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Horrified Couple Discover Human Tooth In Chinese Food: ‘It Wasn't Any Of Ours'

I hope you weren't planning on enjoying some delicious Chinese takeout tonight because this story is about to change those plans for you.

A couple from Solihull, U.K., were recently sickened to discover a strange, foreign object in their takeaway pork curry, and then horrified when they realized it was a human tooth.

Stephanie McDonough posted photos of the stomach-churning find on Facebook and warned others to avoid eating at the same restaurant.

Facebook | Stephanie McDonough

"DO NOT USE NEWTON CHINESE WORCESTER!" she captioned the post.

In an interview with Worcester News, McDonough explained her partner, David Burrows, actually discovered the tooth in his meal after he'd already started eating the food.

One particularly crunchy mouthful of pork curry led to him spitting out the strange object.

Facebook | Stephanie McDonough

It turned out to be a nauseatingly large molar.

"We thought it was a bone at first, but it's definitely a tooth," McDonough said. "We both checked it wasn't any of ours."

While the restaurant did reimburse them £6.30 for the dish, they refused to recover the rest of the £17.70 bill.

In fact, the manager apparently insisted the couple had it all wrong and that wasn't a tooth.

"Trying to say it's just gristle from the pork, then said it could be from the onion," McDonough wrote on Facebook. "UHM, IT'S A F*****G TOOTH."

Worcestershire Regulatory Service officers have visited the business, Newton Cantonese Takeaway, to conduct an investigation.

Facebook | Stephanie McDonough

The unnamed manager of the four star-rated restaurant told Worcester News that officers interviewed staff and "took everything out" of the kitchen while they visited. The investigation is reportedly ongoing.

McDonough said her biggest issue with the toothy discovery is the contamination risk.

Facebook | Stephanie McDonough

After all, that thing definitely isn't fresh and it looks like it's been out of someone's mouth for quite some time. And blood or bacteria from the tooth could have very well marinated into other people's meals, so who knows how many customers unwittingly ingested a person's tooth in some form or another.

All I know for sure is I'm ordering pizza from now on.

h/t: Worcester News, Facebook | Stephanie Mcdonough