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Pillsbury Hot Cocoa Cookies Are Here So You Can Have Your Hot Cocoa And Eat It Too

We're less than one day away from the official start of Christmas festivities, but we've already been in the thick of holiday food product releases for at least a month.

However, tomorrow marks the day it's socially acceptable to eat all the holiday treats, and we're definitely adding Pillsbury's limited edition Hot Cocoa cookies to the long list.

Pillsbury is pretty known for their seasonal pre-cut cookies, but they don't always make a comeback every year.

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Back in 2017, their Hot Cocoa cookies were spotted in grocery stores.

While they didn't make a comeback in 2018, they're sure showing their faces in 2019!

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Instagram food watchdog Candy Hunting recently found them at their local Hy-Vee grocery store in the Midwest.

They said, "This is definitely one of the better break and bake cookie dough varieties on the market."

If you don't find them at your local grocery store YET, there is always Walmart to swoop in and save Christmas.


Online, they're $2.38, and they have raving reviews.

A reviewer said, "These things are by far my favorite cookie."

This is a real life depiction of me after baking at least 10 packs of them.

I can definitely see myself cozying up with a hot cocoa in hand and a big ole plate of these.