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Artist Creates Beautifully Detailed Insects Out Of Freshly Cut Flowers

I have to be honest, I really don't like any kind of insect. That's right, I don't even like ladybugs all that much, despite how beautiful their color and pattern is! Same with butterflies. I don't know — bugs are just so unpredictable, and they don't leave people alone.

However, there are some insects I could look at all day long, and they're completely made out of fresh flowers.

Raku Inoue is a Canadian-based artist who creatively uses the elements of nature to craft into insects.

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They're so delicate — I wouldn't want to breathe anywhere close to them!

He uses different pieces of fresh flowers and matches their unique shapes to the different parts of a bug's body.

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You have to really understand the anatomy of objects to see how each piece can be swapped seamlessly into another object's place.

You can tell that these tiny sculptures weren't built in just one night.

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When looking at each insect, it's as if each part of the flower has been perfectly placed, maybe adjusted a few times to get it just right.

All I know is, these bugs are definitely easy on the eyes!

Instagram | @reikan_creations

They work to change our perception about bugs, maybe appreciating their hidden beauty a little more.

Make sure you check out Raku's website for more!