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Fans Are Loving 62-Year-Old Melanie Griffth's Underwear Selfie

Look you guys, when it comes to age, I truly believe it's just a number!

Remember last week when Suzanne Somers took her birthday suit selfie to celebrate turning 73 and looked so iconic doing it?!

Another timeless celeb is actress and bombshell Melanie Griffth!

Instagram | @melaniegriffith

At 62 years YOUNG, Mealnie knows how to keep it trendy and cute on social media.

Here she is hanging out with fellow Hollywood royal Kris Jenner.

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Hi, why does she look younger than me and I'm 23 LOL.

Melanie isn't afraid to show a little skin, as evident by her smokin' hot bikini pics!

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So when Melanie posted this fire lingerie selfie, fans couldn't get enough!

Instagram | @melaniegriffith

"This should be your new head shot," wrote one fan.

"Damn girl, looking girl!"

I hope I look as good as Melanie when I'm in my 60's!

Instagram | @melaniegriffith

What a queen!!

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