9+ Brilliant Food Packaging Designs

Have you ever stumbled upon food packaging that was so interesting or clever you absolutely had to share it? Well, it turns out that this is now becoming a thing.

More and more companies are coming up with awesome designs that make a lot more sense than they did before. They're making all of our lives that much simpler. Check these out.

1. This Mustard Mug

Reddit | TheChapstickMan

Why buy mustard in just an ordinary jar when you can get this mug with a handle so you can reuse it later? Love this idea!

2. This Pasta Package


How cool is this pasta package? Now you know that it has six servings, and you can easily measure each serving, too. How awesome is this?

3. This Pickle Jar

Reddit | unthused

It's always a pain in the butt to get those pickles out of the jar, right? If only all the jars had this neat feature.

4. These Pizza Fingers


Who wants to get their fingers dirty when they grab that delicious slice of pizza? Not me. This box comes with individual fingers to grab onto.

5. This Chip Can


Speaking of not getting your hands dirty while snacking, this chip can actually opens up into a nifty serving bowl. Say what? This is genius.

6. These Dinosaur Popsicles


OMG, how adorable and playful are these dinosaur lollipops? They literally turn into sandbox toys after you finish the treat. Your kids will love these.

7. This Fries Holder With Ketchup Pocket


Seriously, this answers the age-old question of where to put the ketchup. LOL! Why haven't all fast food joints gotten this yet?

8. These Mini Olive Oil Packets

Mini Oliva

I've gotten something like this before and I thought it was really nifty. It also works for peanut butter or any other dressing.

9. This Pizza Delivery Box

Pin The Mall

Imagine if your food got delivered like this? Not only this is such a space saver, but it also comes with a serving tray and utensils.

10. This Egg Packaging


Wow, isn't this egg packaging so forward-thinking? No need to open up the whole box just to take out one egg. This is so clever.

11. This Butter Container


What's the point of getting a mini butter container if you don't have a knife to use it? Well, when you get this package, you get both.

12. This Package Of Hot Sauce

Reddit | jonitfcfan

This isn't the most practical design, but it's definitely creative. These hot sauce bottles look just like dynamite.

13. This Eco Bottle

Reddit | la_scozzese

At first glance, this bottle doesn't look like anything to write home about, but it's actually good for the environment. This bottle will compost once you're done with it!

14. This Cookie Tube

Reddit | SAPlover

The first cookie in this package has a little notch carved into it for your finger. No more struggling to get your cookie out!

15. These Instructions For Rice

Reddit | HollyLeaves77

This handy and informative package tells you how to prepare the rice according to the time of year. Interesting!

16. This Jerky

Reddit | DrF4rtB4rf

If you love jerky but hate how it gets stuck in your teeth, this package has you covered. A small, disposable flosser is included inside.

17. This Coffee Sleeve

Reddit | emmaupland

One clever coffee shop got the idea to include mints attached to your coffee order. This is an amazing idea if you ask me. There's nothing worse than coffee breath.

18. This Gum Container

Reddit | tikuku

This gum container from Japan comes with a pad of wrappers inside so you can discreetly dispose of your gum when you're done.

19. This Watermelon

Reddit | benjaboevs

If you can't wait until you get home to enjoy your melon, you're in luck. This store provides you with a spoon so you can dig in.

20. This Soda Can

Reddit | oldirtygaz

This can actually comes with a plastic cap so that you can reseal it and save it for later. I swear, I've been asking for this invention for years.

21. This Milk Carton

Reddit | Emily89

You'll never be surprised when you run out of milk again thanks to this genius milk carton. The windows on the side of the carton show you just how much milk is left.

22. This Informative Egg Carton

Reddit | drewbuggie

If you ever wondered what the difference is between cage-free and free-range eggs, this carton will break it down for you.

23. This Non-Stick Mayo Bottle

Reddit | xanxitto

If you've cursed over a jar of mayo or two, this packaging finally solved that life-long frustration. Now there's no more struggle courtesy of this non-stick design.

24. This Fish Package

Reddit | ChubChuz

For some people, knowing where their seafood comes from and how it was caught is very important. This package puts all that information right on the box.

25. This Eco-Friendly Packaging

Reddit | Falino

Instead of using plastic bags, this grocery store wraps produce in a protective leaf. I love this idea!

26. This Pizza Box

Reddit | xpingu69

If you've ever tossed your frozen pizza box only to dig it out of the trash five minutes later for the directions, we have a solution for you here.

This box features cut-out instructions! Finally!

27. This M&Ms Package

Reddit | cuddlebearkills

Sometimes the best designs are the most simple. This M&Ms bag has a perforated opening so you don't accidentally tear the whole bag open.

28. This Ice Cream Container

Reddit | optimists_unite

Now you can have your ice cream and eat it, too! The package includes a hidden spoon under the label. Sneaky, but helpful, too!

29. This Popcorn

Reddit | mynameisjberg

I love popcorn, but I hate the feeling of having kernels stuck in my teeth. This clever company decided to include a toothpick with every bag to solve that problem.

30. This Pasta Sauce Jar

Reddit | Nexious

After you've made your pasta creation, you can upcycle the jar and turn it into a little herb garden. Then, the next time you make pasta, you can add fresh basil to your dish.

31. This Sushi

Reddit | cwhite10

This order of takeout sushi came with a soy sauce dropper. I've never seen this before but I think all sushi restaurants should start using them.

32. This Lemon

Reddit | kzulch

If you enjoy a freshly squeezed lemon on your meal, you'll love this clever idea. The restaurant wrapped the lemon in some mesh fabric so no seeds will fall out when you add some zest to your plate.

33. This Kiwi Spoon

Reddit | kelleya92

This particular brand of kiwis comes with a knife-spoon combo tool so you can eat your fruit with ease. Genius!

34. This Hot Chocolate

Reddit | screwl00se

In order to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate, you need the perfect tool. The itty-bitty whisk included in this tin of hot chocolate should get the job done.

35. This Fanta Flavor Powder


I've never seen this in stores, but I really want to try it. Apparently, some flavors of Fanta come with a cherry-flavored powder. Yum!

36. This Dessert

Reddit | BlackSnake9001

If you can't wait to dig into your dessert, this company is one step ahead of you. They include a spoon with every treat so you can eat it ASAP.

37. This Cake Slicer


This cool birthday cake didn't just come with any old cake slicer. The slicer has matches and a striker inside the handle. Let's celebrate!

38. This Bottle Of Cinnamon Sticks And Grater

Reddit | tielknight

It would be a shame for you to get this bottle of cinnamon sticks and not be able to use it. Problem solved thanks to the mini grater that's included!

I'm totally obsessed with all this clever food packaging.

It's amazing to see people finally using their brains for something so cool and useful. I wanna see more of this.