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Woman Divides People With Her Sneaky Airport Luggage Hack

Taking a trip or a vacation is super exciting for everyone. Preparing for a getaway is super excited. But, having to pack is something that no one looks forward to.

Trying to shove everything into one bag is hard because no one wants to spend extra money for extra luggage on a flight. Having to shove everything into one bag can be tough.

Many airlines allow one carry on and one checked bag.

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Some airlines allow one checked bag, while others charge for it.

But, the majority of airlines do alone passengers to ride with one carry-on bag on the airplane with them. Some people try to get away with shoving everything into one bag.

How is it that we can sneak more than one bag on the plane?

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TikTok user Anya Lakovlieva found a way to get away with taking more than one bag onto a plane and it's something we have personally never seen before.

In fact, it's pretty unique and clever. All you need is a pillow.

In the video, Anya showcases that you can pack a lot of valuables in a pillow.

The TikTok user uses a pillow to put other valuables inside because she claims that pillows fly for free on airlines and flights.

She puts a bunch in there and zips it up on the corner, where you would take out the insert of the pillow.

She also showcases that she made it on the plane with her pillow.

In the end, she shows that the pillow made it onto the flight to show everyone that the pillow trick really does work.

For those who need extra carry-on space, this can help you a lot when flying.

Some suggested that the TikTok-er just bring a backpack as a carry on.

However, she responded that she did have a backpack already with her.

The pillow trick is a way to get a free extra carry-on, on top of the one you already have brought onto the flight with you.

Others didn't buy that it would work.

Many commenters were skeptical that the pillow trick wouldn't work because it had to go through the scanners of the airport and TSA would 100% take it and tell the passenger no. It is a fair fear to have when flying for sure.

However, some say they have already been doing this.

Others proved this "scanner theory" to be false because they shared that they have been doing this for years when flying and it has always worked for them every time.

One said they even packed the pillow in front of TSA.

Others wanted to know where the heck to get a pillow that can fit this.

Many wanted to try it for themselves and asked how they can find this type of pillow, as some pillows do not have a zipper that you can close and other pillows don't open for inserts.

The TikTok user said Amazon or home decor stores are perfect for this.

And, another pointed out what everyone else was already thinking.

One TikTok commenter said that, while the woman's intentions of sharing this info. with passengers was good, she just ruined all of our chances because airlines will now charge tons for pillow carry-ons just because of this.

It was nice while it lasted!