20 Things That People Noticed That Are Pretty Interesting

Ashley Hunte
A restaurant seating section. People are sitting in red chairs, while a smaller red chair sits next to a table, holding a purse.
Reddit | nextgeneric

If you look closely enough, you can start to notice some pretty interesting things in this world. Sure, some of those things might be weird, or unusual, but that's part of the fun.

The people who snapped shots of these fascinating things definitely thought ahead. They saw something interesting enough to share with the world, and that's exactly what they did!

"A real life thwomp."

A large concrete block with spiky protrusions around the sides and top. A face is drawn on the flat surface facing the camera.
Reddit | VelkaFrey

I'm having flashbacks to any time I've ever tried to play Super Mario and got crushed by one of these things.

Kudos to OP, who saw an opportunity and took it, though.

"I found a rock that looks like a toe."

A hand holding a tan stone with a strange protrusion that resembles a toe with a nail.
Reddit | NumberNumb

What if... what if it's actually a toe that looks like a rock? Okay, so it probably isn't that, but you never know!

Either way, it feels like it should be in a museum or something.

"This McDonald's only has one arch."

The exterior of a McDonald's. The sign next to it has a single arch, rather than the iconic double arch.
Reddit | tall__guy

There's something weirdly ominous about this McDonald's arch, if only because of the dark clouds in the sky behind it. The fact that it looks so unnatural without its pair probably isn't helping, though/

"This urinal making for a pee-free floor at a local restaurant."

A urinal in a tiled stall. Beneath it, a grate covers the floor, exposing a drain underneath.
Reddit | PM_ME_UR_S62B50

The fact that any public bathroom would have to have something like this is concerning to say the least. But at the same time, it's probably good that they did this.

"This basket my mom found at Goodwill.'

A basket that fits perfectly along two stair steps. Half of the basket is shallower than the other half, giving it the depth of stairs.
Reddit | boolonut100

I'm not gonna lie, I wish I had a basket like this. Not because it would be useful for my day to day life, but because it looks so cool!

"My child underlines words that they are uncertain of the spelling like MS Word spellcheck."

A piece of paper with the phrase "what do you want to do" written on it. Several words are misspelled and underlined.
Reddit | Leather-Chain-1568

This kid may not be the best speller in the world, but they're still pretty smart. Admitting you don't know something and trying to learn from your mistakes is something smart people do, after all.

"Almost all of the different color of eggs my chickens lay."

Different coloured chicken eggs arranged in a carton, going from white to brown.
Reddit | paarkrosis

It's amazing how the same animal can produce eggs that look so different from one another! And yet, an egg is an egg, so they aren't going to taste any different.

"I found this tape sword I made when I was young."

A sword made out of duct tape.
Reddit | SnooBooks5409

It's funny, when I was younger, I probably never would've thought about making a sword out of tape. Even as an adult I probably wouldn't have thought about that, but that's neither here nor there.

"My sister's dogs have matching eyes."

Two light coloured dogs of different breeds. Each have matching heterochromia, with a blue right eye and a brown left eye.
Reddit | cat990

Having one dog with heterochromia seems pretty uncommon. But having two dogs that are different breeds with the exact same kind of heterochromia? That's got to be really rare.

"This escalator curves."

A curved escalator in an indoor shopping centre.
Reddit | The_Cometeer

This is so cool! I would definitely go to my local mall more often if it had curved escalators. Not that they make much of a difference, they just look way cooler.

"Socks with a side of Whoopee cushion."

A pack of black socks with different colored heels and toes. The package advertises a free whoopee cushion with the socks.
Reddit | Cchaireazy

This is probably the most random thing I've seen in my life. Do you think people buy those socks because they come with a free whoopee cushion? Because I couldn't imagine actually wanting one...

"This random car matched the color of my nails (olive green matte)."

A hand with green nails overtop the hood of a car, whose colour is the same as the nails.
Reddit | placenearthewall

Both the car and the nails are really nice. But man, what are the odds that you'd find a car with the exact same color as your nail polish?

"My tomato started growing instead of going bad. Never had that happen before."

An overgrown tomato. Stems and roots seem to be growing from seeds inside the fruit.
Reddit | magmaticzebra

I'm not gonna lie, this is kind of freaking me out. I'm sure that a tomato seed randomly germinating from inside a tomato that hasn't rotted is normal, though.

Or, is it?

"Came home today and found this bird on my balcony chair fully equipped with nest and egg."

A pigeon sitting in a nest with an egg. The nest is on top of an outdoor chair cushion.
Reddit | eoc1994

I guess that little pigeon got to work really quickly. Either that, or it's been there for a while, but OP only noticed it when they took the picture.

"This is the car you don't want to pass on the road."

The back of a white car with the license plate, GNDLF. The border around the plate reads, "you shall not pass."
Reddit | Spixican

As much as I respect how clever this vanity plate is, I'd totally still pass this car if they were driving too slowly. I'd probably still be afraid of being cut off or something, though.

"A Peeled Lime."

Three limes on a surface. One of the limes has been peeled like an orange.
Reddit | Krim-

It's funny how we can look at a peeled lime and think it looks unnatural, but think it's totally normal for oranges. They're both citrus fruit, after all.

Though, I guess you don't usually eat limes the way you'd eat an orange...

"A half loaf of bread went through the slicer longways at work. I took it home."

Several long slices of bread that look like two slices attached side by side.
Reddit | Flimsy-Frosting2125

Sure, it may not look normal, but you could totally still use those bread slices! All you have to do is fold one in half, and you have a sandwich base right there.

"My prescription glasses lenses are so thick when fitted to these vintage aviator frames."

A pair of glasses with thick lenses.
Reddit | p1ng74

This pair of glasses look exactly like the kind you'd see a nerd wearing in an old movie. And to be perfectly honest, I kind of love them.

"This restaurant I went to this weekend gives women a tiny chair to sit their purses on."

A restaurant seating area where people are sitting in metal chairs. A small red chair sits next to one table, holding a purse.
Reddit | nextgeneric

I love this so much! Putting your purse on the ground is kind of gross, but putting your purse on a tiny chair is significantly less gross. Plus, the chair is so cute!

"George R.R. Martin is his own hype man."

A screenshot showing a testimonial for Elden Ring written by George R.R. Martin, who helped write for the game.
Reddit | 5am_

To be far, George R.R. Martin is a writer, not a coder. So he can still be impressed by how great Elden Ring looks, since he probably had nothing to do with the graphics (just writing and world building and stuff).