image of a screw that wasn't very nice (with coin for scale).

Reddit | wojonixon

You see, that's the screw from a jaw that was rebuilt in 20 years ago. It worked itself loose, then up through the person's gums. Apparently, it's the second screw that's escaped this specific jaw.

That's one unlucky person.

In the days before video games, kids got creative.

Reddit | raffaroffa

Thankfully, the "blade" appears to be made of wood, but it would probably still leave a bruise after dropping.

The kid directly behind the guillotine looks like he might enjoy it.

No, your eyes don't deceive you. This is actually supposed to be a gynecologist's office.

Reddit | Smoke_Hex

Hopefully, those blinds stay down most of the time, but I need to know who thought this was the perfect room to examine patients in.

This photo's uploader took this photo as confirmation that their neighbor is literally three kids in a trench coat.

Reddit | Beatreporting

They always say to fake it 'til you make it, but it seems that these kids are starting to panic when it comes to finding ways to do that.

"Um, I've seen adults use leaf blowers. We should probably do that."

"We'll look weird doing it in a trench coat, though."

"We don't have a choice! We're already in too deep."

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