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Man Spreads The Love After Mistaken Invite To Family Group Chat

I feel like my family is fairly unusual in that we don't have a group chat.

It likely has to do with the fact that I was an only child, so any message intended for the whole family would only need to go to two other people for much of my life.

Still, everyone receives a wrong text or a wrong call every now and then. And while these conversations don't usually go on for very long before everyone parts ways, it can turn into a surprising experience if you're connected with the right person.

And after one family invited a stranger to their group chat, they found a new reason to like surprises.

Over the weekend, Zachary Garrett had some big news for his family.

Facebook | Zachary Garrett

His wife, Sierra, was in the hospital because she was about to give birth to a new baby.

By the time we first catch a glimpse of this conversation, it seems his grandma had already been briefed and was waiting for updates.

Although this information probably would've stayed within the family if things turned out differently, we soon learned that matters were progressing quickly.

Facebook | Zachary Garrett

Zachary and Sierra were already experienced parents by this point, so they had reason to believe that her labor would be relatively quick.

What they didn't expect, however, was that these pregnancy updates wouldn't stay within the family.

Facebook | Zachary Garrett

Before long, a man named Bobby shared a casual selfie and expressed mild confusion about ending up in the group chat.

He quickly became invested in the situation, though, and offered to send some money the family's way for diapers.

This was quite a generous offer considering he had just met the Garretts, but this was obviously a big reason to celebrate.

Facebook | Zachary Garrett

Amusingly, it seemed to take Zachary's grandma some time to realize that somebody else was in their group chat and she continued discussing the new baby.

Also Zachary seemed a little embarrassed by the mistake, but Bobby replied that he was just happy to witness the joyous occasion.

Facebook | Zachary Garrett

Thankfully, Zachary also revealed how Bobby ended up in the chat because that's usually a mystery that goes unsolved in these kinds of stories.

Once Bobby repeated his offer, Zachary decided that the gracious thing to do would be to accept and sent his information over.

Facebook | Zachary Garrett

Bobby's generosity deeply touched the whole family and Zachary offered to return the favor if he ever needed help.

However, Bobby sweetness continued to shine through and he just wanted the family to be happy and secure.

Facebook | Zachary Garrett

By midnight, both the family and their new friend received a happy photo of the new baby and the proud parents.

It seemed that everything went off without a hitch as expected.

When all was said and done, Zachary sent Bobby a lovely photo of the little one and a special shout out.

Facebook | Zachary Garrett

At the moment, it's unclear whether Bobby is on his way to becoming a family friend, but we can bet that the Garretts will never forget him either way.

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