12+ Things People Tried To Sell On Facebook That Genuinely Make Us Concerned

We live in the age of capitalism, which means that with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, the business world is your oyster.

There's a market for everything these days, so no matter what you're trying to sell, somebody somewhere will buy it.

But just because you can sell something doesn't necessarily mean that you should. A lot of items out there are one use only and should be kept that way. Still, fear certainly didn't stop these folks from trying to sell the most obscene items they possibly could.

Penny For Your Thoughts?

Twitter | @patsytullyxo

Right off the bat we've got someone trying to sell a live snail and a penny.

I guess everyone needs company of some kind?

Total Diva


Good rule of thumb: if something has legitimately been inside of you, you get to be the one to throw it away. It's yours to do what you will.

Forest Feet


This is that guy who watched one episode of an HGTV home decor show and wants to get a piece of that "Millennial Market".

Not my personal style, but hey, to each their own.

Can't Beet It

Reddit | stormacomin

This is the kind of product that is 100% poisoned. I swear I'm not a pessimist— something's not quite right here.

Facebook Official


Yep, someone actually tried to sell their girlfriend. The next thing he posts may just be a wanted ad for a new one.

1 Like = 1 RIP


I would really like a more detailed explanation of what on earth is going on in this person's life that they dug up someone who had already been buried for three years.

Actually, you know what? Maybe I don't need to know.

Starving Artist

Reddit | makestrades46

Maybe the artist is a very well spoken five-year-old? I don't want to make any unfair assumptions.

A Sign From Above

Twitter | @allegrugh

Now, I may be wrong here, but I feel like someone is looking for this.

Tan You Not?


Ah yes, a tested and customer certified cancer machine. I'll take two!

Leaving Something For The Imagination


Sometimes you've just gotta take a leap of faith. A really, really big leap.

In For The Thong Haul


I like licorice as much as the next gal, but something tells me that that snack has been places.



What, you don't keep your gasoline in creepy old alcohol bottles? The future is now my man.

Grande Deal


As the intro to J-Lo's "Jenny From The Block" always says, everyone's got to make a livin'.

Quick Fix


Her heart, soul, and sense of purpose are on sale for a buy two get the third free.

All Nine Lives

Twitter | @mongly56

Children's art projects are getting pretty wild. Someone had to say it.

You Up Babe?


All I want for Christmas is a realistic pig baby. They're all their age at the moment.

Can You Do The Can Can


If you can set aside the creepy factor for a second, that wall of cans is just plain impressive. That's enough spit to last a lifetime.

Lending A Hand


I mean I've already got two of them. How many does one person really need?

A Bug's Life


What I'd like clarified is if this is a grub resale or if these grubs are like, her own home grown business products.

On Fleek


Just what everyone with money to spare is desperately searching for: pet eyebrow services.

I'd like to sell my Facebook account please.