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Harry Styles Reveals Why He Rejected Prince Eric Role In 'Little Mermaid'

And his answer as to why he isn't doing it was... well, it was a little weird.

You'll see what I mean soon, it doesn't inspire too much confidence about the reboot.

So we all know the 'Little Mermaid' reboot is coming up.

Of course we do, there was all that controversy about Halle Bailey being the lead because she was black.

Which, obviously, was ridiculous as it sounds. Seriously, guys, it's a kids' movie.

But besides that, not many other have been cast.


We have a Scuttle (in Awkwafina) we have a Flounder (in Jacob Tremblay) but so far we have no King Triton (although Javier Bardem is rumored to be playing him) we have no Ursula...

And we have no Prince Eric.

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We almost did though! Apparently director Rob Marshall asked Harry Styles, of One Direction and Dunkirk fame, if he would do it.

Unfortunately, Harry Styles said no. And he told the people on Britain's Capital Breakfast radio show why.

"I had, you know, a meeting with Rob Marshall the director, who is the most wonderful man, he's great."


He started and everything seemed fine, until...

"And it was just, honestly, it was just a few things. It just, it wasn't... erm... I think it's gonna be amazing, obviously, it's an amazing film, and I can tell Roman's watching how I'm kind of worming."

And that was it. Weird, right?